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    Tuesday 21st October

    One Million Dubliners

    Aoife Kelleher, director of 'One Million Dubliners' joined Ryan in studio to talk about the award-winning documentary.

    Oscar Pistorius Sentencing

    Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year. Journalist Fiona Forde joined Ryan on the line from South Africa as the news was breaking.

    Celebrity Products

    Earlier this month there was news that David Beckham is to launch his very own whiskey. We’ve already seen everything from 50 Cent’s vitamin drink to Hulk Hogan’s pasta. Michael O'Keefe, Marketing Executive with PSG knows what works and what doesn’t in the world of celebrity products and he joined Ryan on the line to tell us more...

    'I Know Stuff'

    Today Brendan Rice from Roscommon knew lots of stuff!

    Monday 20th October

    Protein Shakes

    Mike Sheridan, Senior Editor with Entertainment.ie and fitness fan joined Ryan on the line to chat about protein shakes and whether they are any benefit?


    Ryan read out an email from a listener who is going through a hard time and finding it hard to see her friends having a great time via Facebook. Kathy got in touch to say her teenage daughter gave up Facebook a couple of months ago and she has now decided to follow her lead.

    Alcohol: the anti-social lubricant

    Student Eva Short spoke to Ryan about why she has decided to give alcohol up for a month and why she is calling alcohol ‘the anti-social lubricant ‘.

    'I Know Stuff'

    Today ten year old Aoibhe Kirwan from Lemybrien, Co. Waterford knew lots of stuff!

    Friday 17th October

    Useless Beauty Products

    Hair, make-up and style expert Clare Devereux joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about useless beauty products you think you need, but you don't.

    Freezing Eggs

    Kathryn spoke to Ryan about the controversial plans by Facebook and Apple to offer their female employees funding for freezing their eggs. Kathryn, a working mother herself, finds this scenario unsettling.

    10-year-old Colm Seoighe

    Colm Seoighe is only ten but he’s been playing the guitar for years! And a video he put up on Youtube with a plea to appear on this year’s Late Late Toy Show is receiving a lot of attention. Colm joined Ryan on the line to tell us more about the song.

    Yeonmi Park

    21 year old Yeonmi Park joined Ryan in studio to talk about fleeing her country, North Korea, after seeing her friends and family tortured and killed. Yeonmi is speaking at the One Young World Summit over the next few days.

    'I Know Stuff'

    Today nine year old Jessica O'Connor from Bray, Co Wicklow knew lots of stuff!

    Thursday 16th October


    John Carmody from ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network joined Ryan on the line to discuss the release of the highly-anticipated movie, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. ARAN is urging the Irish public not to purchase real life turtles, rats or any other animal as a result of watching the film which features mock turtles and a rat.

    Overeaters Anonymous

    Peter joined Ryan in studio this morning to tell us about how he came to be a member of Overeaters Anonymous…

    Beyonce's new hairstyle

    Miriam talks to Ryan about her 4 year daughter old who has the same hair cut as Beyoncé.

    'I Know Stuff'

    Today 9 year old Ríona from Co. Westmeath knew lots of stuff!

    Wednesday 15th October

    Hasbro Toy Museum

    Fionnuala O Shea is a volunteer with the Hasbro Toy Museum and she talks about this year's Winterval Festival which includes a yellow brick road, an antique ferris wheel, penguins and a screening of Frozen.

    St John of God National School

    Ryan talks to a bunch of children from St John of God National School in Waterford and their teacher Miss Farrell.


    Ryan chats with Gerry Maguire and Jim 'Flash' Gordon who are viking enthusiasts from the Waterford Viking Re-Enactment. Gerry gives walking tours of the city and Flash is the owner of Revolution Bar located close to Viking Triangle.

    Tuesday 14th October

    Thrillkenny Zombie Festival

    Mark Staunton chats to Ryan about the Thrillkenny Zombie Festival , taking place Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th of the bank holiday weekend in the 'medi-evil' city of Kilkenny.

    Irish Conker Championships

    Eamon Dooley spoke to Ryan about The Irish Conker Championships which is taking place Sunday Oct 26th 2014 and it will be happening in Kilkenny Castle grounds.

    Lester Ryan

    Ryan chats to Lester Ryan, captain of the All Ireland champions - KILKENNY!

    'I Know Stuff'

    Chloe Anderson from Thomastown, Co.Kilkenny popped down to the parade to play 'I Know Stuff' with Ryan, winning herself a much-coveted IKS lunchbox!

    Monday 13th October

    Elayne Harrington

    Rap star Elayne Harrington from RTÉ's reality TV show 'Connected' chats to Ryan.

    David Coleman

    David Coleman was in studio to answer listeners’ parenting questions; today there were questions on social exclusion at school, childhood anxiety and Post-traumatic stress disorder in kids.

    Aoibhín Garrihy

    Actress Aoibhín Garrihy joined Ryan for a chat about filming the second series of The Fall with Jamie Dornan and the family business that is Dublin Bay Cruises.

    Angela Scanlon

    Presenter Angela Scanlon chats to Ryan about her new series “Full Frontal”.

    'I Know Stuff'

    Dylan (and his little sister Alice) popped down to play the 'I Know Stuff' quiz before heading to school this morning.

    Friday 10th October

    Ebola outbreak

    Ryan spoke to listeners who were becoming fearful of the Ebola outbreak .

    Deal or No Deal

    Ryan spoke to Theresa who brought her uncle over to 'Deal or No Deal' earlier this year to celebrate his 90th birthday.

    Eoin Macken

    Actor and author Eoin Macken joined Ryan in studio to chat about his career on US tv and his debut coming-of-age novel 'Kingdom of Scars'.

    Movies That Take On New Meaning In Adulthood

    2fm’s Amanda Fennelly dropped into studio to chat about things in movies that went over your head as a child.

    I Know Stuff

    Today Nikita McGrath from Nenagh knew lots of stuff!

    Thursday 9th October

    Addicted to Shopping

    Ever wondered why shopping is often referred to as Retail Therapy? Because for many of us, it is a therapy of sorts. There is a brief, fleeting ‘high’ when we buy something new. But when does it start to become a problem? Maia Dunphy was in studio to have a chat about compulsive buying disorder.

    Sibling Relationships

    Dr. Keith Gaynor, Senior Clinical Psychologist at Saint John of God Hospital joined Ryan in studio to discuss sibling relationships.

    I Know Stuff

    Today ten year old Oscar McGuire from Cobh knew lots of stuff!

    Wednesday 8th October

    National Science Week

    National Science Week is running from the 9th-16th of November with loads happening all over the country to inspire young minds. Hoping to be part of that inspiration is Leinster and Ireland Rugby hero Jamie Heaslip.


    Ryan talks to Katie O'Flynn who identifies as Asexual, meaning she does not experience sexual attraction for anybody. While some Asexual people still have romantic relationships, some do not, and they are known as being Aromantic.


    Ryan chats with Louis and Andrew about their struggles to get a mortgage. Now with banks looking for a 20% deposit on a house, more and more people are finding they will never get a foot on the property ladder.

    I Know Stuff

    Twins Arthur and Hugh O'Rahilly test their brains with the 'I Know Stuff' quiz.

    Tuesday 7th October

    I Married Myself

    Finding the right person to make a commitment to can take years, but it turned out that Grace Gelder had known her perfect partner all her life. She married HERSELF back in March and she joined Ryan on the line to tell us about it.

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners’ health questions on night-time pins and needles, premature menopause, toilet training, treating warts and verrucas and the myths & facts about Ringworm.

    I Know Stuff

    Today Aimee Donovan from Tallaght knew lots of stuff!

    Eva Short

    Eva Short, Trinity News journalist, joined Ryan in studio to speak about whether students should work while in college and how people portray their lives on Facebook.


    Unpredictable, up to the minute and never too far from the heart of the matter, Ryan Tubridy hears what you have to say from 9.00 - 11.00 each week day on RTE 2fm

    Monday 6th October

    Dublin Ghost Bus Tour

    Dave Sherry hopped on the Dublin Ghost Bus for a spooky tour around the city...

    I Know Stuff Quiz

    Today nine year old Audrey from Athboy, Co. Meath knew lots of stuff!

    Friday 3rd October

    Who's That Guy?

    2FM's Rick O’Shea dropped into studio to talk about a little game he plays at home on the couch called Who’s That Guy?

    Mourning on Social Media

    Orla and Brenda spoke to Ryan about how we talk about death on Social Media.

    Personal Grooming

    21 year old Anna got in touch with the show as she wanted to know if everyone nowadays goes for Brazilian waxing.

    Nikki Braterman

    Are you of an Anglo Burnese and Irish or South Asian heritage? Nikki Braterman is and she desperately needs to find other people who are in order to save her life. Nikki’s brother Mathew Pearse joined Ryan on the line to tell us more.

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