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Pearse Hutchinson Listening to Bach
Born in 1927 in Glasgow of Irish parents, Pearse Hutchinson (who died in 2012) lived for most of his life in Dublin. He travelled extensively throughout Europe, spending ten years in total living in Spain. Listening to Bach is a frequently thrilling, 71-page book from the late, great poet, who wrote in both English and Irish.This collection of poems in English is published in hardback and paperback by Gallery Press. Paddy Kehoe
If Ever You Go
Edited by Pat Boran and Gerard Smyth, this year’s choice for Dublin: One City, One Book is a great idea realised, a literary tour through the city and its environs.
The poems and songs reproduced here, over 354 pages, remind us of the brilliant store of verse and song that is associated with the capital.
It's the yield of centuries, from anonymous to poems in Irish, to the contemporary cutting edge. Paddy Kehoe
Broken Hierarchies Geoffrey Hill
Geoffrey Hill is often deemed to be the most important poet working in English today.That accolade was already being bestowed back in the early 1970s, when Seamus Heaney was already up and running. There was everybody else, one understood - and then there was Geoffrey Hill, although his poems could be testing of your comprehension.This new, almost definitive collection runs to almost 1,000 pages. Paddy Kehoe
Shift by Pat Boran
This fourth edition of Shift (The Portable Creative Writing Workshop) has already been a useful paperback to many and is in fact a modest philosophical work, affording fascinating insights into life and living.
The long sub-title is a wake-up call: a how-to, why-not, what-next guide for writers who prefer doing to endlessly talking about it & using up their best ideas in the process. Paddy Kehoe
Imperial Spain by JH Elliott
There are over 1.3 million visits from Ireland to Spain every year, and it’s our number one international destination. For history buffs, Elliott’s book -first published in 1963 is the perfect introduction to the years of empire. The portable paperback of some 400 pages tracks how two vast kingdoms, Aragon (of which Catalonia was part) and Castile would together form the heart of ‘Spain’ as we know it today. P Kehoe

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