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    Rhino horns stolen from the Natural History Museum

    Nigel Monaghan, Keeper, with the National Museum of Ireland spoke to Ryan about the four rhinoceros heads that were stolen from the premises of the National Museum on Wednesday 18 April 2013. A security guard was overpowered by a number of raiders and tied up but has not been injured. He managed to free himself and notify Gardaí who are investigating the robbery. The stolen rhinoceros heads have a total of 8 horns that the Museum says have probably been taken to supply the illegal trade in powdered horn that is used in traditional medicines in the Far East. Their price is based on weight and the total amount stolen could have a street value in the region of €500,000.
    The National Museum of Ireland took the decision to remove all rhinoceros horn from display and the stolen specimens were placed in storage over a year ago. Currently there are no rhinoceros horns on display in the museum.





    Jennifer Aniston is in the papers with photos of her back marked by 'cupping'. Ryan asked what it's all about and listener Maedhbh explained how she found cupping relaxing in an odd way. They use bamboo cups and it really helped her with her muscle pain..

    Email - terminal cancer

    Ryan read out an email from a 15 year old listener whose dad is in the final stages of terminal cancer. She advises younger people to appreciate the time they have with their parents before it's too late.


    Ryan chatted to listeners about missing their parents and how the memories of their time together stay with them every day.


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