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    Friday 3rd July

    Big Fat Disney Quiz

    Katie and Kevin battled it out for our big fat Disney quiz.

    Island Life

    Megan Roantree is an Inis Mór native, who spoke to Ryan about why growing up on the island was an unusual upbringing and about popular misconceptions about life on Aran.

    Tattoo Cover Ups

    Danielle Robinson from Dublin ink was live in the studio with Ryan talking about tattoos and how to cover them up.

    Bold Children

    Following an email that Ryan read out about bold children, Laura got in touch to talk about the out of control children who come in to the cafe she works in.

    I Know Stuff

    Tegan Graham from Cavan played ‘I Know Stuff’! today!

    Thursday 2nd July

    Holiday Bragging

    Michelle McMahon from Her.ie joined Ryan in studio to try figure out why people love to brag about holidays.

    Hottest Cartoon Characters

    Ryan spoke to one of our listeners Joe, about the hottest cartoon characters.

    Batman Costumes

    There are some amazing photos in today's papers of Batman in full costume. The man in the costume is Julian Checkle, who works Order 66 Creature and Effects studio and creates these incredible costumes. He joined Ryan on the line this morning to talk about his work.


    Ryan mentioned an article in the papers about a teacher correcting exams on the dart. Following that, Mary and Emma spoke to Ryan about their own experiences.

    Renting in Dublin

    Nicola Bardon and Amy Connolly spoke to Ryan about the struggle to find somewhere to rent in Dublin.

    I Know Stuff

    Ronny Baron from Tipperary played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Wednesday 1st July

    Elite Match Making

    Mairead Molloy, director and founder of Berkeley International and matchmaker to millionaire’s spoke to Ryan about her business.

    Ladies GAA

    Ryan was joined in the chip van by Elena Byrne, Club coaching and Development officer at Dunamaggin Ladies Football.

    The Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things is about connecting your everyday items up to the internet and creating a giant big network out of it. Sean Gallagher joined Ryan on the phone to tell us about it.


    BogFit combines the modern phenomenon of CrossFit with the age-old tradition of working the bog and turning turf. They have amassed over 130,000 views on YouTube and Matt Power, the creator and star of the videos, joined Ryan in the chip van this morning to talk us through BogFit.

    I Know Stuff

    Megan Fallon from Kilkenny played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Tuesday 30th June

    Delivered a Baby

    When Lorraine heard a knock on her door at the weekend, she never imagined that she would have to help deliver a baby.

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Our resident GP Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners' medical queries

    Apple's New Music Streaming Service

    Apple is launching a new streaming music service in over 100 countries today and Tony from tech website TheEffect.net joined Ryan to talk us through what exactly it is

    M.E and Me

    Aoife wrote to the show two years ago, seeking advice for depression and anxiety. Aoife was in 6th year at the time and had no idea that she had Myalgic Encephaloyelitis (ME). Aoife was in studio with Ryan today, speaking about her illness.

    Taylor Swift

    Ryan was joined on the line by Ursula and Nessa, who are two of Taylor Swift's biggest fans. The girls were both at last night’s concert and Nessa was lucky enough to meet Taylor backstage after the show.

    I Know Stuff

    Ruby Coady from Wexford played 'I Know Stuff' today.

    Monday 29th June

    Tommy Tiernan

    Tommy Tiernan joined Ryan to speak about his radio new show, which is starting on 2fm this Saturday.

    Taylor Swift

    Ryan spoke to Stephanie and Susie, who are two of Taylor Swift's biggest fans about the kind things Taylor has done for them.

    Hairdressing as a Career

    Dylan Bradshaw is one of Ireland's top hairdressers. Dylan is now running his own hairdressing academy and he was in studio with Ryan speaking about it. For more information on this you can visit DylanBradshaw.com.

    Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget

    Sarah Hepola is the author of Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget and she joined Ryan on the line now to talk about her experiences as a blackout drinking.

    Tunisia Attack

    RTE’s Richard Downes joined us live on the phone from Tunisia.

    I Know Stuff

    Niamh McDermott from Mullingar played 'I Know Stuff' today.

    Friday 26th June

    Once Upon a Time

    Following the interview with Once Upon A Times, Colin O'Donoghue on Wednesday , Ryan spoke to Kathy who is the biggest of the show.

    Plus Sized Models

    Louise O'Reilly is Ireland's premiere plus sized model, who has featured in Littlewoods and Vogue Italia. She joined Ryan in studio to talk about what it is like to be called a plus sized model.


    'Amy' is a documentary about Amy Winehouse and it was released earlier this week. Stephen Byrne has seen it and he joined Ryan live in studio to talk about it.

    Greek Economic Crisis

    Ryan spoke to Lisa and Thomae Kakouli about the economic crisis in Greece.

    I Know Stuff

    Jade Coleman from Limerick played 'I Know Stuff' today!

    Thursday 25th June

    Family Photos

    Grace Waller isn't a fan of the traditional family photo... listen to what she had to say here!

    How To Pass Your NCT

    Joe Rufus gives us some top tips on how to pass the dreaded NCT.

    Kevin's Story

    Speaking of man spreading, Kevin tells us how it's not all roses being a 6 foot 8 man who has no choice but to man spread!

    Man Spreading

    Sarah Duffy tells us about the struggles of a woman in a man spreading world.

    Dog poisoning

    Michael Clarke tells Ryan his heartbreaking story.

    Wednesday 24th June

    The Crystal Maze

    Dean Rodgers, Executive Producer of The Crystal Maze

    Writing to Death Row Prisoners

    Angel Cullinane tells Ryan about how she started writing to a prisoner on death row, and why she does it.

    Colin O'Donoghue

    Colin O'Donoghue from Once Upon A Time

    Tuesday 23rd June

    Bossy Passegners

    Lorna spoke to Ryan about her bad driving and how her fiancée is a bossy passenger.

    Eating Disorders

    Alexandra is 16 and is recovering from bulimia after being bullied in third year at school. She said she can't remember the first time she made herself sick but it quickly went from once a week to every meal and soon she was eating nothing at all. She joined Ryan in studio to speak about her experiences and how she beat the illness.

    Dwarf for Hire

    Ben Wilcox is a 30 year old dwarf for hire who makes money from joining soon to be grooms and brides at their stag and hen parties. He joined Ryan on the line this morning to tell us what exactly his job entails.

    Sample Sales

    Stylist Justine King joined Ryan this morning to share her insider fashion knowledge about where to find the best sample sales and what they’re like.

    I Know Stuff

    Mark Bugler from Clare played 'I Know Stuff' today!

    Monday 22nd June

    David Coleman

    Our resident clinical psychologist joined Ryan to answer your parenting questions.


    You’ve heard about Juice Cleanses, but now the updated version of these are detoxes with tea, or TeaToxes. Aisling Keenan from Xpose magazine joined Ryan this morning to tell us about the craze and how her teatox is going.

    Biggest political stories of 2015 so far

    Niall O’Connor is Political Correspondent with Independent News and Media and he joined Ryan this morning to talk about the most read stories from the Irish Independent website so far this year.

    I Know Stuff

    Molly Buckley from Cork played 'I Know Stuff'!

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