The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 14 December 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Fri 13th

    00.00 Springsession Friday

    Last New music of 2013!

    *BaseFace - Rat Catcher [Future Funk Squad remix]
    *Turntable Actor Chloroform - 909 Disto Disco
    *Marcelo Vak - They Don't Know About
    *Broombeck - Two Faces
    *Adrian Hour - Space Bound
    *Audiodistraction Yannick Fuchs - Chaos Therory
    *DJ Deka - Mind Expander
    *Kaiserdisco - La Caballa
    *Matty - Quark [Johann Stone mix] (Analogue Is Dead)
    *Flowjob - Beware Of Clowns
    *Hypnoise - Astral Journey
    *Scott Allen Deeper Connection - Wicked Ones
    *Calyx & TeeBee - Strung Out [Calibre remix]
    *Indigo - Volta
    *Aries & Gold Dubs meets Max Powa - Separation (Sub Slayers SLAYER 027)
    *URAL 13 DIKTATORS - Laser Karaoke (Ural 13 U13NET 1)
    *SCUBA - The Hope (Hotflush Recordings HF 041D)
    *BARESKIN - Distorted Symmetry (Hypercolour HYPEDIGI 035)
    *Jochen Pash - Swing (Recovery House RHCOMP 1175)
    *RIVA STARR - Hand In Hand [Technasia mix] (Snatch! SNATCH 044)
    *Koen Groeneveld - Undaground (Toolroom TOOL 255 & 01Z)
    *Albert NOVA - My Religion (Drugstore DSR 300)
    *Carlo Cavalli & Menny Fasano - Aspadilas [minimal extended mix] (Tech You Very Much! TYVM 036)
    *DER DRITTE RAUM - Pole Position [Gran Prix version] (Der Dritte Raum DDR 009)
    *MAX VOLUME - Bicycle Forest (Audiotrix France ATXDG 7)
    *A KODA & MOONYMAN - Holley Miss Molley (Freshportmusic FRESH 268)
    *Blue Lunar Monkey & Dr Hoffman - Beyond Space & Time (GoaProductions GOA 7)

    Sat 14

    21.55 Springsession Saturday

    Xmas Special: Mark Knight Live at the Village!

    Coverage of the action at THE VILLAGE (Dublin) with Mark Knight,
    recorded live Friday 13th December 2013!

    Listen commercial & interruption free on pulse!! -

    The Spring Sessions

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