The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 21 September 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession Friday (00.00-02.00)

    *Gai Barone - Lullaby [Airwave Remix] (Bonzai Progressive)

    *Taho - Eternhae (Lumina)

    *Tom Middleton - Goda Cee Yuu [Dub Mix] (Anjunadeep)

    *The Juan Maclean - Feel Like Movin

    *Unique 3 - Feels All Good

    *Gize - Swinging Deep [Nino Mora Remix] (324 Records)

    *Cosmic Cowboys - Deep Is A Message

    *Arek Zagdan - Hook Em Up [James O Hooked Up remix]

    *Distek - Morocco [Homma Honganji remix]

    *K.N. & Cydeborad - Sublime (SUBCULTEP67)

    *Withecker - Back To The Old Skool

    *Amc - New Life

    *G Jones - Zig Zak

    *Loxy and ReSound - Conqueror X

    *ELECTROCORE - Stellar Burst (Sound Factory 380015 2062799)

    *UNI-MATE - Transmission (Microciudad MCR 04)

    *BAD TASTE - You Rip [Kwah mix] (Scarcity SCAR 62)


    *Armando VAZQUEZ & CORY FRIESENHAN - In Good Side (Circus Night CNR 047)

    *INNER CITY - Good Life [Matt Smallwood mix] (KMS KMS 128)

    *Kevin WITT - Rock 'N Roll [Piatto mix] (TK TKR 033)

    *TIGA vs AUDION - Let's Go Dancing (Turbo Canada TURBO 153A)

    *Christian SMITH - Transition [Pig & Dan mix] (Tronic TR 119)

    *KLIMENT - See The Fear (Zenon Australia ZENCD 046)

    Springsession Saturday (21.55-23.55)

    *Ellissentials & BL1TZ - Like This Like That [BL1TZ remix]

    *Claus Backslash - Empire (Fraction)

    *Adapt or die - Show No Mercy

    *Suara106 Taras van de Voorde - Chasing Autumn

    *three drives - greece 2000 [matt davey remix] (arvs046)

    *arisen flame - gladius (asot230)

    *Collapse - Reset N React

    *Joint Operations Centre - Bowzer

    *Norgzki - Lose It! (Electrik Shandy White)

    *ManMadeMan - Ooze [Gnomes Of Kush remix]

    *Lapo T Kay - I & I

    *A2C - Ou Yeah

    *Deafblind - My Salvation (feat Living Proof

    *DARPA - Renekton 13 [Hystericmaniak mix] (Shout 100584 74)

    *Dantiez SAUNDERSON - Dustrializm (Aerotek Recordings AERO 010)

    *DISCO & BASS - MILY (We Most Recordings WM 157)

    *JEPY JEY - DLS [Kon Up mix] (JJ JJR 245)

    *Hard Plex - Mike Phrases (Syringe SGR 053)

    *Abel NESIAN - Oh! It's Calling! [ALexander Reyes mix] Massive Duck MDR 134)

    *Peal Steph - Shut Up [Claudio Colbert mix] (Syringe SGR 053)

    *TURBO TURBO - Saturate (GND Organisation GN 056)

    *Man Machine - Motley Bomb (Ovnimoon Germany OVNICD 064)

    *Hyperflex - Made Of Light (Mosaico MSCR 018)

    *JIMMY VAN M & AFFKT feat LUXOR T - Lucid (Bedrock BEDDIGI 37)

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