The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Friday 5 July 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession Friday 5th July 2013

    *The Breakbeat Junkie - Never Dug Disco

    *Dr Feelx vs Devid Morrison - Im a DJ [Percussion Mix] (TSP060)

    *Alex Aglieri & Franco Rossini - Rio Mas

    *Mario Conte - Indulgence [Fabio Spzz Remix] (Menomale Music)

    *Cropper - Drift

    *Manu Riga & Nico Parisi - Reborn [Audio Noir Rennaisance Remix] (Bonzai Progressive)

    *Sixsense - Magical Dreams

    *David Moleon & Reaky & Dito Masats - Lol

    *Marcio M - Spacefunk (SUBCULTEP65)

    *Wilcox - Afterlife

    *Champion Breaks - Music For Drugs

    *DJ DBN - Boom! Shake-Shake-Shake The Room

    *Danny Byrd - 4th Dimension

    *Enei - Liberation

    *Mage - Moving In Transit

    *Blynk - Landscapes

    *FORUFREEZER - Says Head! [Aleksey Electronic mix] (Vim V.I.M.BREAKSSPECIALEDITION 13)

    *JDS - Dirty Funk (Thursday Club RENNCD 013)

    *KOLSCH - Bappedekkel (Kompakt Germany KOMPAKTCD 107)

    *Damir LUDVIG - Lemon Twist (Hadshot Haheizar Germany HADSH 096)

    *Hawie & Pete Frost - Right Now (Eye EYE 168)

    *KYRILL & REDFORD - Wait (Burlesque BUR 013)

    *ATESH K - Crossing The Line (Regular Beats Recordings RB 021)

    *Pig & Dan - Babylon (Recovery Tech RTCOMP 291)

    *A HVICH & SYNC THERAPY - Gorde [Mikael Pfeiffer re-form] (Heavy Snatch HSRBP 003)

    *Macromism - News From Barcelona (Ministry Of Sound MOSE 303)


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