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    Saturday 28th February

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie Reviewer Rory Cashin tells us about what's new out at the movies and on DVD this week.

    Electric Picnic Trailer Park

    Calling all designers, illustrators, archtiects...anybody with a creative edge who thinks they can overhaul a caravan, paint it up, transform it into a stage or a bar or a meditation pod. Trailer Park Curator Hugo Jellett tells you how you can apply to be a part of it.

    Going Grey

    Why is it such a big deal for younger women to show they have grey hair? Journalist Catherine Cleary and author Mia Gallagher discuss women going grey early.

    Harley Davidson Send-Off

    Funeral Director and Manager Peter Maguire tells us how bikers can take the ultimate road trip on the highway to heaven...or hell...in the Harley Davidson hearse.

    Leonard Nimoy

    Actor Leonard Nimoy, better known to people worldwide as Mr Spock, has died, age 83. Tim Hannigan and John Byrne talk to us about the life and career of Leonard, from his role in Star Trek to his involvement in literature and music.

    Sunday 22nd February

    St Patrick's Day Unlocked

    This year Happenings have teamed up with Dublin City Council to host a drink-free zone for St. Parick's day. The event will take place in Meeting House Square and Niall Byrne filled Dave in on what people can expect at the event. www.happenings.ie

    The Oscars

    Ahead of tonight's Oscars ceremony Dave talks to Amanda Fennelly about the nominees.

    Sound of Music 50 years

    Sinead Mooney and Dave talk about The Sound of Music.

    Inflatable pub

    What about a pub in your very own back garden? Donegal woman Catriona Mulhern has come up with a solution...an inflatable pop-up pub.

    Cowboys and Indies: The Epic History of the Music Industry

    Dave talks to Gareth Murphy author of 'Cowboys and Indies: The Epic History of the Music Industry'.

    Dave Fanning

    Dave Fanning brings you a mix of interviews, newspaper reviews, movies and music from 10 am to mid-day every Sunday

    Saturday 21st February

    Movies and DVDs

    Paul Whitington tells us about what is new out in the Cinema and on DVD this week.

    Musicians and Their Food

    Here to look at musicians and their food requests are Journalist Tanya Sweeney and Caterer Sharon Fitzpatrick of Fitzers Catering, who has been fulfilling requests and feeding musicians at festivals for years.

    No Phones Allowed

    The Old Spot pub in Dublin are offering their clients 20% off Sunday lunch if they can stay off their phones for the duration of their meal. Pub Manager Conor Kavanagh tells us how it works.

    Pam St. Clement

    Pam St Clement, is in to chat with us about her new autobiography, 'The End of an Earring.'

    Sunday 15th February

    YouTube 10 years old

    John Kennedy joined Dave to talk about the beginings of YouTube and how it has grown over the last ten years.

    Shane Kelly

    Cinematographer Shane Kelly talks to Dave about his work on the Oscar nominated film 'Boyhood'.

    House exchange

    Travel tournalist Tadgh Peavoy was in studio to talk about house swapping and house sitting as a holiday option. We heard from Deirdre Veldon about her experience house swapping with a family in Sweden.

    Interrupted Speeches

    Roisin Dwyer joins Dave to talk about famous cases of celebrities interrupting each others speeches.

    Andrew Keen

    Andrew Keen spoke to Dave about the effect the internet is having on modern society.

    Dave Fanning

    Dave Fanning brings you a mix of interviews, newspaper reviews, movies and music from 10 am to mid-day every Sunday

    Saturday 14th February

    Movies and DVDs

    Rory Cashin tells us about what is new out in the Cinema and on DVD this week.

    Hamilton Bears

    Caroline Barron, owner of Hamilton Bears, takes your treasured clothing, which may once have belonged to a loved one who has passed on or to a child or partner, then she turns them into teddy bears.

    The Rise of Tea

    Niall Byrne, manager of Le Palais Des Thés on Wicklow Street and Karl Mulvee, co-founder of Bubblicity in the George's St Arcade, tell us more about exotic and exciting options for the humble tea drinker.

    Superbowl Halftime

    The halftime show at this year's Superbowl was the most watched halftime show in history. Over 118million viewers tuned in to see Katy Perry floating in the sky on a moving comet. The man who dreamed it all up and made it happen was Dubliner Baz Halpin.

    Sunday 8th February

    Rosebud Florist

    With Valentine’s day around the corner Ruth Kenny from Rose bud Florist tells us about her unique bouquets which are inspired by movies and books. www.rosebuddublin.com

    Finding the humour

    Eoin Sweeney joins Dave to talk about finding the humour in songs which were intended to be heavy hearted.

    Peter Lord

    With Sean the Sheep on in cinemas now Dave caught up with Peter Lord executive producer and co-founder of Aardman Animations about Sean's popularity and how the film was made.

    Offbeat Tours

    Travel writer Manchán Magan joins Dave to tells us abotu some offbeat tours you can do while travelling.

    Dave Fanning

    Dave Fanning brings you a mix of interviews, newspaper reviews, movies and music from 10 am to mid-day every Sunday

    Saturday 7th February

    Movies and DVDs

    Sue Murphy chats about this weeks new releases at the movies and on DVD.

    Six Nations

    As defending champions, Ireland are the clear favourites, so the pressure is on Joe Schmidt and his men... How will we fare? Brent Pope might have

    The Age of the Drone

    Until recently drones were used primarily for military surveillance, then the media but now personal drones are becoming more and more popular. Journalist Darragh Murphy tells us more.

    Food Unwrapped

    Daniel Tapper has written a book called Food Unwrapped: Lifting the Lid On How Our Food is Really Produced which explores the truth and dispels some of the myths about the food we eat.

    Women's Magazine Exhibit

    'Modern Wife, Modern Life', it explores the 'ideal wife' turned 'modern wife' of 1960s Ireland. The exhibition's curator Ciara Meehan tells us how she put it all together.

    Sunday 1st February

    365 Songs in a Year

    Dave speaks to Daveit Ferris who is writing, recording and releasing a song on every day of the year.

    Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller

    Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller chats to Dave about the movie.

    The 36 Questions ''Irish Style''

    Journalist Pat Fitzpatrick joined Dave with his very own Irish twist on the 36 questions that will make you fall in love.

    Free Wee Library

    Geraldine Timlin and Helen Conneely joined Dave to chat about the Free Wee Library, a free community book sharing scheme for adults and children.

    Stiff Records

    The History of Stiff Records by Richard Balls

    Saturday 31st January

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie Critis Paul Whitington talks about the new releases in the cinema this week and the new DVD releases.

    Comeback Toys

    Fashion is notorious for going in cycles with trends disappearing and reappearing within decades and 2015 is going to see the return of some very famous toys from the 80s and 90s.

    Dr. Pixie McKenna

    Dr Pixie McKenna has agreed to open the new i-Wish project which promotes careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to female students from all across the Cork region.

    Sunday 25th January

    Borrow My Doggy

    Rikke Roselund from BorrowMyDoggy.com on the new online dog borrowing service.

    Screenwriter Russell T. Davies

    Screenwriter Russell T. Davies creator of Queer As Folk and new C4 series Cucumber, Banana, Tofu talks to Dave.

    Ed Sheeran at Whelan's

    Carl Mullen gives his verdict.

    Be Careful What You Say on Stage

    Live Albums 'bits' with Eoin Sweeney

    Saturday 24th January

    Dave Fanning Show 'Interview techniques'

    Dave talks to James Reed about interview techniques.

    Dave Fanning Show 'Dr Christian Jessen'

    Dave talks to Dr Christian Jessen from the popular programme Embarrassing bodies.

    Sunday 18th January

    Dave Fanning Show '100 books in a year'

    Rick O'Shea on reading 100 books in a year

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