The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 26 October 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession Saturday 261013

    *The Brainkiller - As Ice
    *601 - Pixilate
    *Ticon - 1987 [Riktam & Bansi remix]
    *Pop Art - Scent Of A Woman [Dominant Space remix]
    *arctic quest & signum - second wave [sied van riel remix]
    *suspect 44 - amazing (trcr030)
    *Davol - Prozac (GGR089)
    *Rafael Osmo & Hezi Rachmani - November (GGR088)
    *Arhetium - Time Has Come (Hearken)
    *orjan nilsen - fingerling fable (imo001)
    *Zyce - Apollo 13
    *Klute - Turnaround
    *Hoogs - Soil Fragments
    *Bukez Finezt - Midnight Madness
    *Andy Nevell - The Power [DJ PP mix] (Shute SHUTE 033)
    *CORPORATION MUSHROOMS - Lick My Back (Zmey ZMR 040)
    *YVES MURASCA feat AXEL B - Space Trip [Ruben Alvarez mix] (Deepalma DPLM 008)
    *Tete Hernandez & Javi Place - Zen [Platinum Monkey mix] (LW Recordings LWADE 1307)
    *Johan Wedel - He He (Tech You Very Much! TYVM 028)
    *Marquez Ill - All It Takes [Ditto vox mix] (Tretmuehle TRETCOMP 172)
    *BOOLIE MASSIVE - Bass In My Hear (People Tech PTR 065)
    *Hoxton Whores - Apollo (Tech You Very Much! TYVM 028)
    *Gunnar Stiller - Open You [Layo & Bushwacka mix] (Recovery Tech RTCOMP 335)
    *ANDREEW - Hot Brick (Massive Duck MDR 143)
    *G-7 Proyect - You (LW Recordings LWADE 1307)




    The Spring Sessions

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