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    Friday 21st November

    Smarter Than Your Partner

    Levels of intelligence can cause problems in relationships, and can lead to one partner feeling smarter than the other. Dr Keith Gaynor, Senior Clinical Psychologist from St John of God Hospital in Dublin joined Ryan in studio to chat about what to do if you're smarter than your partner - or if they're smarter than you.

    StartUp Weekend in Limerick

    Limerick will play host to a start up event which aims to bring good ideas right from concept to reality. Shane McCarthy is CEO of Bluechiefsocial and is involved in the StartUp Ireland event and he joined Ryan on the line to tell us more about it.

    Pick Up Artist

    It was announced yesterday that 'pick up artist' Julien Blanc has been denied a visa to enter the UK by the Home Office, following tens of thousands of people putting their name to an online petition. UK dating coach for men, Kezia Noble was a part of this 'pick up community' before choosing to leave. Kezia joined Ryan on the line this morning.

    Marilyn Monroe letters for sale

    Martin Nolan of Julien's Auctions joined Ryan in studio with a collection of love letters belonging to Marilyn Monroe. These letters are going to be on display in Newbridge Silverware from today to the 28th November before they will be auctioned off at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills next month.

    Zig and Zag

    Ryan chats to Zig and Zag about their plans for a upcoming musical collaboration with Ryan.

    I Know Stuff

    Alicia Rice from Skerries took on the 'I Know Stuff' challenge.

    Thursday 20th November

    Aunty Ben

    'Auntie Ben” is Ireland’s first LGBT play specifically written and created for children. Sian Ní Mhuirí is the founder of Super Paua, the company behind the play. Sian joined Ryan on the line this morning to tell us more about it.

    'Single Shaming'

    If you’re single, being forced to defend why you are flying solo is a now in common occurrence. Weddings, birthdays, engagement parties and Christmas gatherings can lead to Bridget Jones style interrogations. Single shaming is a real thing and Michelle McMahon from Her.ie joined Ryan in studio to tell us more.


    Bosco called in to suggest that we all get behind a charity single in aid of Childline - Zig and Zag and Dustin are in too! We're looking for a song suggestion for a Christmas single - any ideas? And of course, all the money raised will go to Childline!

    I Know Stuff

    Lia Coleman from Maynooth, Co. Kildare was on I Know Stuff today.

    Wednesday 19th November

    Do you remember the first time?...

    Ryan chatted to Stephen Byrne about celebrity breakout moments, the moment someone stands out instantly and gives the impression that their stardom is less a possibility and more an inevitability.

    Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

    John is a fitness trainer who was listening to Ryan talking about a First Aid/CPR story on this morning’s show; he called in to tell Ryan about his recent experience doing CPR for someone.


    Ryan spoke to Kate this morning about her experience of using the Childline service as a child/teenager. The Childline Emergency appeal ‘SaveChildren24’ runs throughout the month of November. Donations can be made online at www.savechildline24.ie or a €4 text donation can be made by texting CHILDLINE TO 57911.

    I Know Stuff

    Cody Nathwani from Kilkenny was on I Know Stuff today.

    Tuesday 18th November

    Irish Underwater Search & Recovery Unit

    Ryan spoke to Alecc Byrne this morning who is a diver with the Irish Underwater Search & Recovery Unit. For more information visit www.IUSRU.ie

    A career in the Service Industry

    Alec Barrett worked on luxury yachts chartered by the rich and famous for a year, and Alec spoke to Ryan this morning about how working in the service industry can be both lucrative and eye-opening.

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Our resident GP Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners' medical queries.

    I Know Stuff

    Ella O’Reilly from Greystones, Co Wicklow was on I Know Stuff today.

    Monday 17th November

    Leaving Children At Home

    British MP John Hemming wants to clarify the law on the age you can leave a child at home alone – today we asked if we should be looking at the same thing here in Ireland.

    Men's Hang Ups

    Irish men across the country are letting hair loss and other body hang-ups knock their confidence, love life and careers - according to recent research - and Mike Sheridan, Senior Editor with Entertainment.ie joined Ryan in studio to have a chat about the things that are making life a bit tougher for guys.

    Water charges

    We got a huge response this morning to the water protests around the country at the weekend. Ryan spoke to some listeners who felt strongly about the protests and how they were conducted.

    I Know Stuff

    Ronan Hallihan from Doneraile, Co Cork played 'I Know Stuff'

    Friday 14th November

    Controversial TV

    Fiona Flynn from Entertainment.ie has been looking at some of the best controversial TV of the past few years

    The Apprentice

    Pamela Uddin is 24 and from Waterford and we saw her ‘fired’ by Lord Sugar the other night on The Apprentice – She flew from London last night and was in studio to tell us about what it was like to take part in the 10th series of the Apprentice

    Russell Brand on Water Charges

    Blindboy from the Rubberbandits was on the line to tell Ryan how he had influenced Russell Brand to talk about water charges

    I Know Stuff

    Lily Freaney from Galway was on I Know Stuff today

    Thursday 13th November

    Maia Dunphy

    Maia is back from London to promote her new series of ‘What Women Want’ which will be on RTE 2 next Thursday


    All this week is National Science Week. When it comes to discovery one of the most curious aspects is space –Gregory H Johnson a former NASA Astronaut and now President and Executive Director for the Centre for the Advance of Science in Space was in studio

    I Know Stuff

    Fódhla Sheerin from Donegal played I Know Stuff

    Wednesday 12th November

    100 Years of Bras

    This month marks the 100th anniversary of the modern bra – Louise Denver made a documentary about the bra and its history and she was in studio to tell us more

    Beauty Bargains

    Clare Devereux was in studio today to talk about cheaper versions of make-up and beauty products – Are they as good as the more expensive brands?

    Near-Death Experience

    Declan Brady was listening to psychologist Lesley Shoemaker on the show yesterday who was talking about how death can impact on how we view life– Declan said that following a near death experience in a plane crash he struggled to be motivated

    I Know Stuff

    Today we met Jack Corcoran from Wexford

    Tuesday 11th November

    Death as a Motivator?

    Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford commencement speech discussed the importance that he placed on thinking about death during life. Leslie Shoemaker is a psychologist and has been looking at the effect of that age old expression; ‘Life is short’

    Middle Earth

    Rachel Sherlock from Thomastown has just returned from New Zealand, where she met Hobbit and Lord of The Rings Director Peter Jackson and got a sneak preview of the last instalment of the Hobbit; ‘ The Battle of the Five Armies’


    A comment on our obsession with our phones led to a discussion on letters - We have loads of texts in a constant stream but no letters keep for the next generations

    I Know Stuff

    Emma Mahoney from Waterford played 'I Know Stuff'

    Monday 10th November

    David Coleman

    Psychologist David Coleman was in studio to answer listeners’ questions – Today there were questions on a child who is afraid of flying and also the issue of taking things from a child as punishment such as toys – does it really work?

    Area ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’

    Shaun Dunne is a 25 year old playwright whose recent play is his first to be performed in the country’s National Theatre, The Abbey. The play focuses on an estate in Dublin City Centre and examines the question – what makes us perceive an area as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

    I Know Stuff

    Liam O'Leary from Cork played I Know Stuff this morning

    'King Nidge' Runners

    There was a discussion about the kind of runners that Nidge was wearing on last night's episode of Love Hate

    Friday 7th November

    The Galway Player

    For years he has been riling women with his controversial advice on the dating scene in Ireland. The Galway Player joined us in studio this morning to tell us all about his new book ‘Shift and Drift’, which promises to guide you through the pitfalls of living and loving


    To run a 50 kilometer race is something that some of us could never imagine doing. Orna Dilworth is 29 years old and a solicitor with Bank of Ireland and last weekend she represented Ireland in the Ultra-running World Championships in Qatar – Orna told Ryan about the experience

    Ruth-Anne Cunningham

    At 17 Dubliner Ruth-Anne Cunningham was already writing hit-songs. Now 28, her star continues to rise, and she has since worked with Pixie Lott, Britney Spears and now One Direction to name but a few. Based in L.A. Ryan spoke to Ruth-Anne about her amazing career

    The Dark Net

    Gardai have seized almost 200,000 worth of drugs in Dublin as part of a major investigation into illegal items being sold on the ‘darknet’ – An encrypted layer of the internet. Tony Reilly from tech website The Effect told us about this ‘dark layer’ of the internet

    I Know Stuff

    Muireann O'Brien from Cork played I Know Stuff and she has a riddle for Ryan

    Thursday 6th November

    Being a Bridesmaid

    One of the hardest working members of any wedding party is the bridesmaid. Everything from dress fittings to rings come under their remit and sometimes, in very rare cases, friends can fall out over it forever. Ciara King of 2fm’s ‘Chris and Ciara’ and she was in studio to tell us about the reality of being a bridesmaid


    The last Laser Shop is closing in a couple of weeks on George’s Street in Dublin – As part of their closing down sale they have some interesting memorabilia including a Han Solo in carbonite replica – Peter Dunne is one of the dedicated Laser staff and he told Ryan about the last days of the shop

    I Know Stuff

    I Know Stuff today was with Jessica from Kildare

    Wednesday 5th November

    Shoebox Appeal

    TV Presenter Diana Bunici went to Swaziland with Team Hope this year and she wanted to remind everyone about their annual Shoebox Appeal

    Sports Joe

    Joe.ie is launching new website tomorrow – Niall McGarry of Joe.ie was with Ryan to tell us more about SportsJoe.ie

    Sex and The City Exposed

    Justine King from Opsh.com was with Ryan to tell us about an event that they are putting on called ‘Sex and the City Exposed’ ....

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