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RTÉ Journalism Guidelines

These Guidelines specifically address issues of concern for those involved in editorial coverage of news and current affairs content. This of course includes programmes produced by the RTÉ News and Current Affairs Division.

However any programme, or part of a programme, which deals with current affairs topics should be treated as current affairs content even if produced by other departments, for example Factual, Lifestyle or Entertainment/Music.

Additional considerations which apply to more general programming are addressed in the RTÉ Programme Content Standards (2013).

These guidelines are subject to regular review. Please ensure that it is always the most recent edition that is consulted. The date on which the Guidelines were last reviewed can be found on the cover.

RTÉ wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the assistance it received from fellow public service broadcasters, BBC and ABC, in drafting these guidelines.

Programme-makers must also take account of requirements found in the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Code of Programme Standards and the BAI Code of Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality in News and Current Affairs .

Compliance with requirements found in the BAI Codes determines the outcome of all complaint referrals to the BAI.

Note that the BAI also has plans to introduce a Code on Privacy in a revision of its Code of Programme Standards due in 2014.

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