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    Wednesday 1st October

    Quitting Your Job

    If you're in the process of moving jobs, thinking about it or just wishing it, you will at some stage have to break the news to your boss. Eoghan McDermott is the Director of The Communications Clinic and gives advice on how to handle our goodbyes.


    Paddy Dunne, Chairman of Lisdoonvarna Failte LTD, thinks the leaflets offering 'Filipinas for Paddies' are derogatory and is disappointed that they were being dispersed at the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival.

    Depression is my Friend, not my Enemy

    Former Cork Hurler Conor Cusack is an advocate for lifting the stigma attached to mental illness thanks to his compelling and honest accounts of his own battle with depression.

    Billie Barry

    Billie Barry, the founder of the successful Billie Barry Stage School passed away yesterday morning. Past member, Brian McFadden fondly remembers being part of the school and the valuable lessons he learned there. (Apologies for the bad line.)

    I Know Stuff

    Today Muireann Kinsella from Kilkenny knew lots of stuff!

    Tuesday 30th September

    UCD Ladies’ Foreign Student GAA Team

    UCD put a call out earlier this year to see if they wanted to play Gaelic Football. Ryan was joined by two of the team member Maddie Sertik and Thanh Nguien


    Germaine Greer made headlines yesterday when she commented on the pressure that the Duchess of Cambridge seems to be under to be a mother - Ryan spoke to Laura Haugh of Mummy Pages who thinks that maybe we should all be more respectful of motherhood....

    Charlie Chawke

    Charlie Chawke is in all today’s papers because of comments that he made about Irish people working in his pubs – Charlie was on the line to clarify his comments....

    I Know Stuff

    Today Callum age 11 from Kildare knew lots of stuff....

    Monday 29th September

    David Coleman

    David Coleman was in studio with advice for parents - Today there were some interesting questions about children fearing death

    Blue Zoo

    Sophie O'Loughlin Kennedy told Ryan about her time in Australia rescuing dolphins and other marine life as part of the Blue Zoo series on RTE 2

    Sharing a Bed

    Lucy Wolff spoke to Ryan about sharing a bed with your partner, and how it could affect your sleep, life and health.

    I Know Stuff

    Today John from Kildare proved that he knows stuff....

    Friday 26th September

    Alisha Jordan - Attacked In New York

    Alisha Jordan, 22 yearold from Meath joined Ryan this morning about playing in the All-Ireland Ladies Junior Football Championship final this Sunday in Croke Park. The death of her father and an brutal attack in New York

    I Know Stuff Quiz

    Ryan speaks to Emily for I know Stuff Quiz, the nine year old is well able for the quiz.

    Thursday 25th September

    Reality TV Rich List

    For most of us reality TV is a guilty pleasure but while we may scoff at the hapless souls on the X-Factor peddling their tales of woe and lack of talent, most of us are secretly drawn to at least one. Maia Dunphy reminds us of those who really made it in the reality TV world.

    Dan Bilzerian

    Joe Harrington talks about the life of Dan Bilzerian, a 33 year old from Florida, who is a poker player and a social media star. He is worth over $100m and has 4.7million followers on Instagram.


    Stephen Byrne talks to Ryan about a documentary called Showrunners about the people who come up with TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Big Bang Theory. They are responsible for everything to do with the TV show from plot to promotion.

    Crossing the Road with a Buggy

    Margaret talks to Ryan about the carelessness of some parents when they are crossing the road with buggies, while trying to text or talk on their mobile.

    Wednesday 24th September

    Doggy Clinic

    Alex Petreilli chats with listeners about their dogs and problems they are experiencing. He explains how and why digging is a sign of boredom and how to stop a dog eating to fast. He also explains the best way to introduce a pet into a house if other pets are already living there.

    Fashion in Court

    Journalist Deirdre Reynolds takes a look at celebrity style in court discusses whether a smart style can swing a verdict.


    Charlie Williams talks to Taragh about the new app Cuddlr which allows people to send cuddle requests to others in their area also using the app, with whom they then meet up to cuddle with.

    MMA Fighter

    Dubliner, Aisling Daly, is one of the toughest fighters on the planet. She's also one of the stars of the new Fox TV reality series, The Ultimate Fighter in which she slugs it out with 15 other female pro-fighters.

    Tuesday 23rd September

    Dr. Nina Byrnes

    Dr. Nina Byrnes is in studio to answer listeners health questions...

    Living on the breadline

    Ryan has an email from a listener who is bringing in barely enough money to make ends meet. Working full time, her husband has been unable to find work after his business went under...


    Ryan is joined by make-up artist and one of Ireland's top hair stylists Claire Devereux who is in studio to talk listeners through all things eyebrows...

    Monday 22nd September

    Making a Will

    There's an article in today's paper saying that three out of four adults have not made a will, even though most people agree that they should have one. Ryan spoke to Jacqui who purchased a Will on Groupon a few years ago.

    One Man, Two Guvnors

    2fm's Dave Sherry was in studio to talk about “One Man, Two Guvnors”, Richard Bean’s award-winning play, which is coming to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in November. For more info visit www bordgaisenergytheatre.ie


    Ryan talks to Venetia Quick and Nicole McQuillan from RTÉ 2's brand new TV show 'Connected', which airs tonight at 10.30pm.

    Friday 19th September

    Referendum Bet

    We catch up with Derek a Scots man living in Balbriggan to see if he’s still up for the Jersey bet?

    Scottish independence referendum

    Ryan spoke to RTÉ journalist Philip Boucher Hayes who was covering the Scottish independence referendum.

    My So-Called Life

    Teen drama My So Called Life arrived on our TV screens 20 years ago this year. 2fm’s Amanda Fennelly, a teenager of the 90s and a fan of that show tells us what was so special about the American teen drama.

    Foley Workshop

    Great fun in studio this morning with Caoimhe and Jean from Ardmore Sound who create sound effects in movies.You can see them in action at the Foley Workshop in Killruddery House tomorrow www.killruddery.com

    Thursday 18th September


    Sandie and Leroy tell us who they were named after and why?

    Emily Power Smith

    Our resident sexologist Emily Power Smith joined Ryan in studio to talk about sexual health.

    Andrea Smith

    Journalist Andrea Smith joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about being a size 26 and not being bothered by it.

    Wednesday 17th September

    Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages is the ultimate rock mix-tape – jam packed with all your favourite hair rock moments from the 80s. Star, Noel Sullivan, from the West End Production of Rock of Ages chats with Ryan about working on the show.

    Guilty Pleasures

    Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure - it can be soething that makes you feel a bit bold to indulge in or something that you enjoy but you'd rather other's didn't know about. Maia Dunphy chats with Ryan about guilty pleasures.

    Beaumont Hospital

    Health Correspondant with the Irish Daily Mail, Jennifer Bray, yesterday spent a few hours in Beaumont Hospital's A&E. She chats with Ryan about the overcrowding and the lack of privacy and dignity for even the sickest of patients.

    Tuesday 16th September


    Vicki and Lauren chat with Ryan about one of the most popular video-games in history.

    Motor Neurone Disease

    John Archbold spoke to Ryan about his wife Aisling who sadly passed away in 2011 from Motor Neurone Disease .

    Sam Atwell

    After much speculation, it turns out the guy in the canteen who looked very like Kane from Home and Away, actually IS Kane from Home and Away! Yes, in real life, Sam Atwell is now a script consultant for Fair City and he dropped in to studio for a chat.

    Monday 15th September

    Excessive sweating

    Ryan read out an email from a listener who is looking for advice on how to tackle excessive sweating.

    The Sun

    Its fifty years since one of the world’s most infamous papers was published for the first time. Journalist Jonathan de Burca Butler joined Ryan on the line to tell us the history of The Sun.

    David Coleman

    David Coleman was in studio to answer listeners' parenting questions; today there were questions on dyslexia, coping with back-to-school anxiety and challenging behaviour in children.

    Friday 12th September

    Rosanna Davison

    Model Rosanna Davison was in the Roadcaster for a chat about marriage, cars and man-caves...

    Make a Wish Foundation

    Ryan spoke to Michelle from Ballina about the difference Make-a-Wish has made to her son Michael's life since his leukaemia diagnosis

    Simon Delaney

    Actor Simon Delaney was in the Roadcaster with Ryan to celebrate the start of the Cannonball Run 2014

    Thursday 11th September

    Michael Rosen

    This year sees the 25th anniversary of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, the multi-million selling author and broadcaster ; Michael Rosen, has been inspiring children for decades and in his new book, GOOD IDEAS: How to Be Your Child’s(And Your Own) Best Teacher’, he shows us how – Michael gave Ryan some of his best tips especially regarding homework

    'Freedom Tower'

    Today marks the 13th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre – New Yorkers have now become used to a new building in their skyline, that of the new tower; One World Trade Centre – Thousands will gather there today to remember the near 3000 who died 13 years ago. Mark Little has been to the new complex and he described it to Ryan

    House of Spiders

    A ‘House of Killer Spiders’ in Carlow was reported in today's papers– but was that actually the case? Kevin Cunningham of the National Exotic Animal Sanctuary was on the line to explain what actually happened in the house and to warn people about buying dangerous pets on the internet ....

    Wednesday 10th September

    Maia Dunphy - Narcissism

    We live in an era where we are told to feel as confident as we can - But how confident is too confident and how can you spot a narcissist? Maia Dunphy was in studio to discuss when the lines get blurred.....

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