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    Sunday 27th September

    Refugee Hero

    Jamal Oulel, one of the founders of RefugeeHero.com joins Dave. The aim of the website is to offer temporary accomodation to refugees.

    Cereal Killer Café Protest

    Last night the Cereal Killer Café was attacked by a group of protesters. Owner Alan Keery joins Dave on the line.

    Glen Hansard

    Glen Hansard joins Dave on the line to chat about his new album Didn't He Ramble.

    Saturday 26th September

    Movies and DVDs

    Paul Whitington gives a rundown of what films are new out at the cinema and on DVD this week.

    Stuff We No Longer Do

    The telephone box has virtually disappeared and you’d be laughed out of a shop if you asked for a disposable camera. But what other things have all but died out in Ireland over the last number of years. Cormac Battle has been taking a look


    Earlier this week, there were signs that the government may be set to review prenuptial agreements. Solicitor Paula Duffy, a specialist in Family Law talks about the current situation with Prenups in Ireland.

    Silent Sidelines

    Many a Saturday morming sees parents all over the country taking their children to play sport with local clubs. Are you one of those parents who shouts and roars instructions to your kid while berating the ref from the sidelines?

    Sunday 20th September

    Orion - The Man Who Would Be King

    Ever heard of Jimmy Ellis? Some people thought he was Elvis back from the dead!! Jeanie Finlay has made a documentary about him, and she joins us on the line...

    Speed Flat-mating

    Aidan Coughlan of LovinDublin is on the line to chat about their new Speed Flat-mating events.

    Stig Edgren

    Event Producer Stig Edgren is bringing a Beatles Experience to people around the world (as well as producing events for the Pope, Cher and US Presidents!)

    Men Who Hate Sport!

    Alan Corr, Allan Cavanagh and Anthony Griffin all hate sport! For the day that's in it (All-Ireland Final Day) they join Dave!

    Saturday 19th September

    Movies and DVDs

    Brian Lloyd gives a rundown of what movies are new out at the cinema and on DVD this week.

    Acceptable in 2015

    Cormac Battle talks about how some actions which were once unacceptable have now become acceptable in 2015. Plank of wood as a dinner place anyone?

    Head Transplant

    The first ever human head transplant is due to take place in 2017. It’s to be performed by an Italian neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero who says he already has a volunteer... Freelance Science Writer Fintan Burke talks about how such a procedure might happen and what it could mean for medicine is freelance Science Writer Fintan Burke...

    Al Porter

    Funny man Al Porter shares his favourite movies and music with Dave.

    Sunday 13th September

    Jagged Little Pill Sing-a-long party

    Jagged Little Pill Sing-a-long party. Aoife McElwain is organising a party to mark 20 years of the album.

    AW15 Fashion Trends

    Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015 with fashion journalist Rosa Abbott


    Jane Suiter talks to Dave about having Blur as her wedding band.

    Sleeping Habits

    Sleep physiologist from The Insomnia Clinic Breege Leddy gives tips on how to improve our sleeping habits.


    Tony Reilly from TheEffect.net talks to Dave about the growth of a new type of cyber crime called Ransomware.

    Saturday 12th September

    Autumn TV

    Taragh Loughrey Grant has been looking at what's on offer for us on telly over the next couple of months.

    Weird Apps

    There are some apps out there that you have to wonder who on earth downloads and uses them! Ciara King has been researching some of the more unusual apps out there.

    Compliment or Sexism?

    Aoife Bannon and Arlene Hunt talk about compliments v's sexism. With such a blurry line between the two, when is a compliment just a compliment and when it is sexism? Have women become too sensitive or do they have every right to react?

    Fair City

    Executive Producer of Fair City, Brigie DeCourcey chats with Dave about what it takes to run a soap. She talks about what it's like to be in charge of everything from the extras, to the stage sets, to the scripts.

    Sunday 6th September

    Tea Fest 2015

    Host of Tea Fest 2015 Kat Moiselle was here to tell us what to expect from the upcoming Tea Fest

    US Presidential Race

    Former RTE Washington Correspondent Carole Coleman dropped into studio to bring us up to date as it were, on the continuing saga.

    Silly Season

    Dave O' Connell was in to talk about what happens to the news when there is no news... It's the silly season!

    Saturday 5th September

    New Release Movies

    Movie Critic Paul Whitington give a rundown of the new movies out this week. He chats about No Escape, Ricki and the Flash, and Cartel Land, all of which are new at the cinema.

    Vacation Photography

    Now you can hire a photographer to accompany you on your holiday to take professional holiday photos. Nicole Smith, CEO and Hounder of Flytographer, tells us more.

    How Bands Got Their Names

    Would some of the most famous bands of all time have conquered the world without their iconic titles? Journalist Chris Wasser runs through some of the biggest band names and where they came from.

    Memorabilia Auction

    There's a very specific auction taking place next week - the Rock n Roll and Other Inflatables Memorabilia auction. It features giant inflatables from iconic moments in music. Business Development Manager with Durrant's Auction House, Dominic Parravani, talks about what's up for auction.

    Bob Geldof

    Dave returns to an interview he had earlier this week with Bob Geldof. They talk about the migrant crisis.

    Student Accommodation

    The college year has kicked off and the new batch of students are looking for somewhere to live at a time when there's a real housing crisis out there. Figures this year show 62% of 3rd level students are commuting to college. Kevin Donoghue from the Union of Students in Ireland gives a few tips on how to approach the whole renting situation.

    Electric Picnic

    So already thousands are camped out at Electric Picnic and the site is more than twice the size it was in 2012. So many stages, food stalls, bars...not to mention a circus, some showers and a fun fair... along with 50,000 people. Pearse Doherty is the man who's going to make sure everything runs smoothly. He's the Electric Picnic site manager.

    Sunday 30th August

    The Running Man Robot

    This award-winning robot called Running Man has been designed specifically to help people during disasters - Robotics expert Kenneth Ford is up this hour!

    Peru Hop

    Irish man Will Whelan is one of the co-founders of Peru Hop, a hop-on-hop-off bus service in Peru, but how did he get there? Dave chats with him from Peru...

    The Library of Things

    London have a Library of Things - where you can borrow 'things' you need! Emma Shaw, one of the founders is on the line...


    Refrigeration has changed the world - and Tom Jackson is up in a sec to tell us how much!

    Saturday 29th August

    New Movies for Autumn

    Brian Lloyd give a run through of some new movies that are coming up for Autumn.

    Musicians Turned Writers

    Morrissey is set to publish his debut novel next month. By doing so, he joins a long list of musicians who have tried their hand at writing a novel. Simon Maher has been assessing the works of various musicians and he tells Dave about his findings.

    David Kitt

    David chats to Dave about equipment which was stolen from his car in Rathmines in Dublin on Thursday night. His laptop and iPad were stolen outside Blackbird at around 9pm.

    Red Carpet Agency

    Now and again when a nightclub or a new product is launched, there'll be a celebrity drafted in to do the honours, pose for photos, give a speech, all in a bid to create publicity for the event. Neill Kelly and Paddy McInerney decided, during the recession, to set up the Red Carpet Agency, bringing celebs from the world over to events in Ireland.

    Girl Crew

    You know what it's like when you want to go on a night out and none of your friends are up for it? This happened to Elva Carri but she decided to take matters into her own hands and find other new friends. She used the dating app Tinder and set herself up as 'Male' and found hundreds of girls who wanted to go out dancing.

    Sunday 9th August

    The Joys of Singlehood

    Emer McLysaght from TheDailyEdge.ie is in studio with Louise...

    Fashion Films and Documentaries

    Fashion blogger Sinead Burke AKA Minnie Melange has been to see Iris and she gives her verdict.

    Women's Museum of Ireland Map

    The Women's Museum of Ireland are looking to create a Women's History Map. Kate Cunningham is one of the people behind it.

    Saturday 8th August

    Movie Reviews

    Fantastic Four, Pixels and Spongebob (DVD)

    Dublin Zine Fair

    Dublin Zine Fair founder Sarah Bracken is on the line...

    Best Friends and Babies

    Psychologist Allison Keating

    Can you cross Dublin without crossing a pub?

    John Geraghty of Publin.ie joins Louise

    Trophy Hunter Photographer - David Chancellor

    David is an award winning photographer who specialises in photos of Trophy Hunters

    Bressie - Ironman 70.3

    Tomorrow Bressie is braving the cold waters, to kick off the Ironman 70.3.

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