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    Tubridy with (Craig Doyle)

    Presented by Craig Doyle Unpredictable, up to the minute and never too far from the heart of the matter, Craig Doyle hears what you have to say from 9.00 - 11.00 each week day


    National Stroke Week

    It’s National Stroke Week this week and with more than 30,000 people living with stroke in Ireland, it’s something that affects a large part of the population. Most are over 65, but stroke can happen at any age. Aisling Macken was 30 when she suffered a stroke and she explains to Craig what happened that day in October 2010.


    The Secret Life of The Cat

    The programme 'The Secret Life of a Cat' will be shown on BBC 2 tonight at 9pm and our feline-fanatical friend Clare Meade, from the Cat Hospital in Cork joins Craig on the line to tell what the mischievous moggies get up to behind their owners back.


    French air strike

    Sinead was so disappointed on Tuesday when she and her family had to get off the plane because of the air traffic controller strike. Sinead chats to us from Cork Airport as she is about to go through security and go on camping holidays..


    Crime in Ireland

    In a 32 page 'Crime in Ireland' supplement in today's Irish Examiner, Sean McCarthaigh analyses CSO and garda crime figures over the past five years to give us a true picture of crime levels in our countries highlighting some alarming and concerning statistics.


    Philip Boucher-Hayes

    Philip Boucher-Hayes from Drivetime on RTE Radio 1 talks to Craig about the baffling tale of Ashraf Islam, aka Northern Irish Mark Townley, the Islamic convert who walked into a London police station, announced he wanted to kill Prince Harry.  Ashraf Islam is in jail at the moment and faces ten years. Philip has came across  Ashraf Islam before but in a different disguise.

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