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    Wednesday 1st April

    'Match Attax' Mission

    This morning Ryan read a story from the Irish Examiner, about a young boy with special needs who was mercilessly bullied in Co Cork. Martha rang in asking if she could send ‘Match Attax’ cards to the boy as a present. We tracked down John, the owner of the local shop, to see what we could sort out!

    Louise Mc Sharry

    In August last year 2fm presenter Lousie McSharry came on to the show to talk about the fact she had just been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Last week, on Daffodil Day, she took the opportunity to let people know that she is now cancer free and on the verge of returning to work! She joined Ryan this morning to reflect on her tough year.


    For many people renting accommodation is their only option but as rent prices shoot through the roof, it can be quite competitive to find a place to call home. And after all that stress, you’re faced with the realities of renting and the politics of a house share. Michelle McMahon, editor of Her.ie, has been navigating this world for some time now.

    Game of Thrones

    The American fantasy drama television series, Game of Thrones, is heading into its fifth season. Before it is broadcast to the masses on Sky Atlantic on April 13, we sent Rua to the very first Irish Screening in the IFI last night. He gave Ryan his verdict this morning.

    I Know Stuff

    Daniel Hennessy, from Bray, took the 'I Know Stuff' Challenge today!

    Tuesday 31st March

    Dr. Nina Byrnes

    Our resident GP Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio to answer listeners' queries about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, windy tummies, Restless Leg Syndrome, Lupus, unexplained weight loss following scoliosis surgery, fertility problems and a boy with geographic tongue.

    Recovering from Anorexia & Bulimia

    Ciara Whitty from Waterford brightened up the studio this morning with her incredible outlook on life following a severe eating disorder. She remembers feeling upset over the way she looked from the age of 5! She shared her incredible story with Ryan.

    Email: We're Trying to Save for a Holiday!

    A girl emailed in overnight to ask our listeners advice. She and her boyfriend are saving for a trip to South East Asia. They are both making a conscious effort to save. However, her boyfriend has an obsession with Nike Air Max runners and insists on buying them, then questions her about her €5 Penneys Tops! Aine text in to offer her advice.

    I Know Stuff

    Alannah Brady from Co. Meath knew lots of stuff this morning!

    Monday 30th March

    Post-Baby Beauty

    A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and birth. Hair, make-up, style expert and mother Clare Devereux joined Ryan to talk about what new mothers can do to look and feel their best in those hectic few months after giving birth. Listener Sinead also rang in to share her post-baby story!

    Email: Was I Being Unreasonable?

    A mother emailed in last night to talk about an experience she had in a restaurant recently, when her baby accidentally smashed a bottle of wine. We had a pretty strong reaction to her email! Do you agree with our callers or do you think the restaurant was at fault?

    Cycle Against Suicide

    Jim Breen spoke about the Run for Cycle Against Suicide which started in the Phoenix Park today at 10am.

    I Know Stuff

    Gemma Padden from Dublin played ‘I Know Stuff’ today!

    Friday 27th March

    Tony O' Donoghue

    Ireland's crucial Euro 2016 qualifier against Poland is at the Aviva Stadium this Sunday. Tony O' Donoghue, RTE's Soccer Correspondent, joined us for a preview, and to talk about his battle with cancer.

    Lord Mayor of Dublin Councillor Christy Burke

    Lord Mayor of Dublin Councillor Christy Burke took time out of his busy schedule to pop into the chipvan to chat about his term so far, and to tell us about an extraordinary event that will take over Dublin City Centre on Easter Monday - 'Road to the Rising'.

    Elaine Crowley

    Elaine Crowley is one of Ireland's best-known faces, with her broadcasting career going from strength to strength. She joined Ryan in the chipvan to support Daffodil Day 2015.

    Talking at Gigs

    Ken Sweeney, Showbiz editor with the Irish Sun, goes to a lot of gigs. He has one gripe though.. when people talk through the concert, and don't listen to the music. Do you agree?

    Daffodil Day - Irish Cancer Society

    Mary Nevin is a night nurse with the Irish Cancer Society. She spoke to Ryan last month about the role she plays in the final days of a cancer patient's life. Today, she joined us to talk about about how you can get involved with Daffodil Day!

    I Know Stuff

    Wrestling superfan, Declan Murphy played ‘I know Stuff’ LIVE from the chipvan on Henry Street

    Thursday 26th March


    Pamela Newenham, Business Journalist with the Irish Times, joined Ryan on the phone to talk about crowdfunding initiatives like Kickstarter and Fundit.

    The Dangers of Online Gaming

    Shane Mooney is 24. He knows only too well the pitfalls of playing online games all day. He joined Ryan on the line to talk us through what happened to him, and tell us about his new business which aims to prevent others from going down a similar road.

    Celeb Deaths

    Claire, was working as a School Counsellor when Kurt Cobain died. She was called into a boys secondary school in London to help boys grieving the loss. She feels it might be safer for young people to grieve in a group.

    Zayn Reaction

    Tubridy Listeners, Angela & Colette spoke about the reaction in their homes to the news Zayn quit One Direction. Dee talks about similar hysteria when Robbie Williams left Take That.

    I Know Stuff

    This morning Dan McGuffin knew lots of stuff!

    Wednesday 25th March

    Flying the Irish Flag

    Ryan spoke to Mark who says he is proud of the irish flag, and of being Irish. He thinks Irish people should be proud too!

    Kenny Rogers (the cat)

    Audrey was listening to Samantha Goulart talking about moving to Ireland with her dog. She explained to Ryan why she brought her cat Kenny Rodgers home with her from Australia.

    My Dog & I

    Samantha Goulart is from Brazil. She forked out almost €2,400 to bring her little Chihuahua, Jimi, with her when she moved to Ireland last December. She spoke to Ryan about their expensive voyage to Ireland.

    Skin Problems

    Naomi Mackle is a GP with a specialist interest in dermatology with Adare Cosmetics Clinic and she deals with every sort of skin problem known to man on daily basis! She joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk us through common skin complaints and how we can tackle them.

    Germanwings Plane Crash

    Tony Connolly, RTE Europe Editor, spoke to Ryan with the latest details of the Germanwings plane crash. On Tuesday 24th March, a plane carrying 150 people crashed into the French Alps while enroute from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.

    I Know Stuff

    I Know Stuff with Maeve McCarthy from Navan, Co. Meath.

    Tuesday 24th March

    Fitness Smugness

    A lot of people have bought into the fitness and wellness industry in the past few years... and plenty of people have become quite smug about being fit and healthy. Ryan spoke to journalist Gabrielle Monaghan who recently wrote about the phenomenon of wellness narcissism and how it manifests itself

    The Future of Drones

    We’ve all seen the gorgeous aerial videos on Facebook and Twitter that showcase the likes of the Wild Atlantic Way. These videos are taken by cameras attached to drones. Seán Gallagher got on board the drone phenomenon a while back and he joined us today to talk about how everything, right down to our pizza deliveries might soon be winging their way to us by drone.

    I Know Stuff

    This morning Cathal Sinnott knew lots of stuff!

    Monday 23rd March

    Déjà vu

    Krzysztof got in touch with the show to say he is experiencing déjà vou up to 15 times a day.. It started back when he was seven or eight. There are no rules as to where or when it will happen..

    Losing your looks

    Ryan read out an email from a listener who is looking for advice on how do you get your confidence back when you feel you’ve lost your looks.

    Social Media as a Source

    A recent survey said that 58% of Irish journalists get their stories from social media every day. How can any of what you see on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram be reliable? What proves these stories to be accurate? RTÉ journalist Philip Boucher-Hayes joined Ryan in studio this morning to discuss the accuracy of these stories.

    David Coleman

    Child Psychologist David Coleman was in studio today and answered questions on keeping a child back a year, in Primary School, anxiety disorders in children and what to do when your teenager wants to drop out of school.

    I Know Stuff

    Will Cooper from Gorey, Co. Wexford played I Know Stuff

    Friday 20th March

    Age Gap Friendships

    Maia Dunphy joined Ryan in studio to talk about big age gaps in friendships.

    The Girl on the Train

    Ryan was joined in studio by Paula Haskins who is the author of the hugely successful crime thriller, The Girl on the Train.

    Depeche Mode Fan Night

    Ryan spoke to Monika, who is a huge Depeche Mode fan. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their album Violator, Monika is hosting a Depeche Mode fan night in Fibber Magees in Dublin, on the 30th of May.

    Almost Total Eclipse

    Ryan was in the midst of a of a partial solar eclipse on today's show and was joined by two astronomy experts, Dr Paul Dalton, an astrophysicist with the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and Val Dunne from the Irish Astronomical Society.

    I Know Stuff

    Mikaela Buckley from Co Kerry took on the 'I Know Stuff' challege today and she knew tonnes of stuff!

    Thursday 19th March

    New Cars

    Joe Rayfus is the editor of Auto Culture Ireland, the free motoring e-magazine and he joined Taragh in studio to give us the ultimate guide of Dos and Don'ts when it comes to buying a new car.

    PureResults Bootcamps

    Fitness junkie Kathryn Thomas joined Taragh in studio to talk about what she’s been up to of late and all about her brand new fitness bootcamps.

    Don't Tell the Bride

    The series Don’t Tell the Bride on RTÉ 2 is doing incredibly well this year and tonight’s episode has garnered more attention than most! Tonight we will see two Irish women Nora Dennehy and Katriona Hourihan get a civil partnership. The happy couple joined Taragh from our Cork studios to talk us through what those three weeks were like.

    The danger of liquitabs with young children

    There have been more than 700 cases of children being poisoned by liquitabs in the last three years. Lindsay got in touch with Taragh to tell her about her son, who spent two weeks in hospital after a liquitab burst on his face.

    I Know Stuff

    Emma Foley from Ballycullane, Co Wexford took on the 'I Know Stuff' challege today and she knew tonnes of stuff!

    Wednesday 18th March

    Dr Nina Byrnes

    Our resident GP Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Taragh in studio to answer listeners medical queries.

    Cotton Wool Kids - What's making Irish Parents paranoid?

    Author Stella O'Malley joined Taragh in studio to discuss the media fuelled madness of paranoid parenting and how a more relaxed attitude to raising children can lead to happier, healthier families.

    Technology Myths

    John Reilly from Theeffect.net joined Taragh to talk about the top tech-myths. He spoke about the ones that we all believe, but aren't necessarily true.

    I Know Stuff

    Anthony Wawrzyniak from Athlone, Co Westmeath took on the 'I Know Stuff' challege today and he knew tonnes of stuff!

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