The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Friday 29 November 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Live from the Academy, Dublin, for SEEN tour with Squee & Neelix Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession 301113

    22.00 Springsession

    *Fort Knox Five - Funk 4 Peace
    *Charli XCX - Superlove [Canblaster Remix] (Asylum)
    *John Gibbons presents Guy Ekko - L.R.A.D. [MickMag & JustBob Remix] (CEC02)
    *will atkinson pres darkboy - damage (prflu042)
    *tom jame vs robin riccio - guerilla (crn001)
    *caolan lavelle - supercharged (trcr034)
    *Ricardo Ban - A Second Chance
    *Bruce Cullen - 4 Sheets To The Wind [Danilo Ercole Remix] (FRA203)
    *Axial Tilt - Obliquity
    *Black Sun Empire - Breach [The Upbeats remix]
    *Random Movement Jaybee - Say
    *Genetix - Bandicoot
    *Jules Und Jazper - Lake Point
    *AN BEAT - Are You Sexy (Moustache Label ML 032)
    *Paolo BARBATO - Get Up Everybody [Lauer & Canard & Max Williams mix] (Mjuzieek Digital MJUZIEEK 161
    *RETROPHOBIA feat SAM BUTTERY - Basement [Hoxton Whores dub] (Fetch FETCH 06)
    *Stephan CROWN - Primitive Sensation (Diabolica 100657 90)
    *James DELATO - UFOs Dancer [CutBox mix] (Minimal Stuff MSF 075)
    *FUNKWERKSTATT - Flashmatic [Thomas Lizzara mix] (Superfancy Digital Affairs SDA 03)
    *ALAIN DIAMOND & LIBEX - Kamboj (Shibiza Recordings SHBZ 021)
    *GLITTER - The Village (Punch Underground PU 178)
    *ANALOG SHIFT - Dynamite Kick (NuZone Gears NZG 156)
    *Earthling & Touch Tone - Dial 8 [GMS mix] (Zero One ZOMCD 004)
    *David Amo & Julio Navas & D-Nox & Beckers - I'm A SuperHero [dub mix] (Drop Down 100645 59)

    The Spring Sessions

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