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    Tuesday 27th January


    Emer McLysaght, Deputy Editor of The DailyEdge.ie joined Ryan in studio to talk about the ridiculous sex tips you find in magazines… Where do they get them!!

    The Undateables

    The Undateables on Channel 4 has followed the stories of several extraordinary singletons in pursuit of love. Filmmaker - and Tourette's sufferer Brent Zillwood met Challis on a blind date and the couple immediately hit it off. They've become the first couple to tie the knot after meeting on the show and they joined Ryan on the line this morning.


    Samuel Riggs, editor of TCD's University Times, joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about his experience of self-harming.

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Hannah Henchin from Ballincollig, Co. Cork knew tons of stuff!

    Monday 26th January

    David Coleman

    Psychologist David Coleman was answering more parenting questions - Today there were issues involving a 3 year old adjusting to creche and then a 6 year old who was having trouble socialising....

    Celeb Death Experiences

    Some Dutch scientists are reconstructing famous personalities last moments using scents and sounds...

    Pet Bereavement

    Nicola told Ryan about the loss of her pet dog Andy and how she is struggling to cope with it

    I Know Stuff

    Aine Doyle from Kilkenny played I Know Stuff

    Friday 23rd January

    Designer Claire Garvey

    In today’s papers we saw the amazing costume worn by Miss Ireland Lisa Madden at the Miss Universe competition - Ryan spoke to award-winning designer Claire Garvey who designed the Celtic Warrior-inspired piece.

    Classic Games

    John Reilly from theeffect.et joined Ryan in studio to chat about the absolute all-time classic video games.

    Night Terrors

    Paediatric Sleep Consultant Lucy Wolfe joined Ryan on the line this morning with advice for yesterday’s caller Orla on how best to deal with her sleep terrors.

    Jason Vale

    Jason Vale, aka 'Juice Master' is in Dublin this weekend discussing the phenomenon of juicing, revealed in his recent ‘Jason Vale Super Juice Me! Documentary. Jason joined Ryan in studio this morning.

    I Know Stuff

    Ryan received two letters in the post from Muireann and Etain Maher - they both won tacky orange lunchboxes on this morning's I Know Stuff!

    Thursday 22nd January


    It’s the year that Back to the Future predicted that flying cars would be a reality. And while that hasn’t happened just yet, it’s safe to say that the amount of weird and wonderful features that come with cars is endless. Joe Rayfus, editor of the online motoring magazine AutoCar tells us what features are worth spending your money on.

    Timi Ogunyemi

    Ryan trying (failing?) to steal Timi Ogunyemi's style! Timi joined us for a chat this morning, saying that although he was born in Lagos, he was definitely 'made' in Dublin!

    Night Terrors

    Ryan talks to Orla who wakes up to 3 or 4 times a week in the middle of the night and suffers frightening hallucinations.

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Katie Moore from Mullingar knew tons of stuff!

    Wednesday 21st January

    UTV Ireland

    Carl is frustrated with the change over from UTV to UTV Ireland. He has lost some of his favourite TV shows and wonders is there a way to get the old channel back.

    Electric Ireland Powering Kindness

    Ryan talks to journalist Vicki Notaro about her week of ‘powering kindness’.


    Weddings are always a contentious issue and there is a multitude of Wedding Sins that couples commit that annoy their guests. Michelle McMahon from Her.ie is a bride-to-be herself and she has armed herself with a mass of information on these Wedding Sins. Michelle tells us all about them and how many she is going to commit herself.


    Aoife McLysaght, Professor of Genetics in Trinity College Dublin chats to Ryan about a cat study she's conducting with The Irish Times - for more info visit irishtimes.com/news/science

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Kayleigh Brereton from Birr, Co Offaly knew tons of stuff!

    Tuesday 20th January

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Today Nina answered questions on surgery, dry throats and leg ulcers among other things

    Hazel's Story

    Today we heard the harrowing story of Hazel, who suffered a prolonged attack 10 years ago.

    Powering Kindness

    Today Lottie Ryan was at the Applegreen Southbound in Lusk to show someone some kindness on Electric Ireland Powering Kindness week - We also heard how listeners are taking part

    I Know Stuff

    Florence Clopin from Wexford played 'I Know Stuff'

    Monday 19th January

    Little White Lies

    Psychologist Dr Keith Gaynor was in studio to explain why we all lie

    I Know Stuff

    Oisin Lynch from Monaghan wins himself a tacky orange lunchbox for taking part in 'I Know Stuff'!

    Electric Ireland Powering Kindness

    Electric Ireland Powering Kindness is looking for your good deeds. We are asking listeners to text their good deed to us at 51552 highlighting their chosen charity. We’ll be telling listeners all about the good deeds that they could be doing from being kind on the roads to surprising everyone in the office with kindness.


    Unpredictable, up to the minute and never too far from the heart of the matter, Ryan Tubridy hears what you have to say from 8.45 - 11.00 each week day on RTE 2fm

    Friday 16th January

    Heavy Sleeper

    Peter tells Ryan about his wife who cannot get out of bed in the morning - she has diabetes and is a really heavy sleeper. Peter is looking for a device that would set off the house alarm every morning to wake her up! Peter O'Connor, CEO of GSD gets in touch to offer one such device!

    Trouble Waking Up

    Geraldine speaks to Ryan about her 20 year old son who just won’t get out of bed in the morning – she's looking for an alarm clock that can “wake the dead”. Adrian from Murrays.ie rang in to offer her a LumieActive alarm clock which lights up gradually and is impossible to sleep through!

    MMA / UFC - Senator Averil Power

    Senator Averil Power chatted to Ryan about her appreciation of MMA & UFC. She's even boxed a bit herself.

    I Know Stuff

    Emma Brogan from Navan wins herself a tacky orange lunchbox for taking part in 'I Know Stuff'!

    Thursday 15th January

    Electric Ireland Powering Kindness

    This Saturday we kick of a week of kindness on 2fm. Electric Ireland Powering Kindness is looking for your good deeds. A new survey has been published today about kindness, and Dr John Sharry, senior lecturer at the School of Psychology in University College Dublin, joined us on the line to tell us about it.

    Diagnosis of Epilepsy in Adults

    Ryan talks to Clare who recently got a diagnosis of epilepsy. Clare feels she is not coping to well and would love to hear other listeners’ views on seizures and how they cope.

    Breck Bednar Murder

    A young man Lewis Daynes has been sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison after murdering 14 year old Breck Bednar who had been playing online computer games with him. Charlotte Rose from BBC Essex was in court the day of the sentencing and she joined Ryan on the line to tell us about the case.

    I Know Stuff

    Today Rebecca Quinn from Swords, Co. Dublin knew tons of stuff!

    Wednesday 14th January

    Senator Catherine Noone

    Ryan spoke to Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone who wants to stop the Ultimate Fighting Championship from coming to Dublin.

    Beauty Icons

    Beauty guru Clare Devereux joined Ryan in studio to chat about the top five beauty icons of all time.

    Email Pregnancy Dilemma

    Ryan read an email from a listener looking for advice about how to deal with his pregnant partner's ultimatum...

    David and Stephen Flynn

    Great craic with the lads from The Happy Pear (Steve and Dave) this morning! Still didn't convince Ryan to eat the seedy stuff!

    Tuesday 13th January

    Handing out flyers at school gates

    Ryan talks to listeners who disagree with flyers being distributed outside the school gates.

    Bipolar Disorder

    Aisling Carthy and her mother Clodagh joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about bipolar disorder and the effect it's had on their lives.

    I Know Stuff

    This morning Carolina knew lots of stuff!

    Monday 12th January

    David Coleman

    Child Psychologist David Coleman was in studio and today answered questions on panic attacks, the difficulties of a gael-scoil and whether your children should help around the house

    Golden Globes

    Vicki Notaro stayed up all night to give Ryan a rundown of the Golden Globes - the winners, the losers, and of course all the fashion

    English Accent

    Elaine spoke to Ryan about being judged for having an English accent in Ireland and her experience of being mocked on nights out in Dublin

    I Know Stuff

    Sophie Kileen from Co Louth played I Know Stuff

    Friday 9th January

    Starting Out On Your Own

    Ryan talks to a 19 year old Marcus who runs his own garden business.

    Home STI Kits

    Sexually Transmitted Infections are majorly on the increase, especially for Under-25s. A 28-year old entrepreneur from Dublin has come up with a home STI-testing kit. Peter Foley is the founder of Let’s Get Checked and he joined Ryan on the line to tell us about the service.

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