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    Thursday 24th July

    Wall Street

    In 2011, at the age of 32, Lee Abbamonte broke the world record for being the youngest American to visit every country in the world. Having previously time in London, Lee knew he wanted to travel more and he landed himself a job on Wall St in a bid to fund his travel plans.


    Ryan talks to Martina Jennings who commutes from Mayo to Dublin three times a week. Martina explains how every time she's in the car she witnesses every kind of weather from fog, to sun, to rain, to wind, to clear skies... all in the space of 3 hours.

    The Greatest Escape

    Author Peter Grose talks about his new book The Greatest Escape which shares an untold story, that has remained secret for decades, of a tiny French village that saved the lives of 5,000 Jews during World War 2.


    The word 'neighbour' implies friendly familiarity, chats over hedges and lending a hand... or at least it used to. Maia Dunphy delves into the world of neighbours... the good and the bad.

    Wednesday 23rd July

    The Science Gallery

    Lynn Scarf, Director of the Science Gallery, at Trinity College Dublin chats with Ryan about a new exhibition at the gallery which asks challenging questions about climate change and how we will sustain our planet in the future.

    And your wife's names is?...

    Paulette chats with Ryan about her husband who rarely says her name. Instead he refers to her as Petal, Pet, Honey... She quite enjoys it because they are lovely alternatives to her actual name.

    Tuesday 22nd July

    Concealed Pregnancies

    Ryan spoke to Sylvia Murphy Tighe, a former midwife and public health nurse about her recent research into concealed pregnancies in Ireland

    Rubik Champion

    Ryan had a chat with Ciaran Beahan who at 14 years old is the Irish Rubik Cube Champion and competes in competitions approved by the world cube association

    Mortgage E-Mail

    Ryan read an e-mail from a listener who said that she had no money and wondered if people would send her a euro to pay off her mortgage? Do you think it’s a crazy idea or could we all help each other?

    Monday 21st July

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    2fm's Dave Sherry joined Ryan for a chat about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    David Coleman

    Our resident clinical psychologist David Coleman joined Ryan in studio this morning to answer parenting queries.

    Email - Dilemma

    Ryan read out an email from a listener who is looking for advice on what he should do about hearing constant shouting from his neighbour’s house. The lady in question shouts at the children in the house and it’s very distressing to hear. Should our listener intervene?

    Friday 18th July

    Swear jar

    Ryan chatted to Donna about swear jars and the chaos she had in her car this morning.


    Ryan talks to Jackie who was assaulted TWICE by seagulls when she lived in Australia.

    Sweaty Hands

    Ryan talks to Ken who had problems with sweaty hands and feet until he got Botox injections done last month.

    Nose of Tralee

    Mike McQuillan runs Pet Sitters Ireland.ie and he has come up with a new competition for your pets called “The Nose of Tralee” and he joined Ryan on the line to tell us more about it.

    Longitude Festival

    The summer of festivals is still rolling on and this weekend Marlay Park is the setting for Longitude... Our resident reveller Blathnaid Treacy dropped into studio to let us know what you can look forward to...

    Thursday 17th July

    Becoming a princess

    There is a lot of parents who have heard their little girls say that they want to be a princess when they grow up. Well Ryan chats to a man who went to remarkable lengths to fulfil his daughter`s dreams.

    Maia talks relationships

    Maia Dunphy talks about the 4 stages of relationships that all couples go through.

    Computer Generated Faces

    Ever seen the Galaxy Chocolate Ad with Audrey Hepburn? Well John Reilly from theeffect.net chats to Ryan about computer generated visual effects that make ads like this possible!

    Strange Houses

    Niamh and Audrea chat with Ryan about the strange, and weird houses that they have lived in.

    Wednesday 16th July

    Miss Ireland Grand Final

    Back in May we held our inaugural miss Personality competition and the overall winner was Miss GAA, Laura McCormack. Laura is 19, from Edenderry and this Saturday she will be representing herself and 2fm at the 67th Annual Miss Ireland Grand Final in the Ballsbridge Hotel where she could go on to represent Ireland at Miss World.

    Drag Racing

    When you imagine Drag racing you probably wouldn't imagine a young girl from Greenhills up on the podium lifting a trophy. But Gabby McDonald is Ireland's 21 year old drag racing prodigy who has already won the Triple British Championships. She chats with Ryan about the sport she adores.

    Plenty Of Fish

    Ryan talks to writer Marie Madden from Her.ie who writes the Shifty First Dates column and the Her.ie guide to dating in Ireland. She talks to Ryan about social media's role in the dating game.

    Roy Collins Murder Trial

    Paul Williams talks to Ryan about the Roy Collins Murder Trial. Yesterday, Wayne Dundon and Nathan Killeen were found guilty of the murder the Limerick businessman five years ago.

    Tuesday 15th July

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Nina was in studio to answer listeners health questions. Today there were questions on an under-active thyroid, rhinitis and blisters in the sun.....

    Natacha Tormey – Born into the Children of God

    Ryan spoke to author Natacha Tormey about her book ‘Born into the Children of God’ – Natacha was born into a religious sex cult, knowing nothing of the outside world. From an early age, Natacha was brainwashed to believe she had a special destiny - that she was part of an elite children’s army that would one day save the world from the Anti-Christ

    Dating Dilemma

    An e-mailer was worried about meeting up with someone that they'd met on-line. The listeners had some advice.....

    Dangerous Dolphin?

    'Dusty' the Dolphin had been the subject of some fear today in the papers - but it may not be all her fault.....

    Monday 14th July

    Fish Odour Syndrome

    Ryan spoke to Cassie Graves about trimethylaminuria; a condition which she suffers from – It is a fish odour that Cassie cannot get rid of

    Previous Partners

    Ryan read an e-mail from a woman who had been married for 16 years and had always thought that her husband only had one previous sexual partner - However she had recently discovered that this was not the case.....


    A story about Cilla Black prompted a response from a listener on the issue of loneliness

    Celeb Babies

    News broke in the last few days that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are having a baby – And that Eva’s actually 7 months along! Tarragh Loughrey Grant was on the line to talk about the 'Celeb Babies' and the impressive feat of keeping it secret for so long

    World Cup

    Darragh Maloney was on the line to talk about the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany, Messi’s consolation prize, and Bill O’Herlihy’s last night as head of the panel

    Friday 11th July

    Finbarr Walsh

    Ryan speaks to the manager of the Maritime hotel in Bantry Finbarr Walsh. Finbarr is the father of the dad of the late Donal Walsh.

    Motorbiking The Wild Atlantic Way

    Eugene motorbiked the Wild Atlantic Way in his 2003 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft. He started in Kinsale and did the whole route ending up in Inishowen, County Donegal. Eugene spoke to Ryan about the drive.

    The Calvinists

    Ryan speaks to Darragh Coakley of The Calvinists, particularly about their late band member Taidhg Burke Neff.

    Thursday 10th July

    Namir Karim

    Ryan speaks to Namir Karim, an ex Iraqi soldier now living in Kerry with a very interesting story.

    Danny O’Reilly - The Coronas

    Danny from The Corona's spoke to Colm about the west and life in general.

    Laura Dern - Gregory Peck Award

    Laura Dern, American actress, film director and producer spoke to Ryan this morning about winning a Gregory Peck Award. Dern has acted in such films as Smooth Talk, Blue Velvet, Fat Man and Little Boy, Wild at Heart & Jurassic Park.

    Bringing Top Gear To The West

    Ryan speaks to Fine Gael TD Brendan Griffin , who has invited the Top Gear programme to enjoy the Atlantic Way to record their programme there.

    Wednesday 9th July

    Marty Morrissey

    The great Marty Morrissey joins Ryan in the chipvan, the original Clare man talks about home, life in Dublin & the best parts of Clare.

    Seaweed Baths on The Wild Atlantic Way

    Our own Grace Waller dropped into the roadcaster to chat to Ryan about what the Atlantic Way has to offer, the experience of a seaweed bath & 2fm's Sharon Delaney explains her motoring experience of the wild West.

    Darragh Maloney on Brazil vs Germany

    RTE's sports presenter Darragh Maloney chats to Ryan about last night’s astonishing Brazil vs Germany World Cup game.

    Tuesday 8th July

    Gringo Trails

    Ryan speaks to Peggy Vale about Gringo Trails, and the documentary that she has made about these important trails and how tourists can damage them.

    Galway Film Fleadh - Peter Coonan

    Ryan speaks to Love Hate actor Peter Coonan about being a new dad, and the great event which is the Galway Film Fleadh.

    The Galway Player

    Ryan speaks to the Galway Player about life in Galway, tourist attractions that the city holds.

    Wild Atlanitc Way, Salthill Galway

    Our own Dave Sherry tests the Atlantic Ocean live on air for Ryan, we also speak to three men who are going to drive a Nissan Micra to Mongolia for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

    Monday 7th July

    Damien Brennan - Brother of The Brennan Brothers

    The other Brennan brother, Damien pops into the chip van to talk about the Yeats Dining Experience that he and his wife Paula run from their home

    Jodi Albert

    Ryan speaks to Jodi Albert, English actress & singer who is married to Westlife star Kian Egan spoke to Ryan about life after Westlife, starting a family, and dealing with Post Natal Depression. Kian joined us on the phone from Manchester.

    Wild Atlantic Way - Strandhill

    Ryan chats to our own Dave Sherry about the Wild Atlantic Way, life in the west, and what to do in Strandhill.

    Friday 4th July

    Fella in the Favela

    A dancing Irishman known as the 'fella in the favela' has become a bit of an internet sensation in Brazil. Patrick Fitzgerald from Abbeyfeale in Limerick has been filmed painting his chest and midriff with the word Brazil and dancing in the Brazil team colours while wearing shorts, a bra and carnival headdress.

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