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RTÉ and Freedom of Information

A Guide to RTÉ and the application of the Freedom of Information Act

This guide to RTÉ and its policies is published under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, 1997, (FOI Act). RTÉ was brought under the Freedom of Information Act in May 2000. Section 15 requires each public body to publish a guide to its structure, function and services. Section 16 of the Act stipulates that public bodies must publish the procedures and practices which determine their decisions.

RTÉ is funded in part by public money through the licence fee and we believe that our policies and operations should be open to public scrutiny and that access to our records by the public will show that we carry out our public service remit scrupulously and honestly.

Where do I apply?

The relevant RTÉ Freedom of Information Officers are listed in the  guide (available below)

How far back can I go?

Generally, only records from April 1998 apply. There is no time limit on personal records.

How much does it cost?

An application usually costs €15 (€10 for medical card holders).

What is excluded?

Commercially sensitive, personal or confidential journalistic records cannot be released. Reporter's notes or off-the-record quotes, whether broadcast or not, are excluded. RTÉ's internal reviews or analysis of broadcast programmes are also excluded.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

Anne O'Connor
Head of Statutory Compliance
Freedom of Information Office
Dublin 4.

Telephone: 01 208 2435
Fax: 01 208 2465

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