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    Drugs in Peru

    Drugs in Peru

    Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid claimed they were forced to travel to Peru against their will after being held captive in Spain for a number of days. Michaella (20) said she and her Scottish co-accused, Melissa Reid (19), were separately duped by the same man.The women have claimed they were forced at gunpoint to carry €1.7m of cocaine in their luggage. They also say that at no point were they offered money to transport the 11.5kg consignment of cocaine. Would you contribute to a fund to help them fight their case? Should the Irish people send them money to enable them to hire ...


    There are images in this morning's papers of an alleyway near a Dublin school which is littered with used needles. The alley, off Marlborough Street has been called 'shooting alley'. Meanwhile community groups, health researchers, and academics are calling for a national debate on drug laws. Ireland is looking at it's position on drug prohibition ahead of a special session on the issue by the UN General Assembly in early 2016. And a move for a debate on decriminalisation and legalisation is being led by Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign — an umbrella organisation of community groups, both in Dublin and beyond. What do you ...
    Cannabis and Teenagers

    Cannabis and Teenagers

    There has been some controversy recently over comments made by Bressie regarding the legalisation of cannabis. Colm read an e-mail from a mother who is concerned because her 16 year old son has effectively dropped out of school and the listener believes that the cause of this is her son’s habitual smoking of cannabis. Whether cannabis is legal or not it seems teenagers today have no problem in accessing it – but what can the effects be on one so young? And what can this mother do?


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