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    Online Grinds

    Cillian Fahy, programme co-ordinator for OnlineGrinds.ie  spoke to Ryan with tips to achieve success in the Junior and Leaving Cert exams..

    1. Timetable: structure your study time to make the most of it.

    2. Experiment with study styles: there’s still time to learn how to learn.

    3. Keep the exam in mind: prioritise your study based on the marks for each section.

    4. Study space: make sure you have your own tidy study environment.

    5. Don’t spend too long on homework: manage your time between homework and study.

    6. Never countdown to the exam. It will only make you (more) nervous.

    7. Use your mocks: consider where it went right and where it went wrong – be honest!

    8. Start learning now: don’t leave all the learning until the last minute. Your notes may be great but you’ll only get marks for what’s in your head.

    9. Do your own research: there are just loads of resources on the web to give you a better understanding of concepts.

    10. Reward yourself: study is tough so remember to incentivise yourself.

    Don’t Panic – Panicking is a bad idea for two main reasons:

    1. YOUR BODY will not react well, or adapt well, to a sudden and dramatic change in lifestyle and this is likely to result in tiredness, lack of concentration and stress.

    If you feel you need a couple of extra hours a day to study in these last weeks, take them from non-essential activities like TV, and not from essential ones like sleep

    2. YOU WON’T be able to sustain it. Change that is too extreme will burn you out and you’ll soon learn that you simply can’t do four hours of study straight without a break.


    Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend

    Stefanie Preissner talks to Ryan about her one woman show, Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend, the play is based on her own personal experience of being addicted to the intoxicating  effects of codeine.

    Solpadeine is my Boyfriend travels to the Half Moon Theatre in Cork this week and tours around the country this summer.


    The Genetics Test Centre

    Louise was listening to the show yesterday when Michelle Heaton was praising Angelina Jolie for openly talking about her double mastectomy after learning she had high chance of contracting breast cancer.

    Louise has an appointment tomorrow at The Genetics Test Centre at Crumlin Hospital . Louise’s sister had a double mastectomy last December and is a great caring and positive sister.  Louise is going to keep in touch with us and let us know how she gets on over the next few weeks.


    Email - No Zest for Life

    Leo spoke to Ryan about his 70 year old mother who has taken to spending all her time in bed watching TV. She gets no exercise and seems to have lost any zest for life she once had.

    Anytime the family try to talk to her about their concern she gets quite defensive. As a result of this self-imposed isolation she doesn't socialise enough and sometimes doesn't even come downstairs to her visiting children. Leo is hoping listeners could relate to this in their lives and offer advice.


    Abuse of Wheelchairs

    Aisling was listening to the show and was horrified that people would abuse the use of wheelchairs and is disgusted to think they would pretend they were immobile to jump a queue.

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