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    Sunday 23rd November

    Time Alone

    Would you happily sit by yourself in a restaurant, or take a trip to the cinema alone? Do you enjoy your own company? There are certain people who actually need solitary time, and journalist Larissa Nolan is one of them.

    Fancy a Cuddle?

    Fancy a cuddle this chilly Sunday morning? Well, Samantha Hess has just the thing for you, as she is a professional cuddler and she's just opened a cuddle shop called Cuddle Up to Me in Portland Oregon. She's had 10,000 enquiries in a week!


    Hollywood loves a good biopic, from Frost/Nixon to Senna and right now we've got The Imitation Game in cinemas - but what actually makes a Good Biopic? Brian Lloyd chats with Dave.

    Saturday 22nd November

    Movies and DVDs

    Sue Murphy from Entertainment.ie is here to tell us about 'The Homesman', 'The Hunger Games' and 'Get On Up' which are all new in the cinema this week and 'Guardians of the Galaxy which is on DVD this weekend.

    The Yes Woman

    Shauna McDaniel started a blog last January called 'Yes Woman 2014' and made a promise to herself that she would say yes to lots of things this year, things that she wouldn't normally have said yes to.

    Aoibhinn McGinnity

    You might know her as 'Trish' from 'Love/Hate' but Aoibhinn McGinnity is about to leave all that behind to star in something a little more festive. She will be acting the role of Jovie in the hit musical 'Elf' at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

    Sunday 16th November

    Training Guide Dogs

    Quigley, the ten and a half week old Labrador puppy, has joined us in studio today. While he is still getting used to the world around him, in about a year and a half he will become the eyes and the best friend of someone who is blind. Quigley is currently in training to become a guide dog and helping him to do that is Linda O Reilly.

    Dermot O Leary

    Dermot O Leary chats to Dave about his new memoir 'The Soundtrack to my Life'. From The Pogues to the Rolling Stones, Dermot talks about various music that has influenced his life.

    Saturday 15th November

    Bowie Special

    As the Thin White Duke marks 50 Years making music we’re all over it! - interview with Bowie Guitarist Gerry Leonard and David Bowie interviews from the Fanning Archives.

    Movies and DVDs

    Director of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Grainne Humphries, talks about a screening that's happening next week... Whiplash. She also talks about new release The Imitation Game.

    Coffee Culture

    Once upon a time in Ireland when you asked for coffee you got a spoon of coffee powder and hot water mixed together. Now it's a whole different story. From Arabica to Americano, Cappucinos to Macciatos, coffee has changed us all. Journalist Nora Costigan delves into the world of coffee.

    The Supervet

    If you're an animal lover, you've probably caught some of the hit Channel 4 TV show The Supervet which centres around Irishman Noel Fitzpatrick and his neurosurgery and orthopaedic centre Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey in England. Noel is on a flying visit to Dublin this weekend so he popped in for a little chat.

    Sunday 9th November


    Spiders are absolutely everywhere at this time of year (including Katie Melua's ear!) - but do we need to be afraid? Arachnologist Myles Nolan joins Dave on the line.

    Jessica Chastain Interview

    We heard a great review of Interstellar on the show yesterday and today Dave interviews one of the film's stars, Jessica Chastain.

    Pop Star Arrests

    This week AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was in the news for being arrested on a murder-for-hire charge - but while his charges were dropped, it did get us thinking about pop stars who have engaged in, let’s say, moments of madness down through the years. Jennifer Gannon joins Dave in studio.

    Female Detectives

    For ages there were only a few female detectives on TV, but now there are plenty! The Fall returns tonight with Gillian Anderson, who plays DSI Stella Gibson, and who could forget Sarah Lund in the Killing or DS Miller in Broadchurch? Journalist Andrea Smith joins Dave to chat about some of her favourites.

    Saturday 8th November

    Movies and DVDs

    Film Critic, Sue Murphy, tells us about this weeks new releases at the cinema, 'Interstellar', 'Say When' and 'The Skeleton Twins'. Also new out on DVD is 'X.Men: Days of Future Past'.

    Fall of the Berlin Wall

    On November 9th, 1989 one of the biggest political and historical events in recently history took place... The Fall of the Berlin Wall. On August 12th 1961 the Wall went up and it was intended to halt the steady stream of defections from the Eastern Bloc. Manchan Magan and Ingrid Miley bring us back to this historic time.


    Disney's Frozen is the biggest animation film of all time but at the time of it's release, critics gave it mixed reviews. Even those who gave it a big thumbs up, they certainly didn't anticipate the phenomenon it would become. Taragh Loughrey Grant looks into why Frozen has become so huge.

    David Mitchell

    Dave talks to comedian David Mitchell who is most well known for his work as the BAFTA winning duo Mitchell and Webb on Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look.

    Sunday 2nd November

    Six Days of The Rising

    Award winning Director of The Summit, Nick Ryan is crowd-funding a new project Six Days of the Rising. Nick joins Dave on the line.

    Lena Dunham - Not that Kind of Girl

    If you’re a fan of the TV series Girls you might know its creator Lena Dunham, who also plays the character Hannah GIRLS has just released a new memoir, called “Not That Kind of Girl. Tanya Sweeney has been reading it and she joins Dave to give her verdict.

    Mike Leigh - Mr Turner

    Dave chats with Mike Leigh about Mr. Turner, about the English Painter, JMW Turner.

    Saturday 1st November

    Movies and DVDs

    Gavin Burke discusses some of the movies newly released at the cinema this week and also recommends some DVD rentals if you decide to stay in.

    Medium Sized Town Fairly Big Story

    Every week without fail, Ronan Casey trawls through local newspapers in Ireland, from every corner of the country and without fail every week he finds some gems of stories. Of course, they needed to be turned into a book. Ronan chats to Dave and shares some of the gems he has found.


    The 1st of November can only mean one thing...hairy upper lips of gentlemen all over the country. Yes, it's Movember and PJ Gibbons tells all about moustaches!

    Books on the Luas

    On the 11th and 12th of November the Dublin Book Festival will be dispersing 1000 books across both Luas lines in a bid to encourage people to pick up some Irish published books. Programme Director of Dublin Books Festival, Julianne Mooney, explains how it will all happen.


    Singlehood is a hilarious and uplifiting comedy exploring the art of being single. After a string of sell-out performances, it returned to the stage this Autumn. Dave chats with two of the show's 7 performers, stand-up comics PJ Gallager and Eric Lalor.

    Sunday 26th October

    Christmas Book of Irish Mammies

    “It’s earlier tis getting – the Christmas Book of Irish Mammies” is the latest book in the Irish Mammy series and its author, well known comedian Colm O’Regan explains just why an Irish Mammy Christmas is the best kind.

    Blood: Not For The Faint Hearted

    Whether you have a fascination with it or whether it grosses you out, blood is something we all have, we all need and we all wouldn’t be here without. Professor Emeritus of Haematology and Academic Medicine at T.C.D Shaun McCann shines a light on the red stuff we all love or hate.

    Horror Movie Clichés

    With Halloween just around the corner, Chris Wasser picks apart the best and worst horror movie clichés of the last fifty years, from backseat baddies and ghouls in the mirror to clueless teens and demonic children.

    Jimmy Page

    Dave interviews Jimmy Page as Led Zepplin IV is re-released this week with all the trimmings. It is one of the biggest selling albums of all time in the United States, with in excess of 30 million sales of the album.

    Saturday 25th October

    Movies and DVDs

    Film Critic Sue Murphy talks about 'The Babadook', 'Fury' and 'Serena' which are all new at the cinema this week.

    Noel Hogan

    Noel Hogan made a name for himself as the guitarist with The Cranberries. These days Noel is focusing more on being a music producer.

    The Stig

    Dave talks to professional racing driver The Stig (Ben Collins) about the years he spent on Top Gear as the anonymous racing car driver who has written a book called 'How to Drive'. The Stig is also a stunt double for James Bond, most recently in Quantam of Solace.


    Monopoly is one of the biggest selling board games of all time, with more than 275 million games sold worldwide. As Monopoly turns 80 this year Dave chats with Victor Gannon about the history of Monopoly and about why it's the most loved board game ever invented.

    Moone Boy

    Moone Boy is the very successful and funny sitcom set in Ireland in the late 80s/early 90s. Dave chats to it's two creators Chris O'Dowd and Nick Vincent Murphy.

    Sunday 19th October

    Maisie Williams - Interview

    You might know her best as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, but she's currently starring in the new film Gold.

    John Lydon/Johnny Rotten - Interview

    For four decades as Johnny Rotten and John Lydon, on record, on stage and on TV he has been there - somewhere and now he has compiled an ‘uncensored’ account of his life to date.

    Saturday 18th October

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie critic Paul Whittington talks about new releases at the cinema 'The Judge,' 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and 'The Best of Me'. He also recommends 'Grace of Monaco' for those wishing to rent a DVD instead.

    Billy Bragg

    Earlier this week three guitars from the late Pogues guitarist Philip Chevron were presented to Mountjoy Prison by musician Billy Bragg.


    John Geraghty runs the website www.publin.ie, a guide to Dublin's pubs and watering holes.

    Finance for Couples

    Sinead Ryan, Finance Journalist, gives some tips on how to better manage finances when in a relationship.

    Richard Coles

    Richard Coles of the Communards also played Tom from Bridget Jones Diary and less than 10 years after that he was announced as the Reverend Richard Coles in Lincoln Cathedral. He has now jotted everything down in a new memoir Fathomless Riches: Or How I went from Pop to Pulpit.

    Sunday 12th October

    Mixed Martial Arts

    Aisling Daly, aka Ais The Bash, is a 26 year old Dubliner who has been a professional MMA competitor since 2007, and an MMA World Champion. Right now, she’s one of the contestants on The Ultimate Fighter TV series…

    Internet Trolling

    Angela Nagle from the School of Communications in D.C.U discusses the topic of Internet Trolling, where Internet users anonymously engage in malicious online behaviour by stalking and leaving offensive comments in a bid to start flame wars.

    Marta Kaufmann

    Dave interviews Co-Creator, Marta Kaufmann, about the legendary sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, a show about six 20-somethings living in New York City. The show has just celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

    Childhood Homes

    No matter how long it's been since you've flown the nest, you always refer to your childhood home as 'home'. But did you ever stop and think how you would feel when the time comes to sell that home? Anna Nolan and Fiona Murray share their memories of letting go their childhood homes.

    Saturday 11th October

    Movies and DVDs

    Film Critic Sue Murphy talks about 'Annabelle', 'The Maze Runner' and '71' which are all new at the cinema this week. She also chats about 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' and 'Joe'.

    U2 Exclusive

    Bono talks to Dave about 2 new songs, The Crystal Ballroom and Lucifer’s Hands on the U2 Songs of Innocence CD... Also Frank Murray, former Pogues manager, remembers Bill Fuller, legendary former owner of The Crystal Ballroom.

    Happy Pear Boys

    Authors of cookbook, The Happy Pear, Stephen and David Flynn, have managed to do just stand out in a world full of chefs. Previously meat eating, rugby playing, party loving college students, the decision to do a bit of detoxing lead them to a vegan lifestyle.

    Francis Brennan's Guide to Life

    Francis Brennan is one of TV's most loved personalities so it's no surprise that someone had the idea of getting him to write a book giving us his guide to life... the RIGHT way to do just about everything. Francis is a man of impeccable manners and has a great philosophy when it comes to life.

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