Weekenders with Ruth

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    Sunday 15th December

    Keith Duffy talks to Ruth

    Keith Duffy talks to Ruth about the Boyzone tour, about Love/Hate and about Shane Lynch's new fragrance!

    Ellie Goulding tallks to Ruth and Paddy

    Ellie talks to Ruth and Paddy about her new single 'How Long Will I Love You', about how she'll spend Christmas and about the huge success of 'Burn'

    Saturday 30th November

    Gabriella Cilmi talks to Paddy about her new album ‘The Sting’.

    Gabriella Cilmi talks to Paddy about her new album ‘The Sting’. She also tells him about life after the international sucess of ‘Sweet About Me’. She gives her views on the music industry and Miley Cyrus, and why she herself posed for FHM magazine a few years ago. She also explains why she had her hair cut by her dad!

    Sunday 24th November

    Paddy talks to Tinie Tempah

    Paddy talks to Tinie Tempah about his new album Demonstration. Tinie also talks about Bono inviting him for dinner and his special connection to Ireland given that his birth name is Patrick! He also explains the reasons why he had to cancel his upcoming tour.

    Saturday 12th October

    Interview with Eliza Doolittle

    Eliza Doolittle talks to Ruth about recording her new album In Your Hands, X Factor, Miley Cyrus and having the same hairdresser as Gary Barlow

    Saturday 25th May

    Ruth's interview with Jeffrey Tambor

    Ruth talks to Jeffrey Tambor about the sitcom 'Arrested Development' - and it's huge success and popularity. He also chats about other highlights in his career, including appearing on Dr Phil!

    Saturday 9th March

    Paddy's interview with guitar legend Slash

    Slash spoke to Paddy about cars, appearing on Top Gear and fatherhood. Paddy asked him first how did Charlie Sheen end up on stage with him in Dublin.....

    Saturday 6th October

    Ask Viper-Viper from 'Hardy Bucks' gives advice

    Margaret went on holiday with her stingy friend. Seosamh's new Polish girlfriend can't speak any English.

    Saturday 29th September

    Ask Viper-Viper from 'Hardy Bucks' gives advice

    Donnie is worried about security for his car. Jane's cat was stolen.

    Saturday 22nd September

    Ask Viper-Viper from 'Hardy Bucks' gives advice

    Austin's colleague’s practical jokes are annoying....and Paula hates her new fella's skinny jeans.

    Saturday 22nd September

    Ask Viper- Problems from Eimear & Flanno

    Eimear has finished 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and wonders if Viper has any other book recommendations. Flanno is looking for advice for his car problems.

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