The Late Night Sessions

    Saturday, Sunday, 2am - 5am

    The Late Night Sessions Sunday 9 June 2013


    The Late Night Sessions

    2fm's weekly dance sequence.

    Late Night Sessions Sat 8/Sun 9

    00.00 WhiteNoise #389

    Erphun - Caged Lust

    Manuel Pisu - Paranormal (Sebastian Groth Remix)

    Arnaud Le Texier - Loudness Control

    Jan Driver - Zoo (Oliver $ Edit)

    Ian O'Donovan - Uprising [KMS] MASTER

    Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - Backfall

    Vedomir - Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

    Ryogo Yamamori - Minimu

    Moteka - Enclosed (Electric Rescue Remix)

    Mark Ambrose - Insane

    Staffan Linzatti - Control

    DJ T-1000 - Cockblockin' Beats (Plural Remix)

    David Meiser - Uncompromising Sound


    01.00 Sunil Sharpe

    This month Sunil features new music from The Exaltics, Ancient Methods, Radial, Joe Farr and more. He also includes his back to back set with Blawan at this year's Life Festival, recorded by RTE 2FM in the Red Bull Music Arena.


    03.00 CLR

    This time CLR have a returning guest back on the CLR Podcast. Kyle Geiger from Indiana
    is no stranger to the international Techno arena. With releases on heavy hitter labels such as Drumcode, Soma, Perc Trax and Droid he has continuously been pushing the boundaries of his sound. On his own label Cubera he has been realizing new musical concepts free of any outside limitations, with the end objective being to create a more moody and memorable collection of productions. Originally inspired by the harder, percussive stylings the Techno sound featured on seminal labels from the late 90's, Kyle has witnessed the evolution of the genre as it morphed into a more accessible, groove based sound. Still loving the energy and power of the more straight forward side of Techno while embracing the genre's changes, Kyle has refined his productions and DJ sets into what very well may be a new breed of soundscapes that pushes things forward for the next generation of Techno to come. Next to a series of upcoming releases with production partner Hans Bouffmyhre and the Insulate EP on Cubera, he has a couple of projects coming out on Cocoon Recordings, including one on their yearly box set compilation. He is furthermore completing his first artist album for Soma Recordings within the next month. Many of his brand-new and unreleased productions are featured in this set.


    1.) Flug - Analogical - Enemy Records

    2.) Savas Pascalidis - Interlock (Jonas Kopp Mix) - Sweatshop

    3.) Yan Cook - 000444 - Cubera Records

    4.) Roman Lindau - Hunt - Fachwerk

    5.) Kyle Geiger - Believe - Unreleased

    6.) Hugo Moya - Move - Relief Records

    7.) Flug - 1k (Truncate Ghetto Jack Remix) - Sleaze

    8.) Roman Flügel - More & More & More (Edit) - Clone Jack For Daze

    9.) On/Off - The Mile - Onofficial

    10.) WK7 - The Avalanche - Powerhouse

    11.) Mark Broom vs. Kris Wadsworth - Motorsmoke (Edit) - Alphahouse

    12.) Leon Vynehall - Brother (Edit) - Aus Music

    13.) Gary Beck - Video Siren - BEK Audio

    14.) Kyle Geiger - Homecoming - Unreleased

    15.) Markus Suckut - Hunt - Figure SPC M

    16.) Harvey McKay - Kickback (Edit) - Suara

    17.) Alex Falk - PTR - Proper Trax

    18.) JPLS - Activatroy - M-Nus

    19.) Shxcxchcxsh - OOOVVVDDDDD - Avian

    20.) Flug - 13d (Pfirter remix) - Driving Forces

    21.) Nubian Mindz - Capricorn One (Digital Exclusive) - Counter

    22.) Marcel Dettmann - Let's Do It - MDR

    23.) Kyle Geiger - Slingshot Orbit - Unreleased

    24.) Kyle Geiger - Turning Point - Unreleased


    04.00 Solid Steel

    This time: Stagga


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