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    Saturday 25th April

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie Critic Paul Whitington talks about The Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Falling and The Good Lie which are all out at the cinema this week.

    Game of Thrones Animals

    If you're a fan of Game of Thrones you will know all about the actors in it... But you may not have given a thought to who supplies the four legged animals who also star in the hit HBO series. Kenny Gracey, from Co. Armagh, has reared many of the pigs, sheep, chickens and horses which have been used in the show.

    Fat Bergs

    There was a story during the week about a ten tonne fat berg, a lump of congealed fat and waste that was so long and heavy that it broke a sewer in London. So are fat bergs a problem in this country on our sewers? Dr Tom Curran from UCD is an expert on this and he tells us how they come about and how they can be prevented.

    Voice Coaching

    Whenever you hear American actors doing Irish accents, it can be a little bit cringy to say the least. Emmet Kirwan is an actor and a writer but his job recently was to make sure that Hollywood actor toni Colette pulled off a good Dublin accent in Irish film Glassland. We find out how it went.

    The Popularity of Darts

    So how did Darts become so popular? Online Editor of The Sunday World, Sean Nolan fills us in. We also chat with Robyn Byrne, 17 year old European Champion and World Masters Darts player.

    Sunday 19th April

    Music Documentaries

    Simon Maher is in studio to talk about Montage of Heck, and, pick out some of the best music documentaries on offer.

    Finders International

    Finders International are professional heir hunters or probate genealogists, who feature on the BBC series Heir Hunters and they search for relatives of people who have passed away without any living known heirs and who have failed to make a will. findersinternational.co.uk


    Glassland is the second feature film from writer/director Gerard Barrett starring Jack Reynor. Jack and Gerard join Dave in studio.

    Saturday 18th April

    Movies and DVDs

    Sue Murphy talks about what is new out at the cinema this week and also what is new out on DVD.

    Kids? No thanks!

    A new book has been making headlines in the United States recently… “Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not To Have Kids'. Vicki Notaro is a journalist who also feels this way.

    Fade Out Lines

    The song Fade Out Lines has gone to number one all over Europe, topping the charts worldwide. What not many people know is that the song is co-written by an Irish guy, Craig Walker, from Power of Dreams along with Phoebe Killdeer. The song was originally called The Fade Out Line and was sung by Phoebe Killdeer and the Shortstraws.

    Sunday 12th April

    Girl In A Band

    Kim Gordon guitarist, bassist and vocalist with Sonic Youth on her book 'Girl In A Band'

    Hollywood 'Go-To' casting director Margery Simkin

    Hollywood 'Go-To' casting director Margery Simkin on casting Avatar, Top Gun, Erin Brokovich and discovering Johnny Depp.

    Photographer Stephen Wright on his famous picture of The Smiths

    Photographer Stephen Wright on capturing the famous image of The Smiths outside Salford Lads Club for The Queen is Dead Album.


    Its 40 Years since the movie Jaws first scared the life out of cinema-goers. Arts journalist John Byrne talks about the making of the first summer blockbuster film.

    The Village Effect: Why Face- to- Face Contact Matters

    Susan Pinker on her book The Village Effect: Why Face- to- Face Contact Matters.

    Saturday 11th April

    Movies and DVDs

    Three movies this week... 'John Wick' starring Keanu Reeves, 'The Duff' - a High School team comedy, and 'Good Kill' with Ethan Hawke... Rory Cashin from State.ie is here to give a run down and his verdict.

    Bluffers Guide to Horse Racing and the Grand National

    The Grand National is one of those races that everyone gets caught up in, no matter what your knowledge of horse racing actually is... One woman who can tell us everything about horse racing will be presenting RTE's coverage of the Grand National on TV this afternoon, Tracey Piggott.

    Shore Shots

    Surfing is little talked about here but Shore Shots Festival is helping to change all that... Former Irish Team Surfer Allan Mulrooney tells us about it.

    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis has just released an autobiography entitled “Interesting” which incidentally was his Spitting Image puppet’s nickname, playing on Davis’s undeserved reputation for being boring...

    Sunday 5th April

    Actors Turned Musicians

    Roisin Dwyer from Hotpress has been looking at the musicians who have carved out careers for themselves on the silver screen and proved themselves masters of both domains…

    Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe makes his directorial debut behind the camera in The Water Diviner… and it’s clear from the first frame that this is just the start of a whole new chapter in his career.

    History of Chocolate at Easter

    No doubt countless of you are gleefully tucking into your chocolate Easter Eggs this morning but did you ever stop and wonder why on earth we celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs? Catherine Cleary is a food writer with The Irish Times and she knows exactly how it all happened…

    David Chase

    Dave chats with TV Writer and Producer David Chase who is responsible for creating one of the greatest TV shows ever made: The Sopranos.

    Saturday 4th April

    Kim Cattrall

    Kim Cattrall chats with Dave about her new show Sensitive Skin which centers around a former model and actress in a middle-aged crisis.

    Live Streaming

    Technology Expert Adrian Weckler discusses live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope which are the next big things in social media. Both apps allow anyone with a mobile connection to live stream what they are doing at any given point.

    Second Album Syndrome

    Difficult Second Album Syndrome is not just a throwaway term, but is a very real issue for musicians who try to follow up a successful debut. Irish Independent Music Journalist John Meagher explains.

    Cynthia Lennon

    Dave revisits an interview he did with Cynthia Lennon about her book 'John'. Cynthia was the ex-Wife of John Lennon and she died earlier this week.

    Sunday 29th March

    Director Kenneth Branagh

    Director Kenneth Branagh on his new movie Cinderella.

    Star Wars Rebels Artist Killian Plunkett

    Star Wars Rebels Artist Kilian Plunkett talks about creating Star Wars characters

    History and the Movies

    Donal Fallon of the Come Here to Me Blog looks at how Hollywood treats history.

    What's on over Easter

    Festival fanatic Mark Graham gives his round-up of What's On over Easter

    Saturday 28th March

    Movies with Rory Cashin

    State.ie Movie Reviewer Rory Cashin on new releases Cinderella, Get Hard, Wild Tales

    Can you Teach Adults New Tricks?

    Swim Ireland Education Officer Sharon Treacy and Paul Boylan Driving Instructor

    Buried Treasure with Dan Hegarty

    2fm DJ Dan Hegarty on his new book Buried Treasure: Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowded Albums.

    Scriptwriting for TV

    Carmel Callan from RTE's Fair City and Peter McKenna from TV3's Red Rock

    Saturday 21st March

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie Critic Paul Whitington gives a run down of what's new out at the cinema and on DVD this week.

    Depeche Mode

    Music Critic John Meagher is here to look back at the best selling album from Depeche Mode 'Violator' which was released 25 years ago this month and has since become a classic album.

    Road to the Rising

    For one day only, O'Connell Street will be transported back to the year 1915, the year before the Easter Rising happened. The event is called Road to the Rising and you can get involved in recreating the atmosphere of Dublin back then. Goretti Slavin explains what it's all about.

    Australian Soaps

    This week marks the 30th anniversary of the Australian soap Neighbours but it's not the only Aussie soap to have been a massive hit internationally. What is the secret to their success and why have so many former stars hit the big time after leaving these soaps? Fiona Flynn, TV Editor with Entertainment.ie fills us in.

    Only Child -v- Big Family

    What is it like growing up in a big family or as an only child? If you come from one of those family situations, it's impossible to understand what life is like for someone who comes from the opposite. Breda Brown is one of six children and Aleesha Tully is an only child. They share what life is like for them.

    Sunday 15th March

    The Ides of March

    Ronan Casey, author of Medium Sized Town Fairly Big Story, has the meaning behind many of the cliches and phrases we use daily.

    Turning Into Your Mother

    Lucy Kennedy, presenter, Triona McCarthy, beauty columnist, and Claire Micks discuss their mothers, being mothers, and how they have become just like their mothers.

    Modern Trad

    Dave is joined in studio by Ellen Cranitch from RTE lyric fm's Grace Notes programme and Jim Lockhart from the Horslips to discuss Irish music in today's world.

    Saturday 14th March

    Movies, DVD's and one's to watch

    Sue Murphy has the latest movies, DVD's and one's to watch on the big and small screen this weekend.

    Weird Celebrity Obsessions

    From Sarah Brightman's dream trip to space to Amanda Seyfried's collection of taxidermied animals, Sarah McIntyre from RTE TEN has the latest and weirdest obsessions from celebrities.

    The man behind Obama's bowl of Shamrock

    Dave spoke with Peter Martin from Kerry. He is responsible for growing the presidential bowl of Shamrock that will be handed over from Enda Kenny to Barack Obama this week.

    Face Shaving for Women

    Aisling McDermott, beauty writer with The Irish Times, spoke to Dave about the latest beauty trend for women, shaving their faces.

    Sunday 8th March

    Hotpress 900th edition

    Celebrating 900 editions of Irish music magazine Hotpress with Niall Stokes and Stuart Clark

    The 2116Vision project

    Director Alan Gilsenan calling for submissions to the 2116Vision project in association with RTÉ 2. http://2116vision.ie/

    Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

    Kevin Westley on his plan to buy up St Patrick’s Day T-Shirts that he considers offensive.

    The Slow Movement

    Ambassador for The Slow Movement, Carl Honore talks to Dave about Slow TV and the philosophy of The Slow Movement.

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