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    David Meiser & Black Asteroid - Who Controls Daniel Avery- Reception (Perc Remix) Housemeister- Whiteout Joe Farr- Tape 6 Inigo Kennedy - PitheadIrregular Synth - Just A Dream Justin Schumacher - CalibrateSammy Dee & Heiko Laux- Moonside Playground (Alexander Kowalski Remix) Kane Roth - Something Special (Ray Kajioka Remix)Spiros Kaloumenos - Hologram Literon - Knob ExploitationFloorplan - Glory BJesse Jakob- A2 Dj 3000 - Morning Bird WINNER OF ADE 2013 DEMOLITION PANEL: Slaves of Sinus - Opposite of the past Get the podcast now from RTÉ - Subscribe for FREE with iTunes -

    WhiteNoise #397 Playlist:   Radical G and The Horrorist - Here comes the storm (original master) Corax - Vraith Heritics of Techno feat DJ Mourad - Detroit Dance (Trish van Eyndes Reconnection Remix) Nessbeth - Played The Game Carretta & Workerpoor - Believe The Machine Fancy & Spook - Hideous Dwarf Esteban Adame - Repercussion RRKS - Destination Unknownc(Bass Bin Destruction Mix) L.A.W. - Condemner (Forthcoming on Decoy) Wex - Enreg Perc & Truss - Clapacid Sub Morph - Whats inside (intense mix) Fancy & Spook - Amorphous Form Get the podcast from RTÉ - Or Sub on iTunes ...
    Whitenoise #393

    Whitenoise #393

    MicroControlUnit - When They Call TFHats - e-volve Preston Flex - Livewire MEKA - Machine Control Tadeo - Considering A Fact Truncate - Fourty Four Housemeister & Dave Tarrida - Twerk that Shit Clemens Neufeld - Acid Werk Mr. Jones - Crater (DJ Hyperactive Remix) Egor Boss - Prism The Noisemaker - Glos Clouds - Uondapaturu Spiros Kaloumeno - Protoplasm (Mikael Pfeiffer Re-form) Gesaffelstein - Pursuit Get the podcast now from RTÉ: or sub in iTunes:


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