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    Monday 10th August

    Studio 8 Sessions - Sample Answer

    Sample Answer joined Louise for another amazing Studio 8 Session. Press Play. Enjoy.

    Tuesday 24th March

    Eoghan in conversation with Robert Sheehan

    Actor Robert Sheehan sat down with Eoghan to chat about all the latest goings on in his life.

    Thursday 26th February

    Eoghan talks to manager of The Charleville Lodge Hotel in Dublin

    Eoghan talks to Paul Stenson, manager of The Charleville Lodge Hotel in Dublin. He told Eoghan why he recommended homeless shelters for people who want cheaper hotel rates when staying for the Ed Sheeran gigs.

    Monday 23rd February

    Eoghan talks to Ronan Keating

    Eogan talks to Ronan Keating about his role in the musical 'Once', about his plans after it, and also about 'Once' coming to Dublin.

    Thursday 12th February

    50 Shades of Ireland

    Eoghan McDermott took a passage from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and replaced the naughty words with place names in Ireland - so what could possibly go wrong??!

    Tuesday 10th February

    Interview with Pat McDonagh

    Eoghan McDermott talked to Pat McDonagh, MD of Supermacs, about the Supermac's /McDonald's name row

    Thursday 22nd January


    Mark Feehily gives his first interview to Eoghan McDermott as he emerges into the world of music as a solo artist!

    Tuesday 16th December


    Blind Boy from The Rubberbandits joined Eoghan to chat about Russel Brand, Google and was his usual brilliant self!

    Wednesday 12th November

    Eoghan speaks to radio legend Annie Mac

    Eoghan speaks to radio legend Annie Mac about her upcoming gig in the Twisted Pepper.

    Monday 10th November


    Eoghan chatted with Stephen about the negative online reaction to Love/Hate.

    Tuesday 4th November

    Eoghan chats with Amy from the band Sheppard

    Eoghan chats with Amy from the band Sheppard about their recent success and signing with Justin Bieber's manager.

    Monday 13th October


    Rock n Roll legend Slash called Eoghan for a chat tonight ahead of his gig in The 3 Arena in November.

    Prank Hozier Call

    Eoghan tells Clíona Ní Chíosain that Hozier is on the line. 'Hozier' takes a shine to Clíona, and asks her to come along to his upcoming gig in Dublin. Eoghan then reveals that it's really Cormac Battle on the phone!!

    Tuesday 2nd September


    Conor Behan joined Stephen in studio and chatted about all the latest juicy celeb gossip!

    Monday 18th August

    Celeb New with Conor Behan

    Conor Behan joined Stephen in studio to spill the beans on all the latest celeb goss!

    Tuesday 12th August

    Celeb News with Conor Behan

    Conor Behan joined Stephen in studio to spill the beans on all the latest celeb goss!

    Tuesday 5th August

    Celeb Goss with Conor Behan

    Conor joined Stephen on air to discuss all the latest juicy gossip including Lil Kim dissing Nicki Minaj! #ohnoshedidnt *wags finger in the air

    Tuesday 29th July

    Celeb News with Conor Behan

    Conor Behan joined Stephen in studio to spill the beans on all the latest celeb goss!

    Thursday 22nd May

    Eejit of the Week

    A man attempts to pay fine at Courthouse with counterfeit bills.....a jewel thief leaves his mobile phone in a shop after robbing it. These are some of the stories Mark Orford with have for Louise when he talks about Eejit of the Week.

    Wednesday 21st May

    Advice Slot

    What do you do when an acquaintance assumes that they are invited to your wedding? You did go to her wedding, but you were much closer back then. You want a very small wedding, so what do you do? This problem is tackled by Louise and Sean.

    Tuesday 20th May

    Celebrity News

    So Justin Bieber was seen cosying up to Paris Hilton at a Cannes party?! Kim Kardashian may be filming her wedding after all? Some of the celebrity stories up for discussion with Conor Behan.

    Monday 19th May

    Lies the Internet tells us!

    Every week, Fiona Hyde looks at some of the lies the Internet has told us. Up for discussion this week is a story about identical twins born holding hands and a video of an alien attack on a Taliban training camp!

    Wednesday 14th May

    Advice Slot

    Louise and Sean Ramsey give advice to a listener - the problem relates to fancying a boyfriends best friend.

    Tuesday 13th May

    Celebrity News

    Louise and Conor Behan look at some of the more unusual stories from the week. The Solange / Jay Z scrap is of course on the agenda, as is Kelly Rowland's wedding and what Channing Tatum is up to.

    Wednesday 7th May

    Advice Slot: How to avoid meeting old friends?

    Louise and Jen give advice to a listener who is contacted regularly by people she met at college. She feels she no longer has anything in contact with them. She wants to know how can she give them the message without coming across as a bitch?

    Tuesday 6th May

    Celebrity News with Conor Behan

    Louise and Conor discuss the more unusual celeb stories, including which celeb likes to eat clay and why Christina Aguilera is feuding with Miley Cyrus!

    Monday 5th May

    Internet Hoaxes

    Fiona Hyde joins Louise to talk about internet hoaxes. There's a story of Stevie Wonder and an Atari poster, and also an anti-racism campaign that turned out to be a fake

    Tuesday 15th April

    Celebrity News

    Conor Behan and Louise discuss some of the more unusual showbiz stories, including what stars like to be naked and who may have fallen off the wagon.

    Monday 14th April

    The Internet Tells Lies!

    This week Fiona Hyde looks at some of the hoaxes on the internet from the last week, a viral video called 'Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High'!

    Wednesday 9th April

    Advice Slot

    Louise and Sean tackle a problem whereby a listener has not spoken to her boyfriend for two weeks. She's getting the silent treatment and has had enough. She has his car though. What should she do, return the car or keep it?

    Tuesday 8th April

    Celebrity News

    Louise chats with Conor Behan about stars getting paid to appear at festivals, Jennifer Lawrence being a bridesmaid and Lady Gaga's latest attempts to control her public image.

    Monday 7th April

    Internet Lies!

    Lies the internet tells us with Fiona Hyde.

    Thursday 3rd April

    Eejits of the Week

    Louise and Mark find the internets biggest eejits this week.

    Wednesday 2nd April

    Tuesday 1st April

    Ah Here!

    Louise chats with journalist and broadcaster Conor Behan.

    Monday 31st March

    Internet Lies!

    Lies the internet tells us with Fiona Hyde.

    Wednesday 26th March

    Tuesday 25th March

    Louise chats with Grace Dyas

    Louise chats with Grace about her project 'Addiction'.

    Ah Here!

    Louise chats with journalist and broadcaster Conor Behan.

    Wednesday 12th March

    Tuesday 11th March

    Ah Here!

    Louise chats with journalist and broadcaster Conor Behan.

    Sunday 9th March

    The Weekend Digest

    Louise is joined in studio by actress and writer Amy Stephenson and Eoghan McDermott from The Communications Clinic for a weekly catch up.

    Is Killybegs the new Las Vegas?

    Louise chatted to Ian Creighton the owner of the Clock Tower in Killybegs about the recent celebrity visitors to the Donegal town.

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