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    Wednesday 17th September

    Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages is the ultimate rock mix-tape – jam packed with all your favourite hair rock moments from the 80s. Star, Noel Sullivan, from the West End Production of Rock of Ages chats with Ryan about working on the show.

    Guilty Pleasures

    Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure - it can be soething that makes you feel a bit bold to indulge in or something that you enjoy but you'd rather other's didn't know about. Maia Dunphy chats with Ryan about guilty pleasures.

    Beaumont Hospital

    Health Correspondant with the Irish Daily Mail, Jennifer Bray, yesterday spent a few hours in Beaumont Hospital's A&E. She chats with Ryan about the overcrowding and the lack of privacy and dignity for even the sickest of patients.

    Tuesday 16th September


    Vicki and Lauren chat with Ryan about one of the most popular video-games in history.

    Motor Neurone Disease

    John Archbold spoke to Ryan about his wife Aisling who sadly passed away in 2011 from Motor Neurone Disease .

    Sam Atwell

    After much speculation, it turns out the guy in the canteen who looked very like Kane from Home and Away, actually IS Kane from Home and Away! Yes, in real life, Sam Atwell is now a script consultant for Fair City and he dropped in to studio for a chat.

    Monday 15th September

    Excessive sweating

    Ryan read out an email from a listener who is looking for advice on how to tackle excessive sweating.

    The Sun

    Its fifty years since one of the world’s most infamous papers was published for the first time. Journalist Jonathan de Burca Butler joined Ryan on the line to tell us the history of The Sun.

    David Coleman

    David Coleman was in studio to answer listeners' parenting questions; today there were questions on dyslexia, coping with back-to-school anxiety and challenging behaviour in children.

    Friday 12th September

    Rosanna Davison

    Model Rosanna Davison was in the Roadcaster for a chat about marriage, cars and man-caves...

    Make a Wish Foundation

    Ryan spoke to Michelle from Ballina about the difference Make-a-Wish has made to her son Michael's life since his leukaemia diagnosis

    Simon Delaney

    Actor Simon Delaney was in the Roadcaster with Ryan to celebrate the start of the Cannonball Run 2014

    Thursday 11th September

    Michael Rosen

    This year sees the 25th anniversary of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, the multi-million selling author and broadcaster ; Michael Rosen, has been inspiring children for decades and in his new book, GOOD IDEAS: How to Be Your Child’s(And Your Own) Best Teacher’, he shows us how – Michael gave Ryan some of his best tips especially regarding homework

    'Freedom Tower'

    Today marks the 13th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre – New Yorkers have now become used to a new building in their skyline, that of the new tower; One World Trade Centre – Thousands will gather there today to remember the near 3000 who died 13 years ago. Mark Little has been to the new complex and he described it to Ryan

    House of Spiders

    A ‘House of Killer Spiders’ in Carlow was reported in today's papers– but was that actually the case? Kevin Cunningham of the National Exotic Animal Sanctuary was on the line to explain what actually happened in the house and to warn people about buying dangerous pets on the internet ....

    Wednesday 10th September

    Maia Dunphy - Narcissism

    We live in an era where we are told to feel as confident as we can - But how confident is too confident and how can you spot a narcissist? Maia Dunphy was in studio to discuss when the lines get blurred.....


    A concerned father contacted the show about his son who had developed habits which he could only describe as a kind of tic....

    Raw Denim Jeans

    David Hieatt told Ryan about his business in Wales - Huit Denim offer to break-in jeans for you by getting other people to wear them first for 6 months.....

    New U2 Album

    Dave Fanning was in studio to give an overview of U2's new album which he gave an exclusive first radio play to last night on 2fm...

    Tuesday 9th September

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Dr Nina Byrnes was in studio and today there was a question on genetic testing for cancer and there was also a big reaction to the topic of a three year old developing a stammer....

    Jack The Ripper

    A self-confessed 'armchair detective'; Russell Edwards, claims to have solved perhaps the most famous 'whodunit' ever and discovered the identity of Jack the Ripper - Aoife McLysaght, Professor of Genetics in Trinity was on the line to give her expert opinion on the revelations....

    Monday 8th September

    Domestic Divas

    Ryan spoke to 20 year old Lauren who will be appearing in tomorrow's episode of Domestic Divas. You can watch the show on RTÉ 1 at 8.30pm.

    Queuing for a House

    Ryan catches up with Megan who is 'over the moon' with her new purchase of a three-bedroomed semi-detached home in Swords.

    National Suicide Prevention Week

    Tommy Redmond joined Ryan in studio this morning to share his story. Tommy has recovered from his addiction and is back on track to rebuilding his life. . For more info visit www.tiglin.ie

    Friday 5th September

    Are You Too Sensitive?

    Daniel contacted the show about being far too sensitive when he was a teenager.

    Scottish Independence Day

    Derek is a proud Scots man living in Dublin who really wants Scotland to vote Yes. Ryan thinks it'll be a win for the No's and is willing to wear a kilt if the Yes camp win!

    Jim Horton

    Ryan spoke to Jim Horton who has worked in with killer whales in marine parks such as Sea World for 16 years. He chatted about the documentary Blackfish and why Sea World is becoming less popular with tourists.

    Eason Spelling Bee

    Bill Hughes chatted to Ryan about 'The Bee'... Bill and his crew made a documentary following the incredible kids that took part in our 'Eason Spelling Bee with Tubridy' Check out 'The Bee' this Sunday on RTÉ One at 6.30pm!

    Thursday 4th September

    Drinking Buddy Wanted

    Two Irish lads in Australia have taken to Craiglist in Melbourne to advertise a very important position. Andrew Kavanagh joined Ryan on the line from Melbourne to tell us what it is...

    Construction Industry

    Dylan contacted the show to say that he is definitely welcoming the regrowth in the housing sector.

    Death Row

    During her time as a news reporter and as a spokeswoman for the Texas prison system, Michelle Lyons watched 278 convicted killers march to their death in the state's Huntsville death house.

    House Hunters

    Ryan spoke to Megan 0’Shaughnessy, who is patiently camping outside a new housing development in Swords, Co. Dublin, hoping to buy her dream home! Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

    Wednesday 3rd September

    Moving House

    We’ve all heard that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do... our very own Maia Dunphy is moving house soon and she tells us how she is getting on.

    Adidas Predator Mania

    Journalist Conor Heneghan from Joe.ie spoke to Ryan about the latest Adidas Predator Mania.

    Tuesday 2nd September

    Intercultural couples

    Fleur Phoenix-Munroe, originally from Zambia talked to Eoghan about being part of an Inter Cultural Couple.

    Dating: What Women Want

    Marie Madden from her.ie joined Eoghan to talk about Deal Breakers in Relationships

    Monday 1st September

    Ka Pow!

    Illustrator Stephen Mooney spoke to Eoghan about his new dream job working with DC Comics, the iconic home of Batman!

    How safe is iCloud?

    Tech Journalist John Reilly spoke to Eoghan about the precautions people should take when they are using iCloud.

    The Other Eoghan McDermott

    Eoghan McDermott from the Communications Clinic spoke to his namesake about facing into first year in college or the workforce.

    Friday 29th August

    Cannonball Run

    Alan Bannon is the brain behind the Cannonball Run and the 6th Cannonball is coming up in a couple of weeks - Alan was on the line to tell us about what’s coming-up this year and how much has been raised for the Make A Wish Foundation so far..

    Sharon Corr Interview

    She has been a respected wise judge on The Voice of Ireland, she was 1 quarter of one of Ireland’s Most successful bands and she’s just released her latest solo album called The Same Sun – Sharon Corr was in studio to chat to Taragh

    Can the Rom-Com be Saved?

    Last month marked the 25th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally; the birth of the modern rom-com, it ushered in a golden era of the genre. However, over the past couple of years, rom-coms seemed to have lost favour - So is the rom-com dying a death or can it be saved? Amanda Fennelly is a rom-com fan and believes it can.....

    Stranded Dolphin

    Nature photographer Sheena Jolley told of how she witnessed a dolphin die in Schull harbour in Cork because of a plastic ring caught around its nose

    Thursday 28th August

    Gender Stereotyping

    Like it or not, gender stereotypes still exist in the home, usually born out of practicality. But does it really matter who holds the drill and who holds the hoover? Maia Dunphy discusses and victim of gender stereotyping Donna Bates, shares her story.

    Guns a Blazin'

    Pat O Toole was at a stag party last week at Bullets and Burgers, in Whitehills Arizona, where, on Monday, a nine year old girl accidentally shot and killed her gun instructor when she lost control of an Uzi.

    Keeping Up With The Middletons

    Claudia Joseph broke the story in The Mail on Sunday about an on-going soap opera between Kate Middleton's family. The Goddaughter of Kate's Mother Carole claims she has been shunned by the family and accused Carole of becoming 'too grand' to see them.

    Wednesday 27th August

    Louise McSharry

    2fm Presenter Louise McSharry was in studio to talk about her recent diagnosis with Hodgkin’s lymphoma

    Wedding Videos

    Lots of people are getting videos done for the speached part of the wedding - We decided to offer Ryan's services......

    Tuesday 26th August

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    More health questions for Dr Nina Byrnes – Today including issues of obesity in children, a query on weak pelvic floor muscles, and how to deal with over-sweating...


    Marc Walsh is a gamer and called in to address some of the issues raised yesterday on the show regarding a worrying new trend of 'trolls' altering games to make them even more violent....

    Emmy Awards

    Fiona Flynn from Entertainment.ie was on the line with all the gossip from last night's Emmy Awards

    Teenager Coming Out

    A 16 year old e-mailed the show looking for some advice on connecting with other bi-sexual young people

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