The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 5 October 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession Fri 4/Sat 5 Oct

    *Diego Hernandez - Jack The House

    *Curver - Simple (Chris Gould remix)

    *Deep Lark - Dont Stop Original Mix

    *Nathan Barato - Back Up Queen (feat The Ride Committee & Roxy)

    *Cristian Moxt - One Is One

    *Cristian Arango - Like This

    *Michael Boldwell ft. T'Amore - Intenser (Original Mix)

    *Sr AlexSnakes - Shaker (original mix)

    *Alfonso Sanchez - Acid Training (John Rowe remix)

    *Deviant Species & Scorb - Gargoyle

    *Hallucinator - Violent Content

    *North Base - Mobster

    *Jubei - Rufige 11

    *Emperor - Soundboy

    *BEAST MODE ENGAGED - You Are Here (Crazy Rabbit Recordings CRAB 894)

    *Joe C - Monster (Ground Level UK GL 070)

    *Andy FAZE - Mind In Motion [Parallax Breakz mix] (Rune Recordings RUNE 040)

    *Romplex - Basstroyer (Bass Agenda Recordings BAR 001)

    *Pl_anet - I Am A Robot (Bass Agenda Recordings BAR 001)

    *Manuel De La Mare - Sunset (iFrominal IF 090)

    *Nick Curly - When The Wild Horse (Cocoon Germany COR 12100DIGITALX)

    *Agoria - Scala (Innervisions Germany IV 46)

    *SOULFUSION - Word Up (Medikal MED 002)

    *Adam SHIELDS - Wonderful Meaning (Snap House SH 011)

    *Fm Radio Gods - I Am Lutzenkirchen mix] (iFrominal IF 090)



    The Spring Sessions

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