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    Cannabis and Teenagers

    Cannabis and Teenagers

    There has been some controversy recently over comments made by Bressie regarding the legalisation of cannabis. Colm read an e-mail from a mother who is concerned because her 16 year old son has effectively dropped out of school and the listener believes that the cause of this is her son’s habitual smoking of cannabis. Whether cannabis is legal or not it seems teenagers today have no problem in accessing it – but what can the effects be on one so young? And what can this mother do?
    Impact of Porn on Young People

    Impact of Porn on Young People

    A judge in the UK recently made a statement in a case he was presiding over whereby he concluded that a violent rape perpetrated by a 15 year old boy and his friend against a 14 year old girl was provoked by him being in “a state of high sexual charge without release following on from months of exposure to pornography”. Another story that appeared in the papers yesterday had the headline “Girls of 13 pressured to pose for home-made blue movies: Teachers warn pornography is becoming part of everyday life’’. Although those are both UK stories, this is just ...


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