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    Sunday 22nd November

    Dave Fanning Show: Joe O' Herlihy

    Dave talks to U2s audio director Joe O' Herlihy about the Songs of Innocence tour.

    Saturday 21st November

    Digital Detox

    If you think about it, our phones hold our entire lives these days, so the question is, would you be able to give up your phone? That means no calls, no texts, no Facebook or Snapchat. We set the challenge to our colleague Nicola Bardon to give up her phone for the past five days. She tells us how she got on.


    Movie Critic Paul Whitington chats about what movies are new at the cinema this week including 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Pt.2', 'Steve McQueen - The Man & Les Mans' and 'The Perfect Guy.'

    50 Ways To Kill My Mammy

    Nancy Ashmawy chats with Dave about '50 Ways to Kill My Mammy' being nominated for an International Emmy Award.


    Lisa Sisk, Co-Owner of a shop called This Is Knit, along with Conor Hanratty and Mark Dwyer join Dave in studio to talk about the joys of knitting.

    Jerry Fish and the Mariachi Band

    Jerry Fish and the San Patricio Mariachi Band join Dave in studio to talk about the Electric Sideshow.

    Sunday 15th November


    Movie Critic Paul Whitington talks about all the new movies out this week including 'Steve Jobs' and 'Fathers and Daughters'.

    BUD Book Club

    A book club with a difference has recently started in Dublin. It's called BUD book club and it brings together the homeless of Dublin get together and discuss the books they are reading.


    A new documentary called 'Sugarcoated' premiered last week and it's about how the food industry seduced the world one spoonful at a time.

    Saturday 14th November

    Paul O'Grady

    Paul O'Grady has just released his fourth autobiography and he spoke to Dave about the book, his love of animals and his life in showbiz.

    Marital Surnames

    When Chris O'Brien got married, he decided to take his wife's surname. He spoke to Dave about his decision.

    Paris Attacks

    Stephen Carroll is the Business Editor for France 24 and he joined Dave on the line from Paris to speak about the tragic events that happened in the city last night.


    U2 were due to play in Paris tonight and tomorrow night but have cancelled their concerts following the tragic events that took place last night. Bono joined Dave on the line to talk about what happened in Paris.

    Sunday 8th November

    Brian Lloyd discusses Product Placement in Movies

    Film buff Brian M Lloyd discusses product placement in Spectre and other movies.

    Fashion with Darren Kennedy

    Fashion writer and broadcaster Darren Kennedy gives men's style tips.

    Dietician Sarah Keogh on Eating Clean

    Dietician Sarah Keogh talks to Dave about 'Clean-Eating' and the problems associated with it.

    Saturday 7th November

    The Two Larrys

    Larry Gogan and Dave chat about Larry's interview with Larry Mullen Jr.

    Web Summit News

    If the Web Summit passed you by worry not because Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor with the Irish Independent has been at the Web Summit all week and he tells us what we need to know.

    Kill Your Friends

    A new movie called 'Kill Your Friends' is just out in cinemas. It's about an A&R guy during the heady days of Britpop who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims...

    Work Place Stress

    Patricia Murray is a Work Psychologist with the Health and Safety Autohrity and she talks us through to to manage work place stress.


    In Ireland we don't have a tradition of indoor festivals but this weekend that is all about to change as the RDS hosts Ireland's first indoor music festival. It's called Metropolis and Dave Parle, one of the organisers is busy doing the final preparations.

    Music Stories of the Week

    Conor Behan gives a run down of all this weeks hot music news. He covers a range of stories including Adele's talk about how working with Damon Albarn was a disappointment, Oasis announcing a new documentary and Katy Perry topping poll of the highest paid women in music.

    Sunday 1st November

    Cursed Movies

    Superman, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Exorcist - were these movies cursed? Brian Redden is on with Dave now...

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Earlier this week, the magazine Country Life gave us a list of 39 things a man must be or do in order to be considered a Modern Gentleman. Then, on Friday, the Daily Mail responded with an article on 39 ways a woman shows she’s a lady.

    The Bearded Doppleganger from the plane!

    Doppleganger Neil Thomas Douglas is with Dave next... did you see the photo on the plane with his bearded twin?

    Alan Silvestri

    Alan Silvestri is an American composer and conductor who works in film and television - he joins Dave

    Saturday 31st October

    New Movies

    Movie Critic Paul Whitington chats about new movies 'Listen to me Marlon', 'Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution', and 'Taxi Teheran'.

    Legless in Dublin

    Freelance Journalist and Author of 'Legless in Dublin', Louise Bruton set out to investigate which bars, restaurants, work out classes and a whole host of other services make getting around easier for wheelchair-bound individuals.

    The Spice Bag

    First it was curry chips, then chicken balls, then it was the 3in1 but now JustEat.ie have revealed that The Spice Bag is now Ireland's favourite takeaway dish. Journalist Emily Diebold has been on a mission to find out more about just what exactly is in The Spice Bag and what the hype is all about.

    Eamonn DeValera

    When you say the name Eamonn DeValera, many think...former President of Ireland... But apart from that, Eamon DeValera was a mathematician and a very successful one. Des McHale, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at UCC, talks about Dev's prowess at the sums.

    Sunday 25th October


    Dr James Matthews Sports Psychologist from UCD gives first-time marathon runners some tips in advance of the Dublin City Marathon.

    Hardy Bucks

    They're Back. The Hardy Bucks. Enough said!

    Giving Out Yards

    Tara Flynn talks to Dave about her new book Giving Out Yards - The Art of Complaint Irish Style.

    The Waterboys

    Dave interviews Mike Scott of The Waterboys about their trip to Nashville and working with American musicians which has brought Southern soul influences to their music.

    Saturday 24th October

    New Movies

    Film reviewer Paul Whittington joined Dave in studio to talk about new movies.

    What's on This Weekend

    Journalist Tanya Sweeney was in studio to tell us what's going on around the country this weekend.

    Clocks and Why We Change Them

    Scientist Niamh Shaw joined Dave in studio to talk about we change our clocks.

    Joe Duffy - 1916, Movies and Music

    Joe Duffy was in to speak about his new book 'Children of the Rising', as well as his favourite music and movies.

    Sunday 18th October

    Dave Fanning Show: Colin Farrell

    Colin Farrell talks to Dave about his new movie The Lobster

    Dave Fanning Show The Mercury Music Prize Nominations 2015

    The Mercury Music Prize Nominations 2015 with Simon Maher

    Dave Fanning Show:A Potted History of Horror Movies

    A Potted History of Horror Movies with Director Brian Reddin

    Dave Fanning Show 'Good Night and Good Riddance'

    David Cavanagh on his book Good Night and Good Riddance about legendary BBC DJ John Peel.

    Saturday 17th October

    Most Rewatchable Movies

    Brian Lloyd chats with Dave about some of the films we watch again and again.

    Dream Analysis

    Dreams are a big part of our sleep pattern, whether it is a happy one or a nightmare. But what do these dreams mean?

    Bram Stoker Festival

    Over the last number of days Dracula has been tormenting 2fm listeners... He’s driving them crazy and everyone is on the hunt for him. One place you will definitely find him is at the Bram Stoker Festival next weekend...

    Surviving Ireland

    Colm Tobin chats with Dave about his new book 'Surviving Ireland' where he takes in everything including Culture and politics, town and country, food and drink, birth, death and everything in between. So how do the Irish deal with snow?.. Find out in the pages of 'Surviving Ireland.'

    Sunday 11th October

    Guy Garvey

    Guy spoke to Dave about releasing his first solo album Courting the Squall (release date: 30th October 2015) Guy will continue his work with Elbow alongside his solo career. Guy also told Dave about having to turn down a role in the Game of Thrones!! Guy Will be playing The Olympia Theatre on 7th December 2015. Tickets on sale now.

    David Llewllyn -Cider Maker

    David Llewllyn tells Dave what it's like to run your own cider making company and how people can make cider in their kitchen.


    If you have been watching RTE’s new crime show, Clean Break, then you will love this interview with the writer of the show.

    Saturday 10th October

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie Critic Paul Whitington chats with Dave about new movies out at the cinema this week: 'Sicario', 'Suffragette' and 'Red Army'.

    Strictly Come Dancing

    Daniel O Donnell isn't the only Irish person flying the flag on Strictly Come Dancing. Underneath the sequins and fake tan, you will find dancer Tristan MacManus who comes from Bray in Co. Wicklow. He chats with Dave to talk about how he landed himself work on Strictly.

    What's In Our Food?

    Joanna Blythman is an investigative food journalist who, for many years now, has been looking at practices in the food industry and she tells us what she has found.

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