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Horse RacingUpdated: 17 APR - 15:09
15:50 - Cheltenham - 3m 1f 110y H'cap Ch'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
11/2Golden Chieftain10/1Sire Collonges
6/1Time For Rupert12/1Mon Parrain
7/1Forgotten Gold14/1Quartz De Thaix
8/1Imperial Circus16/1Gauvain
16:25 - Cheltenham - 3m H'cap H'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3,4
6/1Mister Dillon14/1Angles Hill
15/2Trackmate16/1Azure Fly
8/1Berkeley Barron16/1Up For An Oscar
8/1Imperial Leader20/1Ballyculla
8/1Kingsmere20/1Red Not Blue
11/1Cross Kennon25/1Coronea Lilly
14/1Clerk's Choice33/1Cannon Fodder
17:00 - Cheltenham - 3m 1f 110y H'cap Ch'
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
7/2Ifyousayso8/1Lamb Or Cod
4/1Speed Master8/1The Potting Shed
6/1Barlow16/1Sail And Return
13/2Sixty Something20/1Civil Disobedience
7/1Whistling Senator25/1Leg Iron
17:30 - Cheltenham - 2m 1f Flat
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
9/4Taylor20/1Coco Shambhala
7/2Miss Estela33/1Morello Royale
7/1Cara Carlotta33/1One Big Love
7/1Kilronan High33/1The Scarlett Woman
9/1Gabriella Rose33/1Alizee De Janeiro
12/1Mistress Mole33/1Glamorous Sister
NRVicky's CharmNRCaldey
14/1Presenting Newmill66/1Vera's Article
15:30 - Newmarket - 6f Group 3
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
10/3Hamza10/1Heaven's Guest
13/2Dinkum Diamond28/1Hitchens
8/1Es Que Love28/1Racy
16:05 - Newmarket - 1m Group 3
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
6/4Be Ready25/1The Grey Gatsby
16:40 - Newmarket - 1m 1f Group 3
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
10/3Just The Judge10/1Danadana
4/1Fencing14/1Gospel Choir
9/2Mull Of Killough16/1First Mohican
6/1French Navy20/1Boom And Bust
17:10 - Newmarket - 7f Stakes
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
7/4Eastern Belle25/1Ermine Ruby
9/1Wedding Wish25/1Solar Magic
14/1Solar MoonNRPerfect Light
14/1Venus Grace33/1Margaret's Mission
16/1Etaab33/1Popping Candy
20/1Red Velour50/1Lady Horatia
20/1Spring Fling50/1Sotise
17:40 - Newmarket - 1m 2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
2/1Cloudscape9/1Raven Ridge
10/3Top Tug12/1Laugharne
6/1WindshearNRTrip To Paris
13/2VolumeNRLungarno Palace
7/1Rudi Five One33/1Rosehill Artist
15:40 - Ripon - 1m 2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
5/2Wall Of Sound17/2Marcret
5/2King Of The Danes12/1Zeus Magic
9/2Maven18/1San Cassiano
6/1Ardmay20/1Dance King
16:15 - Ripon - 1m H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
10/3Crystal LakeNREl Beau
4/1Snow Squall11/1Shot In The Sun
11/2Champagne Sydney25/1Maid In Rio
16:50 - Ripon - 5f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
9/4Expose14/1Ruby's Day
3/1Waseem Faris14/1Mon Brav
4/1Willbeme16/1Mister Manannan
9/1Sir Geoffrey16/1Majestic Manannan
12/1Medici Time33/1First In Command
17:25 - Ripon - 1m Maiden
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
5/6Yenhaab33/1Master Clockmaker
5/1Lord Of The Nile33/1Sleet
5/1Twin Appeal40/1Solid Justice
8/1Craggaknock40/1My Escapade
10/1Mendelita50/1To Begin
25/1Nothing Special50/1Minionette
33/1Im Dapper Too
17:55 - Ripon - 6f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
5/1Tea Leaf9/1Lady In Blue
5/1Two Shades Of Grey9/1Sartori
11/2First Experience10/1Injaz
13/2Lorimer's Lot20/1Native Falls
13/2Margrets Gift20/1Secret Kode
9/1False Witness
16:35 - Tipperary - 7 1/2f Stakes
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
5/4Sun On The Run9/2Beacon Lodge
7/2Canary Row5/1Bubbly Bellini
NRRock Critic7/1Akira
17:05 - Tipperary - 7 1/2f H'cap
Outright Betting
5/4Coldstream5/1Paddy Mac
7/4Focussed6/1The Panhandler
17:35 - Tipperary - 7 1/2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3
7/2Harley's Harley14/1Alfaayza
9/2Fiosrach16/1Man Of Erin
9/2Jembatt16/1Diamond Daze
10/1Indigo Iris16/1Lake George
12/1Vasoni16/1Elusive Gent
14/1KorbousNRWood Violet
14/1Jackemil25/1Burnwynd Boy
18:05 - Tipperary - 1m 1f
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
4/1Toe The Line66/1Smilelikeyoumeanit
18:35 - Tipperary - 1m 1f Maiden
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/5 1,2,3
7/4Boqa9/1Centre Of Interest
9/2Falkirk33/1Par Three
8/1Sea's Aria
19:05 - Tipperary - 1m 1f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2
5/4John Constable6/1Zarib
5/2Elegant Peace20/1Muileata
3/1Aussie Valentine
19:35 - Tipperary - 1m 4 1/2f H'cap
Outright BettingEach-Way 1/4 1,2,3
4/1Daliyan9/1South South West
5/1All About Alfie16/1Bobskier
6/1Tri Na Ceile16/1Queen Of Alba
6/1Ibsen20/1Frozen North
13/2Newellen20/1Cliff House
8/1Burrenbridge Lodge25/1Truly Delightful
9/1Star Power33/1Whatuthink

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