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Keaton: Birdman has changed things
21 Dec 2014 17:05
Michael Keaton has said his upcoming film Birdman has "changed things", adding that he thinks it is "one of the most interesting movies ever made".
It will be released in Ireland on January 1 and follows a once-famous actor trying to stage a Broadway play.
Speaking with The Guardian, Keaton said of Birdman, which plays as if it was filmed in one continuous tracking shot: "There was a part where Zach Galifianakis and I were saying, 'Why don't we make the movie the normal way? Why are we doing it like this?' Then you see it and… woah. "At about minute four or 11, you feel that door behind you slowly click shut and you go, 'OK, now I'm in. There's no getting off'."
He continued: "It might be extreme to say this, but other people have said it too so I'm gonna go ahead... Birdman has kinda… changed things. "I'm not saying you won't see traditionally made movies any more. But I've had meetings with directors and they've said it makes them rethink everything."
Keaton added: "You can hate this movie but you have to talk about it. It's going to go down as one of the most interesting movies ever made."

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