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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Wednesday 2 July 2014


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music around Europe.




    She's the vocalist with the rather excellent US band The Muffs, but you may also know her from her time as bassist in Pixies during the past couple of years. The Muffs have just released their 'Whoop Dee Doo' album, and are hoping to make it to Irish shore for live dates in early 2015.

    This week's Five-Track Shuffle comes courtesy of Kim Shattuck.







    No your eyes do not deceive you, the combination of Brian Eno and Karl Hyde bring us album number two in as many months. 'High Life' is a short but strong album that further illustrates the potent combination that is Eno • Hyde.


    'Divisadero' is an album from Irish act KRB. The band was formed by Kevin Richard Broderick (hence the name) who was once part of another fine act Reko. This is a different sound; one which is as much powerful as it is hypnotic at times.


    The Ghost Wolves may well have unleashed the best Rock Album of 2014 so far. 'Man, Woman, Beast' is bulging with posture and attitude. Rumours are circulating that they may be coming to this year’s Electric Picnic (with BP Fallon), let’s hope this turns out to be true.





    'Lazyboy TV' is an album that arrived in 2004. It's best described as a pop/spoken word project put together by producers Soren Rasted (of Aqua - yes, the band that brought us 'Barbie Girl') and Johnny Douglas. It's an extraordinary album that features American comedian Greg Giraldo, British voice-over artist Julie Berry and singer Toby Chapman.

    Dan features tracks from the album as this week's Buried Treasure.



    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Wednesday, July 2

    John Grant – ‘Black Belt’
    Jungle – ‘Time’
    Major Laser (Feat: Mr Lexxx & Santigold) – ‘Hold The Line’
    Elastic Sleep – ‘Leave You’
    Pearl Jam – ‘Spin The Black Circle’
    The Ghost Wolves – ‘Attack Attack Attack’
    Electric Penguins – ‘Highgate Hill’
    Beck – ‘Que Onda Guero’
    Beck – ‘Blue Moon’
    Jason Falkner – ‘Goodnight Sweet Night’
    Kantor Tzar Collectif – ‘Cowardice’
    The Wytches – ‘Gravedweller’
    Dead Kennedys – ‘California Uber Alles’
    Justice – ‘Genesis’
    The Northern Drones – ‘Sunstroke’

    Hour 2:

    The Shamen – ‘Move Any Mountain’
    Fold – ‘Be Water My Friend’
    Le Galaxie – ‘Humanise’
    Blink – ‘Would You Kill For Love?’
    Jack White – ‘Would You Fight For My Love?’
    The Psychedelic Furs – ‘Pretty In Pink’
    Soundtrack Of Our Lives – ‘Infra Riot’
    Courtney Barnett – ‘Avant Gardener’
    ENO • HYDE – ‘DBF’
    Sly & The Family Stone – ‘Everyday People’
    CR Avery – ‘Troubled Youth’
    Sacred Animals – ‘Chosen Seed’ (Session – 2011)
    David Bowie – ‘The Next Day’
    Solar Bears – ‘Rainbown Collision’
    Kraftwerk – ‘Computer Love’

    Hour 3:

    Foals – ‘Miami’
    East India Youth – ‘Total Strife Forever’
    KRB – ‘Absolute’
    The Charlatans – ‘Tremelo Song’
    Sleep Thieves – ‘You Want The Night’
    Rob Sonic – ‘Rock The Convoy’
    The Muffs – ‘Forgot The Day’

    Kim Shattuck’s (The Muffs) Five-Track Shuffle:
    Fastbacks – ‘On Your Hands’
    Anna Waronker – ‘A Hollow Daze’
    Couple – ‘Come Back Again’
    Redd Kross – ‘Choose To Play’
    The Amps – ‘Dedicated’

    Pixies – ‘Indie Cindy’
    Lazyboy – ‘Untitled’
    Remedy – ‘The Strip’
    Fatboy Slim – ‘Right Here Right Now’

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