The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 7 September 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession Friday 6th/Saturday 7th September 2013

    *Cut La Roc - Don't Knock The Roc
    *Unique 3 - feels all good
    *DTC - Tangled Webs MASTER
    *Indian Summer - Foreign Formula (Cosmo's Midnight remix)
    *S-File - Modulate (Original Mix)
    *J Tijn - U U U
    *Fokus Group - Mucky Crack Funk
    *Wyrus & Mario Montero - From Ashes To Ashes (Men At War remix)
    *Garett White - Technical Vibrations
    *Twilight & Shake - Undergroove
    *Msdos Malaky - Autumn Leaves
    *Fourward - Sewer Run
    *The Aliens Uk - Alien Attack
    *GEON - Live Plastic (Acida AR 030)
    *PHAZE - Generator (Philosophy PHIL 035)
    *KORRUPTED BROTHERS - Ebreathe (Mars Frequency MARS 013)
    *AMBIVALENT & MICHAEL L PENMAN - Memogram (Ovum US OVM-232)
    *Tapesh - Gotta Blast (Bitten Holland BITT 039)
    *SOLEE - Sommerliebe [Eelke Kleijn mix] (Parquet Germany PARQUET 064)
    *Danny OCEAN - Mean Trip (Opilec Music OPCMLTDCD 009)
    *Radhad - The Wall (Dystopian DYSTOPIAN 004)
    *Leadsquid - Evenings (LW Recordings LWGTES 10)
    *Nader Razdar - The Hero (Factomania Digital FMDIG 029)
    *Peppelino - Bad Girls [Peppelino rework] (Sonic Convergence SC 15)



    The Spring Sessions

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