The Late Night Sessions

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    The Late Night Sessions 13/14 April 2013


    The Late Night Sessions

    2fm's weekly dance sequence.

    Sat 13/ Sun 14

    00.00 WhiteNoise #381


    Dez Williams OuttaKontrol

    Ike Release Cosmic Supreme

    Jauzas The Shining Nuclear Invasion feat Victoria Lukas

    Pip Williams Mode #7

    Alavux Phutura

    Morphogenetic Techno Bass is Back (Dynamix II Remix Featuring Maggotron and DJ Qbert)

    Paula Temple Cloned

    Andreas Florin & Vegim Then They Comes

    Aiken Syntagma

    Ben Sims Strike (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) (DIGI MASTER)

    Komabase Convolution

    Space DJ'z Grey Matter (Mark Broom Remix)

    Black Asteroid Black Acid (Perc Remix)

    w1b0 PumpJack Two

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    01.00 Sunil Sharpe

    On this week's show Sunil welcomes Bethany DeMoss aka DJ Skirt on to talk about her productions and flourishing dj career. He also features new music in hour 1 from D. Carbone, Dez Williams, Bleaching Agent, Perc and more.

    Hour 2 has a guest dj mix from Jon Hussey

    Tracklist and playback via  on Monday.



    03.00 CLR

    This time CLR welcome back another returning guest and legendary Techno artist, Cisco Ferreira a.k.a. The Advent! He started his career after leaving school in 1986, studied audio engineering and worked as an engineer for artists and projects as diverse as Derrick May, Fingers Inc, P.I.L., Robert Plant and Maxi Priest. After several critically acclaimed solo efforts he formed the duo The Advent together with ex-partner Colin Mc Bean in 1994. After their separation he continued with the brand and just released another The Advent long-player entitled Sonic Intervention last September. The album gained much praise and support from numerous influential Techno peers and got special respect for its musical versatility. It contains co-productions with Cari Lekebusch, Jason Fernandes and The Industrialyzer, as well as the vocals of Detroit Grand Puba’s Paris Du Black Fu on one of the tracks. It is a very personal album which reflects all the musical genres that inspired him over the years - Electro, Electronica, Tech House and Techno. Cisco is currently on the extended and highly successful Sonic Intervention tour, which will continue until the end of summer 2013.

    1) Bodyscrub - Substance

    2) Mars Bill - Rhombus (Raul Mezcolanza remix)

    3) The Advent & industrialyzer - Subway Fever

    4) M.I.T.A. - Codeworks

    5) Snello - Calling Cars

    6) Christian Fischer - (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remake)

    7) Pfirter - The Fall of the Empire is Imminent

    8) Spiros Kaloumenos - Meteor

    9) Manic Brothers - Black Bay

    10) Tom Laws - Contorsion

    11) Plankton - Edding

    12) A Mochi - C2M (Gary Beck Remix)

    13) Markantonio & Roberto Capuano - T4 (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix)

    14) Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha Fucker

    15) Mark Broom & James Ruskin - Erotic Misery



    04.00 Solid Steel (r)

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