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    Monday 27th April

    Imposter Syndrome

    Have you ever gone to work thinking; “I’m a fraud, I’m a fake, they’re going to see through me!!” Well it seems you’re not alone. Keith Gaynor, Senior Clinical Psychologist from St. Johns of God hospital spoke to Ryan about Imposter Syndrome. Ger was listening and got in contact. She says that Keith may as well have been talking about her story.

    Ciara's Irish Bucket List

    Ciara heard our chat about Irish tourist attractions & shared her idea. The majority of her friends have emigrated so she found herself getting jealous of the photos of the amazing places they were visiting. But instead of staying jealous she took action, compiling a bucket list of great things to do in Ireland. She spoke to Ryan about her list!

    Cycle Against Suicide

    Over 800 cyclists from all over Ireland will depart Belfast today to officially start the annual all-Ireland Cycle Against Suicide. 2fm’s Colm Hayes is in the thick of the action this morning and he joined us from Belfast where the 800 are gathered and ready to start the 1,400km cycle very very soon.

    Irish Tourist Attractions

    Gerard text into the show this morning, as he thinks the Blarney Stone is an overrated tourist attraction. He reckons there are lots of great historical places in Ireland that are widely ignored. He talked to Ryan about some of his favourite places.

    I Know Stuff

    Dara Walsh from Lucan, Co. Dublin played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Friday 24th April

    Fat Shaming

    Jamelia has been in hot water recently following some comments she made on Loose Women about obesity, and how she thinks the high street shouldn’t normalise plus sized clothing. Maia Dunphy joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about this story and to talk about one of the most controversial celebrity stories of the week.

    Being a Butler

    Most of us would love a bit of help around the house, but have never experienced the services of a butler firsthand. John Conroy worked as a butler for many years and is appearing in a show in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre very soon. He joined Ryan on the line this morning.

    Renting Problems - Update

    Ian emailed in to the show earlier this month with a problem. He was looking for an apartment/house share with his boyfriend, but felt he wasn’t getting anywhere because they’re a gay couple. Ian got back in touch to share some good news.

    I Know Stuff

    Lauren Lawlor from Kildare played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Thursday 23rd April

    Elsa Jones

    Many of us can't get through the day without some hit of sugar.. whether it's a biscuit with coffee or chocolate in front of the TV in the evening. Elsa Jones joined us in studio to talk about her book 'Goodbye Sugar' which shows how we all can kick our sugar habits for good.

    Central Mental Hospital

    Prof. Harry Kennedy is Clinical Director of the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum, which cares for patients with severe, enduring, and disabling mental illness who have carried out serious acts of violence. He joined Ryan in studio this morning.

    Belle Gibson

    Australian blogger, Belle Gibson , won over millions of fans after she claimed to have cured cancer with a healthy lifestyle and diet. She has since admitted that the whole story was a lie. Marie Madden, from Her.ie, joined us on the line this morning to tell us the story.

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Sinead O'Reilly from Waterford knew tons of stuff!

    Wednesday 22nd April

    Hollywood Screenwriter Margaret Nagle

    Margaret Nagle is a top Hollywood screenwriter. She's in Ireland as her new film The Good Lie premiers here tomorrow night. It stars Reese Witherspoon and tells the story of four child refuges who were orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War and resettled in America.

    Eason Spelling Bee

    The County finals of the Eason Spelling Bee are taking place across the country at the moment. Louise Denvir has been out and about at the events.

    Email: Coffee 'date'

    Tim emailed in. He doesn’t know if he should tell his wife that he has had coffee with the parent of one of his children’s friends, when dropping them home from school. He’s started feeling a bit uncomfortable when she offers, but wonders if she’s just being paranoid as she is a single mother. Some listeners got in touch!

    I Know Stuff

    Oisin Bergin from Co. Galway took the I Know Stuff challenge today!

    Tuesday 21st April

    Conversion Therapy

    Chris Hernandez spoke to Ryan receiving conversion therapy, which is the practise of 'curing' gay people.

    Living With a Broken Leg

    Following Darryl's story, Deborah spoke to Ryan about the burden of breaking her leg.

    Waterford Suicide Patrol

    Darryl Barry spoke to Ryan about Waterford Marine search and rescue, which he set up in 2010 with his twin brother to prevent people trying to end their lives by entering the river Suir.

    I Know Stuff

    Rory Carroll from Galway took on the 'I Know Stuff' challenge.

    Monday 20th April

    David Coleman

    Clinical psychologist, David Coleman, joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners’ questions; sibling rivalry, terrible twos and Mary spoke to David about the fear and heartbreak caused by her fourteen year old son, who is very aggressive and violent towards her.

    Gerard Barrett

    Gerard Barrett is a 27-year old filmmaker from Co Kerry and his latest film Glassland is doing incredibly well at the moment, receiving 5-star reviews from critics all over the world. Gerard is in terribly high demand at the moment but he joined Ryan in studio this morning to tell us about his life and career to date.

    Morbid Jealousy

    Following an email from a listener whose mother suffers from morbid jealousy, Leah spoke to Ryan about her own jealousy and how she got over it.

    I Know Stuff

    Orla Sheilds from Kilkenny took on the 'I Know Stuff' challenge.

    Friday 17th April

    Dog TV

    Yaov Zevee, the head of international distribution for dog TV spoke to Ryan about the channel.

    Fairview Park Attack

    Damien Deaton spoke to Ryan about the terrible attack on his son Paul, in Fairview Park on Wednesday.

    Captain Duncan Smith, Senior US Navy Seal

    Captain Duncan Smith joined Ryan in the studio to tell him the story of Michael P. Murphy a US Navy Seal who received a medal of honour and had a US Navy shipped named after him.

    I Know Stuff

    Sara O’Reilly from Athy, Co Kildare took on the 'I Know Stuff' challenge.

    Thursday 16th April

    The Jinx

    Geraldine McInerney spoke to Ryan about the recent HBO series 'The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst'.


    Maia Dunphy joined Ryan in studio to explain what a situationship is in real life.

    Michael Donohoe

    Ryan chats to Michael Donohue who is just back from Beijing, China after participating at the World Pole Sport Fitness Championships.

    I Know Stuff

    Porsche McCourt Flynn from Naas, Co Kildare took on the ‘I Know Stuff” challenge.

    Wednesday 15th April

    Joey DiJulio

    Joey DiJulio is from Seattle and a few months ago, he accidently ended up on an email chain of a group of strangers planning a stag party. The story of what happened next ended up published in the New York Times, The Washington Post and even Time magazine. Joey joined us on the line this morning to tell us the story.

    I Know Stuff

    Alisha Mooney from Sligo played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

    Caitlin Doughty is a professional mortician, YouTube star and author. She joined Ryan to speak about her new book 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory'.

    Modern Day Penpals

    Melanie got in touch to tell us about a friend that she met by chance, when she was accidently added to an email by a stranger. Three years later, the two women are still in touch.

    April: A Mother & Father's Heartbreaking Story of the Daughter They Loved So Much

    Coral and Paul Jones spoke to Ryan about the tragic abuction and murder of their daughter April in 2012.

    Tuesday 14th April

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Our resident GP Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners' queries about allergies, sinus infections, rosacea, sleeping problems and how to avoid lacerations during birth.

    Fast and Furious

    Stephen spoke to Ryan about the Fast and Furious movie franchise. He talked about why he loves the films so much and the tragic death of Paul Walker.

    Spinal Injury Story

    This time last year Jean and her partner were told that he might never have the use of his upper body again, after he suffered a spinal injury. It is a year and five months since his accident and he now walks small distances with a stick and has enough movement in his right hand to carry out some day to day duties. Jean spoke to Ryan about her partner’s road to recovery and how the accident affected them as a couple.

    Christine O’Connor

    26-year old Christine O’Connor spoke to Ryan this morning about the sudden arrival of spinal injury in her life as a result of her boyfriend David Griffin’s rock-climbing accident. Christine will be running the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon in June to raise funds for both David’s recovery and the National Rehabilitation Hospital where David is fighting to walk again. Check out www.ifundraise.ie/davidgriffinfund.

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Romy Battle from Mayo knew tons of stuff!

    Monday 13th April


    Very often when you give someone a compliment on a piece of jewellery these days they respond with, “oh thanks... got it on Etsy”. The popularity of this online marketplace has exploded over the last few years and now the site has 30 million users worldwide. Fashion stylist and writer Justine King is a huge Etsy fan and she joined Taragh on the line this morning to talk about her top tips for making the most of the virtual craft fair.

    Dog Kennels and Catteries

    When booking summer holidays, one thing that can cause a problem is what to do with your dog or cat. Not to mention the trauma on the pet themselves when they go through an upheaval of being left alone, away from the family. Alan Rossiter of Blacklion Pet Hospital joined Taragh in studio to talk about what options you have when heading on your holidays.

    Ice Swimming

    Patrick Corcoran joined Taragh on the line to tell us what Ice Swimming is all about and how he won Bronze for Ireland at the International Ice Swimming Championships .

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Naomi Conlon from Moneygall, Co Offaly knew tons of stuff!

    Friday 10th April

    Competition in the workplace

    Competition in the workplace is something that the vast majority of us deal with on a daily basis... but as we know, competition can quickly turn to ruthlessness when it comes to promotions. Eoghan McDermott from the Communications Clinic joined us in studio to help us navigate the complicated world of getting ahead at work.

    Wall of Death

    It’s called Wall of Death and its taking place at Rua Red Dublin Arts Centre in Tallaght. There are amazing photos in the newspapers this morning of motorcyclists performing stunts and riding the Wall and Beccy Fitzpatrick from Rua Red joined us on the line to tell us all about it.

    Addicted to energy drinks

    What would you spend £11,000 on? A fancy car, a lump off your mortgage or several luxury holidays? For Jade Wimsey, that was how much she spent on energy drinks in just four years. And the heavy cost was not just to her purse but also her figure. Jade joined Taragh on the line this morning to tell us her story.

    The Grand National

    The most popular horse race in the world - The Grand National - takes place at Aintree tomorrow afternoon. Paddy Power joined Taragh on the line to give us a heads up on the hot tips for tomorrow's race.

    I Know Stuff

    This morning Jasmine knew lots of stuff!

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