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    Sunday 19th October

    Maisie Williams - Interview

    You might know her best as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, but she's currently starring in the new film Gold.

    John Lydon/Johnny Rotten - Interview

    For four decades as Johnny Rotten and John Lydon, on record, on stage and on TV he has been there - somewhere and now he has compiled an ‘uncensored’ account of his life to date.

    Saturday 18th October

    Sunday 12th October

    Mixed Martial Arts

    Aisling Daly, aka Ais The Bash, is a 26 year old Dubliner who has been a professional MMA competitor since 2007, and an MMA World Champion. Right now, she’s one of the contestants on The Ultimate Fighter TV series…

    Internet Trolling

    Angela Nagle from the School of Communications in D.C.U discusses the topic of Internet Trolling, where Internet users anonymously engage in malicious online behaviour by stalking and leaving offensive comments in a bid to start flame wars.

    Marta Kaufmann

    Dave interviews Co-Creator, Marta Kaufmann, about the legendary sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, a show about six 20-somethings living in New York City. The show has just celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

    Childhood Homes

    No matter how long it's been since you've flown the nest, you always refer to your childhood home as 'home'. But did you ever stop and think how you would feel when the time comes to sell that home? Anna Nolan and Fiona Murray share their memories of letting go their childhood homes.

    Saturday 11th October

    Sunday 5th October

    Cult Movies

    Music Journalist Chris Wasser on 20th Anniversary of The Shawshank Redemption and other cult movies.


    Connected. Darren Smith, producer of RTE 2 reality show Connected on what goes on behind the scenes.

    Alfie Deyes

    YouTube blogger Alfie Deyes on The Pointless Blog and The Pointless Book.

    Saturday 4th October

    Sunday 28th September

    Comedian Dave Gorman

    Comedian Dave Gorman spoke to Dave this morning about his new book 'Too Much Information: Or: Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think '


    Director and Film-Maker Des Doyle dropped into studio to chat to Dave about ‘Showrunners’, a new feature documentary exploring the world of the writers and producers of US television dramas and comedies. You can see this tonight (Sunday 28th) in IFI, Dublin 8.30pm. www.ifi.ie

    Saturday 27th September

    Round up of DVD releases

    Movie critic Gavin Burke brings you the new movie and DVD releases.

    Fully Disclothed

    Fully Disclothed is a photography project where particpants are asked to get naked. Kale Ridsdale explains the thinking behind the project.

    Why are soaps so popular?

    As Fair City celebrates 25 years, entertainment.ie TV editor Fiona Flynn asks (and answers) the question. Why are soaps so popular?

    Keeping Up the Kalashnikovs - Ross O'Carroll Kelly

    Ross O'Carroll creator Paul Howard dropped in this morning to talk about his 14th Ross book 'Keeping Up the Kalashnikovs'.

    Sunday 21st September

    Dave Fanning interviews Bono on new U2 album Songs of Innocence

    Dave Fanning interviews Bono on new U2 album Songs of Innocence

    Saturday 20th September

    Sunday 14th September

    Irish Movies

    Garret Daly, the Director of new Irish feature film 'A Nightingale Falling', joins Stephen in studio to chat about the Irish movie industry.

    TV Quiz Shows

    We're talking Quiz Shows today - as Philip Kampff joins Stephen Byrne in studio to talk about the multi-million euro industry.

    Saturday 13th September

    Sunday 7th September

    Angelina's Wedding Dress

    The Brangelina wedding photos are out and Irish designer Jen Kelly is not impressed!

    Incredible Cars in Movies

    Over the years there have been some incredible cars in movies - so we put film writer Brian Lloyd's car knowledge to the test, as he joins Dave to chat Aston Martin and more.

    Cruise Ships - Yay or Nay?

    For years many of us have laughed at the idea of taking a cruise - but some are cooler than you'd think! Travel Editor Mark Evans joins Dave in studio.

    Saturday 6th September

    Sunday 31st August

    Acting Skills

    Some stars aren't happy with their own previous acting chops, and Daniel Radcliffe is one of them! Chris Wasser joins Dave in studio to chat about this, and more!

    The Art of Eavesdropping

    You know when you’re sitting in a cafe on your own or at your desk in work, and someone beside you is having a private conversation, what do you do? Do you cover your ears? Do you walk away? Do you try not to hear what’s being said or do you lean in just that little bit closer to earwig in on the conversation? Larissa Nolan joins Dave

    A Banksy Painting has Saved a Youth Club!

    Banksy, the infamous mystery graffiti artist, saved a youth club in his home city of Bristol this past week, and all he did was what he does best - paint a picture. The centre's leader Dennis Stinchcombe joins Dave on the line.

    Weird Recording Locations

    Some of the most famous albums in the world have been recorded in some of the weirdest locations. From bathrooms to murder houses, there are are some strange ones, and Simon Maher joins Dave in studio to tell us more.

    Saturday 30th August


    Movie Critic Paul Whitington give his movie recommendations to those heading out to the cinema this weekend. He also give DVD suggestions for those who want to stay in.

    Colouring In

    Colouring books are currently outselling cookery books in France and the trend has also taken off in the UK… So what on earth is the attraction? Is it really as good a stress-buster as fans are claiming it to be? Anna McLaughlin who works for publishing company Michael O’Mara in London who publish colouring books for adults explains...

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