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    Sunday 24th May

    Warm Showers

    Michelle Hardiman and Julian Bloomer talk about Warm Showers, a community of cycle tourists who couch surf... a cheaper way to see the world.

    Ricky Hatton

    World Champion Boxer Ricky Hatton talks about his new book: Ricky Hatton's Vegas Tales.

    Buying and Selling Art

    Last week a Picasso Painting sold at a record $179m. Frank Dunphy, Former-manager of Art-star Damien Hirst, talks about the financial side of art and about what makes art so expensive and worth the money.

    Saturday 23rd May

    Donal Og Cusack

    Cork Hurler and Gay Rights Campaigner Donal Og Cusack gives Dave his reaction to the Marriage Referendum.

    Embarrassing Moments in Pop

    Jennifer Gannon of State.ie looks back at some famous embarrassing moments in pop.

    Great Lighthouses of Ireland

    Twelve of Ireland’s lighthouses are opening up as accommodation for visitors... Captain Robert McCabe, who is the Director of Operations and Navigation at the Commissioners of Irish Lights tells us more...


    It’s coming into summer and people are thinking about what to do on their holidays and one option that seems to be coming back into fashion and growing in popularity is camping. Mark Evans and Pat Fitzpatrick share their feelings on an increasingly popular holiday option.

    Gay Marriage Referendum

    Dave takes a call with Political Correspondent, Martina Fitzgerald, about the same-sex marriage referendum which occurred yesterday. Today the votes are being counted and the country waits in anticipation to hear the result.

    Sunday 17th May

    Pint of Science

    Niamh spoke to Dave to tell him about the Pint of Science festival that starts on Monday 18th. Its a science festival that takes place in pubs!

    Niamh Shaw | Space

    Dave chats to Niamh in studio about the space stuides course in NASA she is about to undertake.

    Ross Noble

    Dave chats to comedian and actor Ross Noble

    Saturday 16th May

    Lake Bell

    Stephen chats with Lake Bell, who you might know from a whole host of movies and TV shows including 'Boston Legal' or 'It's Complicated'...

    Mac DeMarco

    Stephen interviews Mac DeMarco about his album Salad Days and what he has been up to since the album release last year.

    TV Characters

    Mike Sheridan from Entertainment.ie chats with Stephen about when main characters leave TV Shows.

    Harry Shearer

    Stephen chats with Harry Shearer, the man who voiced many of the characters from The Simpson that we know and love... Smithers, Skinner, Rvd. Lovejoy and many more.

    Sunday 10th May

    'As Themselves'

    'As Themselves' Brian Lloyd looks at celebrity movie cameos.

    Scotland's great contributions

    Proud Scotsman Johnnie Craig talks about Scotland's great contributions to the world.

    Corona Fastnet Film Festival

    Film Director Jim Sheridan on the Corona Fastnet Film Festival

    Gaz Coombes

    Ex Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes on his new album Matador

    Saturday 9th May

    New Movie Releases

    Rory Cashin from State.ie on the week's new movie releases.


    Brian Burke talks to Dave from Rockabill Island where he's spending three months studying birds.


    Peter Lewis Careers Advisor Dublin Insitute of Technology and Joe O' Connor Organiser with Impact Trade Union.

    Battling Obesity

    Fitness expert Karl Henry with tips to battle obesity.

    The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

    Hotelier Francis Brennan gets Dave ready for holidays with some packing advice.

    Sunday 3rd May


    Joey Burns from Calexico on their new album Edge of the Sun

    Simon Byrne

    Simon Byrne climbed 454 mountain peaks in Ireland last year. He dropped into the studio to talk to Dave.

    Weight Watchers

    Sinead Mooney talks about Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch who died aged 91 this week.

    Saturday 2nd May

    Movies and DVDs

    State.ie's Rory Cashin give a review of Unfriended, Get Up And Go and Far From the Madding Crowd which are all new out at the cinema this week. He also take a look at Birdman which is new out on DVD this week.

    Starting a Record Label

    Starting your own record label is one of those dream jobs. Although in today’s climate with record labels closing and people illegally downloading music or relying more on streaming services, you might be considered a bit mad. Dan Finnegan is one half of Paper Trail Records and he tells us why they decided to set up a record label.

    Historical Fiction

    Hazel Gaynor is an author of historical fiction but not just any kind of historical fiction, she writes historical romantic fiction. So how did Hazel go from struggling writer to award winning author and what tips does she have for those of you writing either or both historical and romantic fiction.

    Live Below The Line

    One woman who has had to think about every single cent she spent on food and drink this week is Katie Mahon, who has just finished the Live Below The Line Challenge… She tells us how she got on.

    Film Locations as Holiday Spots

    From New Zealand to New York, from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts to Jaws’ Martha’s Vineyard, movie locations make for great sight seeing and if you’re wondering where are the best spots, travel journalist Manchán Magan tells us more.

    Sunday 26th April

    Aileen Dillane - Songs of Social Protest

    Songs of Social Protest is a 3 day conference being held at University of Limerick from April 29th to May 1st.

    Alan Rickman

    Dave interview Alan Rickman about his acting career to date and about his new movie, A Little Chaos, which he both stars in and directs.

    Saturday 25th April

    Movies and DVDs

    Movie Critic Paul Whitington talks about The Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Falling and The Good Lie which are all out at the cinema this week.

    Game of Thrones Animals

    If you're a fan of Game of Thrones you will know all about the actors in it... But you may not have given a thought to who supplies the four legged animals who also star in the hit HBO series. Kenny Gracey, from Co. Armagh, has reared many of the pigs, sheep, chickens and horses which have been used in the show.

    Fat Bergs

    There was a story during the week about a ten tonne fat berg, a lump of congealed fat and waste that was so long and heavy that it broke a sewer in London. So are fat bergs a problem in this country on our sewers? Dr Tom Curran from UCD is an expert on this and he tells us how they come about and how they can be prevented.

    Voice Coaching

    Whenever you hear American actors doing Irish accents, it can be a little bit cringy to say the least. Emmet Kirwan is an actor and a writer but his job recently was to make sure that Hollywood actor toni Colette pulled off a good Dublin accent in Irish film Glassland. We find out how it went.

    The Popularity of Darts

    So how did Darts become so popular? Online Editor of The Sunday World, Sean Nolan fills us in. We also chat with Robyn Byrne, 17 year old European Champion and World Masters Darts player.

    Sunday 19th April

    Music Documentaries

    Simon Maher is in studio to talk about Montage of Heck, and, pick out some of the best music documentaries on offer.

    Finders International

    Finders International are professional heir hunters or probate genealogists, who feature on the BBC series Heir Hunters and they search for relatives of people who have passed away without any living known heirs and who have failed to make a will. findersinternational.co.uk


    Glassland is the second feature film from writer/director Gerard Barrett starring Jack Reynor. Jack and Gerard join Dave in studio.

    Saturday 18th April

    Movies and DVDs

    Sue Murphy talks about what is new out at the cinema this week and also what is new out on DVD.

    Kids? No thanks!

    A new book has been making headlines in the United States recently… “Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not To Have Kids'. Vicki Notaro is a journalist who also feels this way.

    Fade Out Lines

    The song Fade Out Lines has gone to number one all over Europe, topping the charts worldwide. What not many people know is that the song is co-written by an Irish guy, Craig Walker, from Power of Dreams along with Phoebe Killdeer. The song was originally called The Fade Out Line and was sung by Phoebe Killdeer and the Shortstraws.

    Sunday 12th April

    Girl In A Band

    Kim Gordon guitarist, bassist and vocalist with Sonic Youth on her book 'Girl In A Band'

    Hollywood 'Go-To' casting director Margery Simkin

    Hollywood 'Go-To' casting director Margery Simkin on casting Avatar, Top Gun, Erin Brokovich and discovering Johnny Depp.

    Photographer Stephen Wright on his famous picture of The Smiths

    Photographer Stephen Wright on capturing the famous image of The Smiths outside Salford Lads Club for The Queen is Dead Album.


    Its 40 Years since the movie Jaws first scared the life out of cinema-goers. Arts journalist John Byrne talks about the making of the first summer blockbuster film.

    The Village Effect: Why Face- to- Face Contact Matters

    Susan Pinker on her book The Village Effect: Why Face- to- Face Contact Matters.

    Saturday 11th April

    Movies and DVDs

    Three movies this week... 'John Wick' starring Keanu Reeves, 'The Duff' - a High School team comedy, and 'Good Kill' with Ethan Hawke... Rory Cashin from State.ie is here to give a run down and his verdict.

    Bluffers Guide to Horse Racing and the Grand National

    The Grand National is one of those races that everyone gets caught up in, no matter what your knowledge of horse racing actually is... One woman who can tell us everything about horse racing will be presenting RTE's coverage of the Grand National on TV this afternoon, Tracey Piggott.

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