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Joe Locke Love is a Pendulum
The American Joe Locke has over 30 recordings to his credit, but there is no sense of a musician resting on his laurels in this busily adventurous and, yes, vibrant, album which runs to just over an hour. With Robert Rodriguez on piano, Terreon Gully on drums and Ricardo Rodriquez on bass.
Fresu/di Bonaventura In Maggiore
Take the stark, often wistful trumpet and flugelhorn of Paolo Fresu – who is a kind of father figure of Italian jazz – and marry it with the chromatic, orchestral qualities of di Bonaventura’s bandoneon. And what you get is something that meanders along without fuss which appears to find its own level in the course of its 48 minutes. Worth repeated spins for Miles-like moodiness and Latin/ Meditteranean traditions. P Kehoe
Muse - Drones **1/2
It was only a matter of time before the universe spoke and Muse found themselves in the same studio as Robert John 'Mutt' Lange, the producer who famously recorded one note at a time on Def Leppard's Hysteria.
Lange's bloody mindedness seemed like the perfect bedfellow for the Devon outfit's bombast, but sadly when the trio (prog) rocked up to The Warehouse in Vancouver, they didn't have their best material with them.
Put simply, there's nothing on concept caper Drones that 2009's The Resistance and 2012's The 2nd Law didn't do better. Harry Guerin
Ron Carter, WDR Big Band
Ron Carter (born 1937) is a colossus in the world of jazz and he became an early legend through work with Gil Evans' 1960 on the Out of the Cool album, before joining Miles Davis’s second quintet in 1963. My Personal Songbook is the first recording of Carter's original compositions with a big band, in this case the WDR from the Cologne radio station of that name. Lush and masterly. PK
Yannatou: Songs of Thessaloniki
Several musical styles were interpreted in past centuries in the taverns of the city of Thessaoniki, Greece's second city, from Judaeo-Spanish songs, to Greek and Turkish songs and Balkan tunes. This recent album from ECM attempts to gather the legacy in song, with an unlikely appearance of the traditional war ballad, Salonika, popularised by Jimmy Crowley. Fascinating stuff. PK

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