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    Weekenders with Ruth & Paddy Sunday 9 February 2014


    Weekenders with Ruth & Paddy

    Music, entertainment news and sports updates with Ruth and Paddy.

    International Shout Out

    Ruth and Paddy's International Shout Out is in association with Keogh's hand-cooked potato crisps.

    So let us know if you’re listening abroad. The Shout Out Winner gets a hamper of Keogh’s crisps, including the new Gluten Free Dubliner Irish Cheese and Onion crisps delivered to wherever you are in the world!

    Message your Shout Outs on the facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruth-Paddy-on-2FM/166222713419997?sk=messages_inbox&action=read&tid=mid.1391731011406%3Aac886754b7fbbfbc68#!/pages/Ruth-Paddy-on-2FM/166222713419997 or mail weekenders@rte.ie

    This weekend on Weekenders

    On Saturday, we're live in the roadcaster in Castlebar with Shaws. We'll be playing Text in the Score and The Wrong Answer Quiz and have lots of prizes to give away.

    There is a luxury weekends away to win to Parknasilla Resort and Spa.

    Top 5 on Sunday is top 5 actresses going out with musicians. Will Courtney Cox make the list? Courtney and Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid are apparently going steady.

    As always, we'll keep you updated with all the sports and showbiz news, and play plenty of music, including this one:



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