The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Friday 7 February 2014

    Springsession Friday:

    *Spanky Monkey - Whisky Boys and Rock n Roll (Mighty Moog Records)
    *Andre Motta - This Is Electro
    *Paul Sirrell - What Would We
    *Abdelhak - Ibizious
    *Nitemode & Sirkus Sirkuz - Ravival
    *dantiez saunderson and john norman - Stuck In My Mind
    *Electric Rescue - Wind
    *Ganez - Rotor
    *Mental Crush - Inside Me
    *Shanti - Electronic Sympathies [Voyager remix]
    *Class A - That's Strange [Sonic Sense remix]
    *Lynx feat Newsome - Shimmy
    *Serum & Paul T - Want You Back
    *Basscatz & Balkansky - My Moon
    *DJ HAPPY SOUND - Combsome (Crazy Rabbit Recordings CRAB 927)
    *The FREESTYLERS - Falling [Stanton Warriors mix] (Rub-A-Duck RAD 075- 1)
    *Low Orbit Satellite - Shoot Them Later (Electro Music Coalition EMCDIG 015)
    *Reii - Where Am I [Phrakture mix] (Spring Tube SPRAC 018)
    *Addison Groove - I Go Boom [Doc Daneeka mix] (50 Weapons 50WEAPONSCD 15DIG 01)
    *TURNTABLE ACTOR CHLOROFORM - Never Stop (Out Of Obscure OOOEP 071)
    *Andre BUTANO & DEMIAN MULLER & MIGUEL LOBO - Gear R.P. (8 Bit Germany 8BIT 075)
    *Alex MILLENIUM - Vanilla Ninja (Zilicon 361015 4661162)
    *Sam PAGANINI - Shade [Timmo mix] (Driving Forces Recordings 912004 2333865)
    *Mr Bizz - Circle [Pig & Dan mix] (Recovery Tech RTCOMP 371)
    *NIEREICH & A BROTHERS - Trinity Test [Sven Wittekind mix] (Audio Stimulation Austria AUST 007D)
    *Ortin Cam - Walk In The Park (Elektrax Recordings ELEKCD 014)

    The Spring Sessions

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