The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Fri 12 / Sat 13 April 2013

    Springsession Fri 12 / Sat 13 April

    Friday 12th:

    *Adsorb - Machine Men (TC008)

    *Fred Licci & Denis Capizzi - Greenpuma (Electrophil Records)

    *Sandro Atzeni - Let The Music play

    *Andre Sobota - Blue

    *Mario Ranieri - Freude Am Leben [Balthazar & Jackrock remix]

    *02 Accel Art - Basic Instinct [Sexy Mix]

    *Heiko Laux Diego Hostettler - Relentless [Diego Hostettler mix]

    *Goncalo M - Against All

    *Aka Carl Kev D - Breaking Out Of The Box

    *Mash Manson - Time Of The War

    *Hybris - Understand Now

    *Actraiser - Sky Islands

    *Breakage - Losing Trac

    *SUBSCAPE - Cant Go On (Dub Police DP 088)

    *MORPHOGENETIC - Techno Bass Is Back [Sbles3plex mix] (Zero One Music ZERO 1006)

    *RADIONASTY - Clave To The Rhythm [Transparent Sound mix] (Electrix Recordings ELECTRIX 001)

    *Robert HOOD - Drive [@ [Phase] C box mix] (Music Man Belgium MM 165D)

    *Laurent GARNIER - Jacques In The Box [Chicago Bordelo mix] (Ed Banger France 42581)

    *Max Cooper & Nicolas Bougaieff - Ellipse (Traum Germany TRAUM V162)

    *Oliver LIEB - Rack To The Boots (Parquet Germany PARQUET 056)

    *VILENCE & VLAD HOOK - Room 78 [2Loud mix] (5stars Techno THN 006)

    *Dax J - New Beginnings (Affin AFFIN 007LTD)

    *Gayle SAN - The Piercer (GSR GSR 09)

    *DJ Hi Shock - Carpathian Acid (LW Recordings LWWAT 03)


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    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    The Spring Sessions

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