The Late Night Sessions

    Saturday, Sunday, 2am - 5am

    The Late Night Sessions Sunday 14 July 2013


    The Late Night Sessions

    2fm's weekly dance sequence.

    Sat 13/Sun 14

    21.55 Springsession Saturday

    *Jon Celius - Practice [Vanilla Ace Remix] (UA03)

    *Affani - The Katt

    *The Clan McMash & Million Dan - Dr Pill

    *Cim Era - Crescendo

    *orjan nilsen - xiing (armd1157)

    *skytech - the other side (spc139)

    *Adam Ellis - Napalm Poet [Angry Man Remix] (KR017)

    *Lyctum - Exodus [Arhetip remix]

    *Chain Reaction - Plasma Generator

    *Sunny Crimea - Closer

    *Floorplan - Baby, Baby

    *AS Project - Mykonos Party [tekno progressive version]

    *Edelstahl - Attack

    *Julian JEWEIL- Don't Think (Minus Canada MINUSMAX 5)

    *PAPPENHEIMER & LINUS QUICK - Life Supporter [Syntec mix] (Abstract Germany ABSTRACT 039)

    *Chris Hope & Andre Walter - Sonax (Audiotools AT 013-4)

    *Alex GERALEAD - Overload (Free Spirit FSR 52)

    *BAGAGEE VIPHEX13 - Funk Rush (Sabotage US SBTG 033)

    *DR GAP - Bunker (Ilisho ILI 173)

    *Slark - Step On The Gas (Big Punch BPR 045)

    *BALTHAZAR & JACKROCK & GITECH - Continuum (Beast Factory BFY 010)

    *David Moleon - Hypnotic Summer (Red Ribbon REDRIBBON_COMPILATION_003)

    *GHOST RIDER - Complextro (Blue Tunes Austria BTR CD 047)

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    00.00 White Noise #394

    Sequent - Wriezen

    Egor Boss - Prism

    Madben & Yann - Neighbours

    Kirk Degiorgio - Rocinha

    Pär Grindvik - Abyme

    Jeroen Search - The Future Is Ours

    Developer - Random Attractions

    Victor Santana - Helmantica (Orlando Voorn Rmx)

    Trust the Machine - Klang

    Inigo Kennedy - Emitter

    Angel Alanis - Dusty (Submerge Remix)

    De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - De Formule (Mr. Jones Pit Stop Mix)

    Charlton - Chaotic Behaviour

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    01.00 Sunil Sharpe

    With Sunil lounging around in sunny climes, DVNT aka Mike Darkfloor takes over this month for a special edition of his Mantis Radio show recorded for 2FM. A longtime platform to a diverse range of music and artists, Mantis has become essential listening for those who crave the more daring sounds of the underground. This month DVNT welcomes on Rodz-Konez mainstays Death Abyss for an interview and features a guest mix from Manchester industrialist Casual Violence. New music from Unsubscribe, Shelley Parker, David Lynch, Tipper and more, as well as new material on Perc Trax, Mord and others.




    David Lynch - Star Dream Girl [Sacred Bones Records]

    These Hidden Hands - Ivy (Vatican Shadow remix) [Hidden Hundred]

    Lewis Fautzi, Nuklear Default - Sinister [Soma Records]

    Minimum Syndicat - HARFANG (Exium remix) [Pareto Park]

    Frank Bretschneider - machine.gun [Raster Noton]

    Carl Finlow - Hashtag (C Mantle remix) [Electrix]

    NHK - Mogra [Important Records]

    Ancient Methods - Knights + Bishops [Ancient Methods]

    Corax - Anamnesis [Rodz Konez]

    Astronomical Telegram - Near - Heart Object (Dead Sound + Videohead remix) [Reaktivate]

    Mike Parker - Lustration Six [Prologue]

    House of Black Lanterns - Broken (_Unsubscribe_ remix) [Houndstooth]

    Paul Woolford - Overload [Hotflush]

    Gantz - U Wont Mind (Thelem remix) [Blackbox]

    Alan Johnson - Goron Sound [Blank Mind Records]

    Radial - 1980 [Mord]

    Savagen - Save A Generation of Infadels [unreleased]


    Death Abyss - Morality Is a Handicap [Rodz Konez]

    Death Abyss - Come As A Reaper For Thus You Will Sow [Rodz Konez]

    Death Abyss - Control Dissent Isolate The Thinkers [Rodz Konez]



    Casual Violence - Unexpected Grace (Version) [unreleased]

    Iron Fist Of The Sun - Grown Under Ice [Cold Spring]

    Samuel Kerridge - Waiting For Love Part 3 [Downwards]

    Derlich - Radioactivity [Singularity]

    Casual Violence - Self (Element Abuse remix) [Brume Records]

    Svreca - Seda Muerta (Female remix) [Semantica]

    Polar Inertia - Black Sun (Abdulla Rashim remix) [D3mented]

    AnD - Making Circles (Svreca remix) [Repitch]

    Stanislav Tolkachev - Blue Mood [Aftertaste]

    Planetary Assault Systems - Surface Noise [Peacefrog]

    Lapse - Variant E [unreleased]

    Ajtim - Notime (Svreca remix) [Ensydan]

    Lapse - Moiety [unreleased]

    Voices From The Lake - Reptilicus [Geophone]

    Mike Parker - Mnajdra (Shifted remix) [Geophone]

    The Vision - Detroit: One Circle [Metroplex]

    Edit-Select - Bauer [Ostgut Ton]

    Modus - Operation II [unreleased]

    I-F - Spiegelbeeld [Disko B]

    Samuel Kerridge - Waiting For Love Part 2 [Downwards]

    Celluloid Mata - Barbarous Coast [Ant-Zen]

    ?ò (Mika Vainio) - Radio [S?§hk?? Recordings]

    Oureboros - Portent [Ant Zen]

    SleepResearch_Facility - A-Deck [Cold Spring]


    03.00 CLR

    This time CLR has Audio Injection in the frame. David Flores, the man behind this moniker is actually one of the most prolific characters in the North American Techno scene. Apart from Audio Injection he also creates cutting edge electronic music under the name Truncate, focussing on the deeper, more raw side of Techno. Being associated with the L.A. based event production group Droid Behavior since 2003, you can find him as a resident at the infamous Interface warehouse events as well as a regular producer for Droid Recordings. Over the years his music has gained worldwide attention and has made it onto the playlists of many big players, which eventually led him to gigs at some of the worlds biggest clubs including Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London. He is also now regularly touring all over the world in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Central & South America, all throughout Europe and the U.S.A. Chris Liebing is one of the most faithful supporters of his music and has mentioned on various occasions that the amount of Audio Injection and Truncate tracks in his sets often sums up to almost a quarter of his entire gig.

    04.00 Solid Steel

    This time: DK

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