The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Friday 21 February 2014

    Springsession Friday

    *Alek Soltirov - G Jam
    *Alex Bizarro - Closed Eyes [Shane Watcha Remix] (ZS014)
    *Lex Newton - Let Me In Your Heart (ER030)
    *Loulou Players & Kolombo - We Gonna Use What We Got [Sonic Future remix]
    *Robert Solheim - A Chord [End and Below Remix] (Aquavit Records)
    *matt lange - so cliche (elel131)
    *Tiger Stripes - Sisters
    *Kuba Sojka - Random Dissonance [D-knox mix]
    *Mike Humphries - Riot Funk
    *Avalon & Mad Maxx - The Ritual
    *Damage Report - No Introduction [VIP]
    *Klip & Outlaw - Leave It Alone
    *Desert Dwellers - Seeing Things [Land Switcher remix]
    *Obscene Frequenzy - Da Dogz [Geon mix] (Straight Up! STUDIGI 169)
    *Bionik Beingz - We Are Bionik [DJ JC mix] (Renegade Alien VARAR 01)
    *LOUD & DOMESTIC - Vinyl Sh!t [Terra Ferma mix] (Platipus PLATMU 81)
    *Dynamik Bass System - Robotmachine (Hardfloor Germany HF 018)
    *Chris Voro - The Zion Mainframe (Vim V.I.M.BREAKSCD 015)
    *Paul KALKBRENNER - Altes Kamuffel (Paul Kalkbrenner Musik PKM 007)
    *DUNKAN - Bella (Green House GHR 056)
    *ALLIARE - Marimba (Vode Music VODE 001)
    *Florian Meindl - Pictures [Florian Meindl club mix] (Gastspiel Germany GSPCOMP 223)
    *GAS - Ray Of Light (Cadenza Lab CAL 019)
    *Phil KIERAN - Computer Games (Phil Kieran Recordings PKRD 021)
    *Ricky INCH & JANCE - Road Rage (Spring Tube SPR 110)

    The Spring Sessions

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