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    Concealed Pregnancies

    Concealed Pregnancies

    There is a piece in today’s Irish Times Life and Style supplement that says that hidden pregnancy hasn’t gone away – It just has another face. While Ireland may no longer be such a harsh place for unmarried pregnant women, the stigma persists. Ryan spoke to Sylvia Murphy Tighe, a former midwife and public health nurse about her recent research into concealed pregnancies in Ireland. Sylvia mentioned that any women who would like to get involved in her study can contact her at
    Beauty Tips in Pregnancy

    Beauty Tips in Pregnancy

    Pregnancy and motherhood pose many challenges, not least for one’s skin, hair and nails. Expectant mum and beauty expert Bronwyn Conroy has teamed up with Udo’s Oil Nutritional Therapist and mum of two Sarah Brereton to offer beauty and nutritional advice to new mums and mums-to-be on how to continue looking one’s best. Bronwyn told Colm the top tips

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