The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    Springsession Friday 12/Sat 13 July 2013

    *Marten & Pavel Petrov - What You Do
    *Signal-Corps - Lossless (DCX404)
    *Brisboys - Take Me Down (Suro Records)
    *Extrano - Take Control
    *Christian Smith & Wehbba - Second Life (Tronic)
    *Dantiez Saunderson - Cant Stop Us
    *Menorah - Nebula (CLAN07)
    *Airwave & DJ Fire - Kabalash [Van Bellen Remix] (Bonzai Progressive)
    *Clueless - Heart Throbs
    *Truth - Mirage
    *Psychofreud - Come Test The Champion
    *Congo Natty - UK Allstars [Congo Natty Meets Benny Page mix]
    *Chapta - This Wan
    *Ali Kay - Hal 9000
    *ALT A - Half Way There (Music Dark MDR 034)
    *BELLA - WORK (Digital DR 434)
    *CRAIG MAC - Lolli (Shameless Toady TOAD 015D)
    *MICROCONTROLUNIT - Dimension 1 [Artificial Humans vs Gigabots mix] (Zero One Music ZERO 1008)
    *DAKOTA SOUL - Tuning In To Those Faraway Sounds (Waxadisc WAXA 003)
    *SNOOK - Collective EP (Broken Robot BRR 035)
    *ABE DUQUE - Disco Lights (Abe Duque ADR 07)
    *Nino BUA - We Must Believe [Jeremy Juno mix] (TechTribal TTR 004)
    *David Square - Chicken Trip (Flappers FLA 083)
    *Marco ZENKER - Shimmer (Ilian Tape IT 019)
    *Lex GORRIE - Bad Apple [Loco & Jam mix] (Analytic Trail 800391 2201185)
    *Julian JEWEIL- Don't Think (Minus Canada MINUSMAX 5)

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    The Spring Sessions

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