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    Sunday 21st September

    Dave Fanning interviews Bono on new U2 album Songs of Innocence

    Dave Fanning interviews Bono on new U2 album Songs of Innocence

    Saturday 20th September

    Sunday 14th September

    Irish Movies

    Garret Daly, the Director of new Irish feature film 'A Nightingale Falling', joins Stephen in studio to chat about the Irish movie industry.

    TV Quiz Shows

    We're talking Quiz Shows today - as Philip Kampff joins Stephen Byrne in studio to talk about the multi-million euro industry.

    Saturday 13th September

    Sunday 7th September

    Angelina's Wedding Dress

    The Brangelina wedding photos are out and Irish designer Jen Kelly is not impressed!

    Incredible Cars in Movies

    Over the years there have been some incredible cars in movies - so we put film writer Brian Lloyd's car knowledge to the test, as he joins Dave to chat Aston Martin and more.

    Cruise Ships - Yay or Nay?

    For years many of us have laughed at the idea of taking a cruise - but some are cooler than you'd think! Travel Editor Mark Evans joins Dave in studio.

    Saturday 6th September

    Sunday 31st August

    Acting Skills

    Some stars aren't happy with their own previous acting chops, and Daniel Radcliffe is one of them! Chris Wasser joins Dave in studio to chat about this, and more!

    The Art of Eavesdropping

    You know when you’re sitting in a cafe on your own or at your desk in work, and someone beside you is having a private conversation, what do you do? Do you cover your ears? Do you walk away? Do you try not to hear what’s being said or do you lean in just that little bit closer to earwig in on the conversation? Larissa Nolan joins Dave

    A Banksy Painting has Saved a Youth Club!

    Banksy, the infamous mystery graffiti artist, saved a youth club in his home city of Bristol this past week, and all he did was what he does best - paint a picture. The centre's leader Dennis Stinchcombe joins Dave on the line.

    Weird Recording Locations

    Some of the most famous albums in the world have been recorded in some of the weirdest locations. From bathrooms to murder houses, there are are some strange ones, and Simon Maher joins Dave in studio to tell us more.

    Saturday 30th August


    Movie Critic Paul Whitington give his movie recommendations to those heading out to the cinema this weekend. He also give DVD suggestions for those who want to stay in.

    Colouring In

    Colouring books are currently outselling cookery books in France and the trend has also taken off in the UK… So what on earth is the attraction? Is it really as good a stress-buster as fans are claiming it to be? Anna McLaughlin who works for publishing company Michael O’Mara in London who publish colouring books for adults explains...

    Superstar Pets

    A recent report showed that 15% of all internet traffic is supposed to be cat related. Cat owner, Amanda Fennelly, chats with Dave about why we love cats so much.

    The Way We Wore - A Life in Threads

    For many people, clothes are a real way to express their identity. Dave talks to Robert Elms about the new edition of his book The Way We Wore, which is being launched at the end of the month. He finds out whether Robert is still as interested in fashion as he was.


    The world is a big place... big cities, big cars, big people... But what if you’re a small person trying to make it in a big world? Dave chats to creator of 'Don't Look Down on Me', Jonathan Novick and Blogger Sinead Burke about what a day in their lives is like.

    Sunday 24th August


    Statistics have shown that depression, on average, is 50% more disabling than angina, asthma, arthritis or diabetes but what is the correct treatment for mental health problems? What can be done to prevent them in the first place? Co-Author of Thrive, David M Clark talks to Dave.

    Child Stars

    Rory John of showbizgeek.com tells Dave the whereabouts of all those who were famous as children. Where have they all ended up and what are they doing now?

    60's Youth Culture

    Dave chats with the Editor of History Ireland Tommy Graham about a talk on Youth Culture of the 60's which will be happening at Electric Picnic next weekend.

    Saturday 23rd August

    Movies and DVDs

    Gavin Burke from Entertainment.ie gives his movie recommendations if you're heading out or if DVD rental recommendations if you are staying in.

    Your Online Security

    The use of smartphones, tablets and public wi-fi services could put you at risk if you don't make sure your data is protected. Silicon Republic journalist Elaine Burke explains...

    Jeff Buckley

    20 years ago this very day, Grace, Jeff Buckley's iconic debut album was released. Grace was Buckley's only complete studio album he released, before he met an untimely death while simming in the Mississippi River.

    Sunday 17th August

    Fashion Trends

    Did you ever wonder what determines what’s in fashion each season, why certain colours are dominant, why certain trends are out or in… Fashion Journalist Annemarie O'Connor explains how fashion works.

    Sign Language Interpreter

    Dave chats with Catherine King, a Scottish sign language interpreter who spends much of her time interpreting comedy. Catherine has signed for a bunch of top comedians including Dara O’Briain and Tommy Tiernan.

    Barber on a Bike

    If you don't have time to go to the barber fear not! Barber Owen Crudge has the answer. He has taken to the highways, with his bike and his scissors, all for your convenience.

    Saturday 16th August

    Sunday 3rd August

    Clothes, Music, Boys

    In her new memoir 'Clothes, Music, Boys,' Viv Albertine details her upbringing, the excitement and mundanity of the punk years, and then takes us through the fallout of the Slits.

    Back from the Dead

    Often in a movie or TV show a character who has died comes back from the dead. With the news that Sigourney Weaver will be returning to the Avatar sequels despite her character dying in the first movie, Chris Wasser takes a look at some of the most famous ressurections on screen.


    Those of you who face hours of commuting time weekly will notice that many cars have just one person in them. This is a matter that was bugging Dragon's Den Entrepreneur Sean O Sullivan, so he delveoped a ride sharing App called Carma to help tackle the problem.

    Saturday 2nd August

    Cinema Call

    There was a time when a trip to the cinema was a magical experience... One person who has fallen out of love with the cinema is Andrew McCarroll and he’s written a blog post about it on followingthenerd.com.

    Bake in Black

    Eve and David O Sullivan are a couple who love cooking and music equally. They've decided to write a cookery book inspired by the best of rock and metal music.

    Bad is Good For You

    Every generation has their “bad” thing that sends parents into a panic... Authors Kevin C Pyle and Scott Cunningham chat to Dave about their new book: 'Bad For You: Exposing the War on Fun' that shows, through illustration, various cultural freak outs that have happened throughout the decades.

    The Modern Bathroom

    Lloyd Alter, Managing Editor of Treehugger.com chats with Dave about the modern bathroom and why he thinks they are a total disaster, wasteful and even unhealthy.

    Jay Leno

    For 22 years Jay Leno presented The Tonight Show on NBC in America. Producer of the show Dave Berg chats about his new book 'Behind the Curtain: An Insider's View of Jay Leno's Tonight Show.'

    Sunday 27th July

    Ghostbusters is 30!

    There are some pretty hilarious horror movies out there, and one of the best (although Dave disagrees!) is Ghostbusters. John Byrne joins Dave from Cork!

    Online Comment Forums

    If you read the comments under news articles, you've probably seen that people can leave some pretty nasty comments. But do Journalists and Editors take it to heart? Una Mullally joins Dave from Cork.

    Lego Beach

    When you go for a walk on the beach, you'd hardly expect to find hundreds of pieces of sea-themed Lego! Well, it's happening in England and Tracey Williams has been keeping track of them.

    Saturday 26th July

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