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    Friday 31st July

    Super Cars

    Camilla Turner is a journalist with the Telegraph in London and she joined Stephen on the line to talk about the high volume of super cars in London this summer.

    Naked Smokey

    There is over 8000 Irish people on the waiting list for the new Urban Decay ‘Naked Smokey’ pallet, but why is it so popular? Becky Duggan joined Stephen on the line to tell us why it's so popular.

    Ryan's goodbye

    After five wonderful years on 2fm, Ryan is moving on and starting a new slot on RTÉ Radio 1. He didn't want to leave without thanking our wonderful listeners for all their support and kindness over the past few years.

    Wednesday 29th July

    All Tvvins

    Stephen caught up with the lads from All Tvvins.

    Men’s Hair Cuts

    Sean Bryan is the creative director of Cut & Sew, a Dublin barbershop with two branches in Dublin city. He joined Stephen in studio to talk about what's hot in the world of men's hair

    Toilet Tribes

    Sarah Mc Clarence took a series of photographs titled 'Toilet Tribes', which captured some of the short lived friendships made in the ladies toilets.

    Tuesday 28th July

    Everything Everything

    Stephen caught up with the English rock band 'Everything Everything'.

    Eva Short's Thailand Article

    Eva Short spoke an article she wrote about Thailand for TheJournal.ie and some of the criticism it received after it.


    Spot squeezing videos have taken the internet by storm and Audrey Donohue joined Stephen in the studio to talk about these videos.

    Monday 27th July

    David Duchovney

    Stephen spoke to actor David Duchovney about his book Holy Cow

    Freddy Jeans

    Stylist Justine King spoke to Stephen about the latest must have fashion item, Freddy Jeans.

    Stories Behind Disney

    Michelle McMahon from Her.ie joined Stephen in studio to reveal the truth behind our favourite Disney stories.

    The Big Proposal at the Ed Sheeran Concert

    Etháoin Corr was proposed to on stage at the Ed Sheeran gig on Saturday by Kodaline's Jason Boland. She joined Stephen on the line to talk about the magical moment.

    Friday 24th July

    Attractiveness at work

    During the week columnist with the Financial Times Lucy Kellaway wrote an article titled 'Let's face it, looks do count when it comes to hiring'. Here to chat about this and more is Director of the Communications Clinic, Eoghan McDermott.

    Gavin James

    Gavin James is supporting Ed Sheeran this weekend at Croke Park and he spoke to Stephen ahead of the gig.

    Humans of Dublin

    Stephen spoke to Peter Varga, photographer and creator of the Facebook page, Humans of Dublin.

    Stephen's Driving Lesson

    Stephen passed his driver theory test this week, so we got Nicky Byrne to take him to Carrigstown for a lesson in his car.

    Thursday 23rd July

    Rejjie Snow

    Stephen caught up with Irish rapper Reggie Snow.

    Male Artists V Female Artists

    You might have seen an article shared on your Facebook timeline about male musicians described the same way as a female musicians. Louise Bruton wrote it and she spoke to Stephen about it.

    VMA Nomination

    Hozier’s video for Take Me to Church has been nominated for two VMA awards, Best Direction Award and Best Rock Video of the year. Stephen spoke to Brendan Canty from a Cork production company called Feel Good Lost, who co-directed the video.

    Wednesday 22nd July


    Jungle played at Longitude last weekend and Stephen Byrne caught up with them.

    Falling In Love With A Stranger

    Documentary filmmaker Sinéad McDevitt put a social experiment – designed in 1996 by Dr Arthur Aron – to the test, to see if two total strangers could fall in love over the course of 36 questions. She joined Stephen on the line to talk about it.

    Tuesday 21st July


    Stephen Byrne sat down with Avicii when he was in Dublin and we played the exclusive interview on the show today.

    Thinking of going vinyl?

    Vinyl is back and Niall Byrne or Nialler9 as we know him, gave us the guide to going vinyl.

    Monday 20th July

    Catfish and The Bottlemen

    Stephen Byrne was at Longitude at the weekend and he caught up Catfish and The Bottlemen.

    Kelly Clarkson

    Stephen Byrne is filling in for Ryan at the moment and he caught up with the lovely Kelly Clarkson.

    Friday 17th July


    Grace Waller was in studio talking about her favourite JML items.

    Dressing for the Races

    Stylist, Clare Devereux & P from Styling Irish joined Ryan in the studio to talk about dressing for the races.

    10 Commandments of Clueless

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Clueless', Emma Power joined Ryan in studio to talk him through the ten commandments of Clueless.

    Guide to Ethiopia

    Ryan is going to Ethiopia in a few weeks and Aidan kindly got in touch with us to give Ryan some tips for his trip.

    I Know Stuff

    EllieMai Murphy from Athlone played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Thursday 16th July

    Where Are The Jobs?

    Richard Eardley is the Managing Director of Hays Ireland, the leading global expert in qualified, professional and skilled recruitment, and he joined Ryan in studio to go through what's out there in terms of employment in Ireland.

    An Audience with Jimmy Saville

    Journalist and writer,Jonathan Maitland wrote a play called ‘An Audience with Jimmy Saville’. He joined Ryan on the line to speak about it.

    Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France

    Damien O’Meara from RTÉ sport spoke to Ryan about Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France.

    I Know Stuff

    Richard Loftus from Ballina played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Wednesday 15th July

    Living life like a Victoria Secret's model

    Journalist and blogger Poppy Cross spent four months following the Victoria Secrets training and diet plan. She joined Ryan on the line today, to tell us what it was like.

    Weird Ways to Make Money

    Eva tested out different ways to make money online and she joined Ryan in studio to tell us if they made a difference to her pocket.

    King of the Nerds

    Mark Hughes is taking part 'King of the Nerds', which is a brand new series on Sky One. Mark joined Ryan on the line to talk about it.

    Saved A Man's Life

    Shauna O’Riordan spotted a man who was about to jump off a bridge last week. Shauna stopped to help the man and she spoke to Ryan about it today.

    I Know Stuff

    Charlie Phelan from Kilkenny played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Tuesday 14th July

    Dr Mark Harrold

    Clinical psychologist, Dr Mark Harrold spoke to Ryan about how interacting with horses can be very beneficially to people with special needs.

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Our resident GP Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners' health queries.

    Bliss Summer Festival

    The Bliss Summer Festival is an event that promotes sexual freedom and will take place in the ground of Narrow Water Castle in Co Down, which overlooks Carlingford Lough. Beth Wallace is the founder and director of Bliss and she joined Ryan in studio this morning to tell us about the festival and what it’s all about.


    Alex Grant is from Drogheda in Co. Louth and he has set up a website called Touriocity, which sets out to eliminate nightmare guided tours for good and provide something a bit more special. Here is the link to the special tours with a 30% discount for your listeners - https://www.touriocity.com/?_ga=1.27262783.323528688.1426587369#!/visitlondon/londons-square-mile-1433886388698

    Young Publican

    Eamonn O'Shea is 17 years old and opening his own nightclub. 'Gatsby Dublin' at 'The 79 Inn', Ballyfermot will open this weekend and Eamonn joined Ryan on the line to talk about it.

    Holly's Horse Haven

    Elaine Duffy is the owner of Holly’s Horse Haven and she joined Ryan in the studio to talk about what they do there.

    I Know Stuff

    Lily & Ruby played 'I Know Stuff' today!

    Monday 13th July

    Mass Murderers

    Philip Boucher-Hayes joined Ryan in studio to talk about mass murders and the type of people that carry them out.


    Youthreach is a second-chance education programme for early school-leavers aged 16-21 and is located in 110 centres across Ireland. Zoe Kelly and Terrie Gray are participants in the Ballyfermot programme and they joined Ryan live in studio to talk about it.

    Ed Sheeran

    Aimee was on the Toy Show last December when Ed Sheeran surprised her and offered to fly herself and her family over to London to his Wembley gig. She at the gig last night and joined Ryan on the line to talk about the concert.

    I Know Stuff

    Sofia Fitzsimons played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Wednesday 8th July

    The Space Cowboy

    The Space Cowboy is a truly unique performing artist from Byron Bay in Australia, who currently holds 34 Guinness World Records. He will perform at this year’s Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular, which is taking place in Dublin's Merrion Square on July 10-12 & Cork's Fitzgerald Park on July 18th.

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