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    Friday 22nd August


    A CBS drama, Scorpion: How an Irish Genius Saved the World, which is due to air in the US next month is based on the life of an Irish, former hacker, Walter O Brien, who helped catch the Boston Bomber.

    Driving Skills

    Margaret chats with Ryan about an unfortunate incident where she accidentally reversed her Mother-in-law's car into the gate while leaving the garden. Having caused €1000 worth of damage Margaret's mother in law decided that the repair costs would be Margaret's Christmas present that year.

    Dr Who

    Ryan chats with 'Whovian' Rick O Shea about the new season of Dr Who which begins tomorrow night at 7.50pm on BBC1.

    Thursday 21st August


    A question over whether anyone prays anymore led to two callers saying that while they may not be church goers anymore they still find a certain comfort in prayer....

    Conor Drum

    The words; ‘Finding a lump’ strike fear into all of us. Facing this fear and having a testicle replaced with a prosthesis, led Dublin actor and comedian; Conor Drum to realise that the other things in life that he had feared were perhaps a little less scary than he thought, and that it was time to get on with his dream of stand-up...

    Lowering Expectations

    Maia Dunphy was in studio to talk about the notion that strong beliefs and hopes about how things will pan out can be a bit much and an added pressure – Our generation may have much higher expectations than the previous generation and maybe that’s why they were happier...

    Naked House?

    In the papers today there is an opinion piece saying that middle aged parents should not be naked in front of their kids – What do you think? Do you live in a naked house?

    Wednesday 20th August

    Dog Meat

    Niamh called in to admit that while in South Korea she had tried dog-meat, but she now feels really bad about it...

    Death on the Roads- Texting and Driving

    While it has been proven to be extremely dangerous, texting and driving is something that we continue to do in this country. Ryan spoke to Ita Laffan and her brother Justin O’Sullivan about the death of their sister Jemma O’Sullivan who was killed when a lorry-driver was texting while driving and crashed into her....


    Journalist Rosemary MacCabe made a decision not to ‘bitch’ for a whole week following a realisation that she needed to change – A week of living without it has taught her that sometimes it’s better to just say nothing


    Reporter with CBS Steve Futterman was on the line to talk about the situation in Ferguson Missouri where protests and clashes with police are continuing following the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer on the 9th of August

    Tuesday 19th August

    Teodora Sutra

    Teodora Sutra is a model based in Ireland but originally from Latvia, she moved to Ireland with her mum with siblings when she was eight years old. And though she regularly returns to see her family in Latvia, her roots are firmly here. Teodora spoke about her little sister Gabriella who tragically died in a house fire last September

    Sparkling or Still?

    An e-mail questioning the health benefits of sparkling water, led to a caller suggesting that there is nothing better for a hangover than a bottle of sparkling...

    Rock of Ages

    Grace Waller was in studio to talk about 80's rock musical 'Rock of Ages' which is coming to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in September....

    Ice Bucket Challenge

    Keith and Bernard from Breakfast Republic were in studio to throw a bucket of ice-water over Ryan in aid of Motor Neuron Disease – Who do you think Ryan nominated for tomorrow?.....

    Monday 18th August

    Lamb Stew Tips

    Some suggestions from listeners on the best way to make a lamb stew

    Abortion Case

    The controversy over the early delivery by c-section after a panel of experts decided not to permit an abortion - Ryan read some of the reaction coming in

    David Coleman

    David Coleman was in studio to answer listeners’ parenting questions; today there were questions on giving condoms to your teenager, a 17 year old boy who finds it hard to talk about his feelings, and issues with sibling rivalry

    Dole Diaries

    Tobias Kirkner spent about 10 years working abroad before returning to Ireland and when he did he thought that it would be easy to ‘get on the dole’ – however he was wrong. Tobias has used his experience of signing on, which was frustrating and unexpected to write a dark comedic book called ‘The Dole Diaries’

    Friday 15th August

    Permiership Returns

    The Premiership returns on tomorrow as Man United take on Swansea. Andrew Mangan of Arseblog was in studio to give us a rundown of the new season

    Festival Ready

    This year Taragh is going to go to Electric Picnic and enjoy. Festival fanatic Pat Carthy was in studio to get Taragh ‘Festival Fit’ and give everyone tips on how to get ready and what to bring

    Consciously Re-Coupling?

    Freelance Journalist Tanya Sweeney was on the line to talk about the prospect of getting back with your ex – It seems celebs are divorcing on very amicable terms these days with holidays together; like Bruce and Kris Jenner and cinema trips for Gwyneth and Chris – But what if you end up being attracted to your ex all over again?

    Thursday 14th August

    The Importance of a Hug

    How important is a hug? Today we heard listeners views on how much it can mean to get a hug from a loved one or even from someone you didn't expect

    Back to School on a Budget

    Dave Kavanagh; Financial Consultant was in studio with advice on the expensive ‘back to school’ time of year....

    The Trials and Tribulations of a Token Pretty Girl

    25 year old Giana Ciapponi from San Francisco believes that her good looks are actually a hindrance in her life. Taragh spoke to Giana and we asked the listeners about the effect of 'looks'

    Wednesday 13th August

    Irish Tourist Assistance Service – ITAS

    Last month American tourist; Joe Sheehan, was robbed while trying to rescue a man in the Liffey. Joe was taken to the Irish Tourist Assistance Service to help him – Lisa Kennedy is the Chief Executive of the ITAS and she explained the service they provide to tourists in distress

    Emmys Versus Oscars

    On Monday the 25th August, the great and the good in the world of television are going to gather for the Emmy Awards. TV is getting bigger and bigger with stars like Matthew McConaghey and Kevin Spacey lighting up the small screen. But will an Emmy ever beat an Oscar? Amanda Fennelly was in studio to tell us more.....

    Hollywood Illustrator!

    Holly Shortall has become famous for her drawings of Kim and Kanye her latest drawings show the pair as famous Disney characters like ‘Aladdin and Jasmine’ and ‘Belle and the Beast’ – You can find out more at hollyshortall.com

    Leaving Cert Results

    Taragh spoke to Daisy and Joshua before and after they opened their Leaving Cert results this morning .......

    Tuesday 12th August

    Death of a Pet

    Taragh read an e-mail from a listener who could not get over the death of her dog – How difficult is it to get through the death of a pet?

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Dr Nina Byrnes in studio to answers listeners health questions – Today in light of the death of Robin Williams she spoke about anxiety and depression. Questions then came in involving nervousness in early pregnancy, morning sickness and miscarriages

    Big Fat Movie Quiz - Superheroes

    Today we had a superhero themed movie quiz - Do you know your superheros as well as today's contestants?

    Bonnie Tyler

    Electric Picnic goers don’t need to ‘hold out for a hero’ any longer as today, August 12th 2014, Electric Ireland, Official Energy Partner to the festival, announced that Bonnie Tyler, 80’s iconic power ballad singer will be appearing on stage at the Electric Ireland Power House on Saturday 30th August. Taragh spoke to Bonnie

    Best Beaches

    Dave Sherry was in studio to talk about the best beaches in Ireland. And listeners suggested their favourites......

    Monday 11th August

    Manners Minefield

    Clare Cullen Social Media Editor of Independent.ie was talking about modern manners – from replying to texts, bailing last minute on a night-out or being late and not being bothered about it- There’s definitely a ‘new rude’


    Tom Colton was in studio to talk about how his life as an accountant was transformed when he lost a loved one and his new book ‘Will We Ever Meet Again – A Bridge Between This World and the Next’

    Article on Women's Rugby

    An article at the weekend about the Irish women's rugby team caused controversy when it seemed to dwell on issues more to do with the players' appearance

    Friday 8th August

    Moving Home

    Sarah moved from Ireland to the US in 2010, staying there for four years. Recently she moved home to Ireland and she talks to Taragh about what it's like to be living back at home, what she misses about being away and how she finds Ireland has changed since she left.

    Fantasy Football

    Paddy McKenna explains the ins and outs of Fantasy Football. Fantasy Premier League is run by the Premier League itself and is the biggest and most popular Fantasy Football game in the world.

    Malin Head

    Ali Farren chats to Taragh about the new facilites to be built at Malin Head. The facilities include a new visitor centre, car park and toilets.

    Thursday 7th August


    Sorry is supposed to be the hardest word to say but according to one blogger, Rory John, 'sorry' is something we say all too much. Rory from showbizgeek.com thinks that we as a nation are a collective divil for apologising.

    Michaella McCollum

    Trevor Birney, Director of 'Michaella, Peru and the Drugs Run' documnetary talks to Louise about the news of Michaella's transfer from prison in Peru to a prison in Belfast.


    Some Tinder dating app users recently reposrted being matched with Mary Robinson. It was a prank instigated by the founder of private Facebook group Girl Crew Dublin, Elva Carri. She talks to Louise about the prank and about the group.

    Tuesday 5th August

    Doggy Clinic

    Alex Petrilli from King of Paws Dog Training Academy answers questions from listeners about their dogs.

    Down Syndrome

    This October will see the opening of the Down Syndrome Centre which will be Ireland's first services-led centre for people with Down Syndrome. Eoin Casey chats about how the centre will be of help to his son who has Down Syndrome.

    Peeing in Public

    Listener, Jo, talks to Louise about her views on public peeing. At a festival last year the stench of pee was so bad that Jo and her friends had to leave the venue. She tells people to use the facilities provided.

    Friday 1st August


    Conor Behan give a round-up of entertainment news from Blake Lively befriending Martha Stewart to Lily Allen not longer being a part of Bridget Jones The Musical.

    Ed Sheeran

    Dave Sherry gives a rundown of the very eagerly awaited Ed Sheeran gig which took place in RTE yesterday.

    Electric Picnic

    Blaithnaid Treacy talks about everything Electric Picnic 2014 from Tour De Picnic to the headliners, from The Salty Dog Stage to recycling cans.

    Thursday 31st July

    Friend's Partners

    Everyone has experienced disliking a close friend's boyfriend or girlfriend and most people will have at least one current friend who's partner they can't stand. Maia Dunphy talks to Louise about the troubles this brings to friendships.


    According to the man who originally came up with the term metrosexual, it's now all about the spornosexual... when sport meets porn meets sex 26 year old Tallafornia star, Marc O'Neill, chats to Louise about the spornosexual.

    Wednesday 30th July

    My Left Knee

    While taking a bootcamp exercise class, Taragh Loughrey Grant severly injured her knee. While recuperating from surgery she took a closer look at the humble knee and found a whole bunch of interesting facts about knees.

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