The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 18 May 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession Friday 17 May 2013


    *Junky Sound BBK - Get My [F-Word remix]

    *CutWires - Dont Talk

    *A Skomoroh Pale Hourse - Death

    *Adrian Hour - She

    *Ken Rok - Vintage Mystery [Emiliano Pompili Remix] (Menomale Records)

    *Inland Knights - Speak Hip [Demarkus Lewis Warp Speed remix]

    *Colin Dale - The Lord [Jules Dickens Rework]

    *Chewy Martins - Veronica

    *Energun - Space Hunter

    *Cortex - Mother Earth

    *100me - Ok Lets Get Serious

    *Chaos Order - Logan's Mind

    *Kial - Konstruct 9

    *Attaboy - Keep It Warm

    *Rex The Dog - Bonn (Southern Fried ECB 365JX)

    *Alexey KOTLYAR - Delicious (Neptuun City NEPTN 097)

    *A2C - Kick & Bass (Pandora Box PBR 032)

    *ODYSSEUS - Hit It Again (Moda Black MB 012BP)

    *Tom ROWLANDS - Through Me (Phantasy Sound 505545 3688454)

    *16 MILLION DOLLAR MAN - Second Choice (Alola ALOLP 011)

    *4 DA PEOPLE - The Walk (Grey City GCR 32)

    *ROBERTO - Contemplation Zone (Affin AFFIN 138)

    *HRKY - Five (Underground Gallery Japan MWZD-003)

    *Sutter Cane - Aurora (MB Elektronics MBE 105)

    *Kirk Degiorgio - Membrane (Planet E US PLE 653163)

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