The Late Night Sessions

    Saturday, Sunday, 2am - 5am

    The Late Night Sessions Sunday 6 October 2013


    The Late Night Sessions

    2fm's weekly dance sequence.

    Late Night Sessions 4/5/6 October 2013

    Fri 4/Sat 5


    22.00 Corsten's Countdown #327

    01. Adrian Lux & Marcus Schössow feat. JJ - Wild Child (Extended Mix) [Ultra Records]

    02. Ashley Wallbridge - Africa (Original Mix) [Le7els]

    03. Enzo Darren - Nola (Original Mix) [Flashover Progressive House]

    04. Las Salinas - Bada Bing (Daniel Garrick Remix) [Vandit]

    05. Venom One feat. Adina Butar - Crashed & Burned (Markus Schulz Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]

    06. Beat Service - Arcade (Original Mix) [Beat Service Audio]

    07. Orjan Nilsen - Black Mamba [Octavius Records] [Listener's Choice]


    08. Cosmic Gate - So Get Up [Wake Your Mind] [#3]

    09. Bobina & Ana Criado - For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix) [Magik Muzik] [#2]

    10. Ferry Corsten ft Jenny Wahlstrom - Many Ways (Original Extended) [Flashover Recordings] [#1]


    23.00 Mainstage #174

    01. Zedd ft Hayley Williams - Stay The Night

    02. Smash of the Week: Rick Mitchells - Rockin Steady

    03. Most Wanted: Twoloud - Big Bang

    04. MoTi - Heat It Up

    05. DJ DLG - Beyond Horizon

    06. Andy Moor - Story Of My Life (David Gravell Remix)

    07. Chase & Status - Count On Me (Steve Angello Remix)

    08. Wolfgang Gartner & Tommy Trash - Hounds Of Hell

    09. Ansol - Mandala

    10. The Partysquad & Mitchell Niemeyer - #PantsDown

    11. Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson, Peter Johansson - Echoes (WeSmile Remix)

    12. JDG - Indigo

    13. Andy Duguid featuring Jaren - 7even (Mark Sixma Remix)

    14. Beat Service - Arcade

    15. Edu pres. Eldar - Rain

    16. Hardwell & W&W - Jumper (Riggi & Piros Remix)

    17. Wildstylez & Max Enforcer - Lose Control (feat Frankie McCoy)

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    00.00 Springsession Friday

    *Diego Hernandez - Jack The House

    *Curver - Simple (Chris Gould remix)

    *Deep Lark - Dont Stop Original Mix

    *Nathan Barato - Back Up Queen (feat The Ride Committee & Roxy)

    *Cristian Moxt - One Is One

    *Cristian Arango - Like This

    *Michael Boldwell ft. T'Amore - Intenser (Original Mix)

    *Sr AlexSnakes - Shaker (original mix)

    *Alfonso Sanchez - Acid Training (John Rowe remix)

    *Deviant Species & Scorb - Gargoyle

    *Hallucinator - Violent Content

    *North Base - Mobster

    *Jubei - Rufige 11

    *Emperor - Soundboy

    *BEAST MODE ENGAGED - You Are Here (Crazy Rabbit Recordings CRAB 894)

    *Joe C - Monster (Ground Level UK GL 070)

    *Andy FAZE - Mind In Motion [Parallax Breakz mix] (Rune Recordings RUNE 040)

    *Romplex - Basstroyer (Bass Agenda Recordings BAR 001)

    *Pl_anet - I Am A Robot (Bass Agenda Recordings BAR 001)

    *Manuel De La Mare - Sunset (iFrominal IF 090)

    *Nick Curly - When The Wild Horse (Cocoon Germany COR 12100DIGITALX)

    *Agoria - Scala (Innervisions Germany IV 46)

    *SOULFUSION - Word Up (Medikal MED 002)

    *Adam SHIELDS - Wonderful Meaning (Snap House SH 011)

    *Fm Radio Gods - I Am Lutzenkirchen mix] (iFrominal IF 090)


    02.00 L.A.W.

    1. Philip Kipptan – Blofi ( Fluxus Records)

    2. Takaai Itoh - Dusker (Modularz)

    3. Operator – Fearless (Audio Assault)

    4. Danny Smith – Tazered Trying (Clutch Trax)


    6. AnD – ADBF (Black Sun Records)

    7. Reeko – Electrica Phenomena (Pole Group)

    8. Mick Finesse – They Sex Machines (Perc Trax)

    9. Repressor – On The Floor / Bjoern Torwelle Remix (Nachstrom Schallplatten)

    10. L.A.W. – Sporadicus (Decoy Records)

    11. Cave DJz- Orbit

    12. Brian Burger – Clust Alert / Sync Therapy Remix) (Heavy Snatch Records)

    13. Donato Dozzy – 200.3 ( Records)

    14. Christian Wunnsh – Sleep Cell (Pole Group)

    15. Randomer – No Hook / J.Tijn Remix (Turbo Recordings)

    16. L.A.W. – Everest (Decoy Records)

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    03.00 CLR

    Feat: Tommy Four Seven

    This time CLR have Tommy Four Seven Making the sounds. His excellent production skills and characteristic trademark style can not only be found in numerous memorable original productions, but also in his much acclaimed remixes and collaborations. His latest venture is a co-operation with Alain, of the respected One Million Mangos mastering studio in Berlin and is called THESE HIDDEN HAND. Through Hidden Hundred - the creative platform and outlet they’ve constructed for themselves – they are set to release their highly anticipated, self-titled debut album, a project that epitomises the intuitive approach Tommy has taken towards his work thus far. He is not only an inspiring producer and sound designer, but also an internationally demanded DJ. Since relocating from London in 2008, he has gone on to position himself as a core CLR member, using his own studio in an industrial sector of the city as a base from which to craft the acutely visceral Techno sound he calls his own.


    01. Marcel Dettmann / Seduction feat. Emika

    02. Unklone / Grit 555

    03. Samuli Kemppi / Calling

    04. PVS / Parallel (Kwartz Remix)

    05. Zadig / Mode 40

    06. Untold / Glare

    07. Talismann / Neptune

    08. Clouds / Complete Control

    09. Etapp Kyle / Aurora

    10. Rrose / The Stare

    11. Tunnel / Through The Noise Field (Steve Stoll Proper NYC Mix)

    12. Sawf / Menete (Yuji Kondo Remix)

    13. Paula Temple / Cloned

    14. Subjected / 005.7 (Developer Remix)

    15. Clouds / Chained To A Dead Camel

    16. Ritzi Lee / Utility 2

    17. Ancient Methods / Dämmerung der Parhelia

    18. Drumcell / Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)

    19. These Hidden Hands / When Told

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    04.00 Psychonavigation

    1. Derek Carr – The Windmill [Psychonavigation Records]

    2. Miss Silencio & Dr.Atmo – Moony [Psychonavigation Records]

    3. Sense – The Dream [Psychonavigation Records]

    4. Geisha – I thought If I Continued This Way I Wouldn't Be Able To Stop'

    5. Off Land – Wait [Psychonavigation Records]

    6. Lorenzo Montana – Dew Flow [Psychonavigation Records]

    7. Mick Chillage – Hypothermia (Lorenzo Montana Remix) [Psychonavigation


    8. Samora – Who Knows (Indubba Remix) [Psychonavigation Records]

    9. Murya – More Light [Psychonavigation Records]

    10. Ciaran Byrne – Let Down Lee [Psychonavigation Records]

    11. Ciaran Byrne – Goodbye John, Goodbye Bella [Psychonavigation Records]

    12. Shammen Delly – Tullan Strand [Psychonavigation Records]

    13. The Living Room (Orlando Voorn) – Anti-Political [Psychonavigation


    14. The Living Room (Orlando Voorn) – Silent Protest [Psychonavigation


    15. Derek Carr – Martian Lander [Psychonavigation Records]

    Check the Latest Psychonavigation release 'PSY071 Ben Bix - All Of The Variations At Once'

    here :


    Sat 5/Sun 6


    00.00 White Noise #406

    Bakalov D - Iskazhenie

    Delectro - Mist

    Housemeister & Dave Tarrida - You Gonna Dig this

    Pfirter - Crash

    Clouds - Complete Control

    Miki Craven - Fat Shaper (Al Ferox Remix)

    SCNTST - Basement Structure

    Claudio Mate - Daphne Love

    Oliver Kapp - Licentious (Fabrice Lig's Year 94 Rework)

    Pig & Dan - Eagles From Space (Detroit Grand Pubahs Remix)

    David Meiser - Rising Entropy

    Ben Sims - Raw Hide

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    01.00 Sunil Sharpe

    Sunil returns this month with a full on mix-up of old and new in hour one. In hour two he introduces dualit for a guest mix. Dualit are Mascon and Oliver Rosemann, whose debut ep on Earwiggle (due out this month) has already been gaining widespread support amongst many of techno's key djs. For their mix tonight they include tracks by Ancient Methods, Surgeon and Dasha Rush, as well as many forthcoming tracks of their own.

    Face Their book:



    03.00 CLR

    Feat: Chris Liebing Live in Berlin

    This time CLR present part of a nine hours long live set, which Chris Liebing played at one of his recent gigs in Berlin as a special treat. Get the Podcast for a special 3-hour bonus selection from this set:


    04.00 Solid Steel

    This time: Dj Food

    Do Food's Cloud:

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