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    Tubridy Tuesday 11 June 2013


    Tubridy (with Craig Doyle)

    Presented by Craig Doyle Unpredictable, up to the minute and never too far from the heart of the matter, Craig Doyle hears what you have to say from 9.00 - 11.00 each week day


    new survey

    Craig was discussing a new survey about a third of mothers secretly have a favorite child. In a snapshot of parenting attitudes, 34 per cent of mothers and 28 per cent of fathers admitted to preferring one of their children over the others. Of 2,212 parents surveyed, 42 per cent felt that things could be better with their children and 17 per cent felt they were going through a stressful time – although 92 per cent said it was all worth it. Audrea contacted the show  because she knew the moment the nurse placed her son into her arms that she would never ever love another child as much and he would always be her favourite. So she decided not to have any more children. Her son will be 18 in 2 weeks and she has never regretted not having anymore children.


    Too Old For Festivals

    If you’re passed your teens, there’s nothing like a music festival to make you feel old...First there’s the outfits – gone are the hiking boots, hoodies and raincoats – it’s all about short shorts, belly tops and fluorescent body paint...no matter the weather... Then there are the bands you’ve never heard of...ever. But when you decide to head home before the end of the headline act – you know you’re in trouble... 30 year old Katie Byrne, reporter with The Herald newspaper tells us why she feels she’s reached her peak when it comes to festival fever... she no longer does camping in a field in the lashing rain, drinking warm flat overpriced beer from a plastic cup,  and watching bands too cool to make eye contact with the crowd.


    David Coleman

    Our resident clinical psychologist David Coleman joins Craig in studio to answer parenting queries – from tots to teens and everything in between... David talks to Annemarie whose nine year old son is obsessed with Wii games and Melissa who is looking for advice on how to juggle work, family and day-to-day tasks.


    RTE Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds

    An entrepreneur and Trinity College graduate who organised the importation of €29 million worth of cocaine was given a 15-year sentence yesterday. RTE Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds joined us on the line to tell us more about Gareth Hopkins...

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