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Horse RacingUpdated: 23 APR - 12:12
17:00 - Perth - 3m H'cap Ch'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
4/1Lamboro Lad8/1Sun Cloud
5/1Problema Tic8/1Good Order
5/1Fiddlers Reel14/1Aachen
6/1Carrigmorna King16/1Oil Burner
13/2Pigeon Island20/1Rossini's Dancer
17:35 - Perth - 3m 110y H'cap H'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3,4
6/1Ryton Runner14/1Shooting Times
13/2Winter Alchemy16/1Heart O Annandale
13/2Church Bray16/1Allforthelove
8/1St Gregory16/1Easement
8/1Jac The Legend20/1Knight Woodsman
10/1Solway Dornal25/1Pen Gwen
10/1Amore Mio25/1Nelson du Ronceray
12/1Milano MagicNRPatriot
14/1Solway Sam
16:40 - Southwell - 3m 2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
2/1Long Wave13/2Swingbridge
5/1Rocky Bender8/1High Ron
11/2Riddlestown12/1Rocky Island
17:10 - Southwell - 2m 4 1/2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
5/2Young Hurricane8/1Ice 'n' Easy
7/2Mister Grez10/1Sergeant Dick
9/2Arctic Ben11/1O'callaghan Strand
11/2Cruchain16/1Father Shine
17:40 - Southwell - 2m H'cap Ch'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
15/8Sonofagun11/2Hazy Tom
11/4Jack The Gent8/1Uncle Tom Cobley
4/1Kings Grey20/1Fiftyonefiftyone
18:15 - Southwell - 2m H'cap H'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
11/8Queen Olivia7/1Fairyinthewind
9/2Nellie Forbush
18:45 - Southwell - 2m Maiden H'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
1/1Sir Valentino20/1Bouggietopieces
3/1Star Date25/1Table Bluff
13/2Donna's Pride33/1Paddy's Saltantes
8/1Don Padeja66/1Auto Mac
12/1Trapper Peak66/1Don't Tell
19:15 - Southwell - 3m 1/2f H'cap H'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3
4/1George Fernbeck12/1Bayley's Dream
9/2At Reception12/1Dom Lukka
5/1High Kite14/1Northern Oscar
10/1Darkestbeforedawn25/1Crystal Swing
10/1Phoenix Flight25/1Mauricetheathlete
10/1Speckled Door25/1Top Billing
19:45 - Southwell - 2m 4 1/2f Hurdle
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3
2/1Bob's Legend12/1The Society Man
9/2Crookstown14/1Surf And Turf
9/1Colebrooke20/1Uno Valoroso
9/1Bold Tara25/1Not Another Monday
10/1Bold Raider50/1Frosty Dawn
16:55 - Taunton - 2m 1f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3
7/4Tiradia16/1Hope Point
9/1Sea Island Pearl16/1Chankillo
9/1Bach On Tow25/1Karl Marx
11/1Sun Quest25/1Kruseman
14/1Cruise In Style25/1Sarahs Doll
14/1Midnight Thomas
17:25 - Taunton - 3m 1/2f Hurdle
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
10/3Frontier Vic16/1Keep The Cash
7/2Florida Quays16/1Swing State
4/1On The Move16/1Strategic Exit
11/2Clues And Arrows33/1Top Chief
7/1Carn Rock50/1Puerto Azul
11/1Midnight Mustang
17:55 - Taunton - 2m 3 1/2f Hurdle
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
4/9Kings Bandit25/1Nowweareseven
3/1King Edmund40/1Minister Of Mayhem
14/1Geton Xmoor50/1Harriet's Ark
16/1Capitol Gain100/1Driving Well
20/1The Snappy Poet100/1Foolsandorses
20/1Inside Out100/1Gartan Boy
18:30 - Taunton - 2m 7 1/2f
Outright Betting
1/1Cowards Close11/2Gunna Be A Devil
15/8Beeves10/1Fix It Right
19:00 - Taunton - 2m 3 1/2f H'cap H'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
6/4Very Noble9/1Fountains Flypast
6/4Daveron12/1Della Sun
19:30 - Taunton - 2m 1/2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
11/8Itsuptoyou8/1Miss Tenacious
10/3Strongly Suggested
20:00 - Taunton - 2m 1f
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
9/4Prettyasapicture33/1Daisy Picker
9/4Tara Point50/1Chill In The Wood
3/1Cresswell Breeze50/1Illusionary Star
8/1Catherines Well66/1Crazy Train
12/1Starlight Sonata100/1Eagles Road
33/1Native Explorer

Where can I get RTÉ Aertel Digital?

RTÉ Aertel Digital is an enhanced digital version of the RTÉ Aertel teletext service. It functions in the same way as the analogue service, offering current news, sport and weather updates but is now more agile and easier to use.

RTÉ Aertel Digital is available on Saorview, the new free digital TV service in Ireland.
Press TEXT button on your remote to launch Aertel from RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, RTÉ News Now.