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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Tuesday 1 April 2014


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    GLEN HANSARD - BACK & FORTH, & BURIED TREASURE - KID SILVER 'DEAD CITY SUNBEAMS' The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2


    He's the face of determination and perseverance; Glen Hansard's career has had many highs, but he's had to endure many low points while getting there. The Frames frontman, and more recent solo artist has penned songs that can without any debate be described as anthems. Dan looks at Hansard's career to date, and plays music from a career that is in its third decade.





    Youth Mass are back with a new album ‘Morning Run Evening Sun’. They’ve always put together good tunes, but with this they’ve got so much better. Will it gain them global adoration or a huge bank balance? That’s not the point; simply put this is a seriously strong album.


    ‘Saudade’ is the latest chapter in the story of Thievery Corporation. The duo (Eric Hilton and Rob Garza) enlisted a cast of vocalists and musicians to create this dreamy beauty. You don’t often use the word straightforward when talking about Thievery Corporation, but ‘Saudade’ contains some of their most accessible work. A stylish piece of work with a mixture of languages that suits the mood perfectly.


    ‘Range Of Light’ is a striking album. Not in the conventional decibel-grabbing way though; it’s hard not to notice how simple and uncluttered the songs are. Followers of Bon Iver will be well aware of who Carey is from their work together in the past. There aren’t any major surprises here, but that doesn’t matter; it’s easy to listen to rather than easy listening.



    Cast your mind back to Ireland in the 1990s; the name Rollerskate Skinny might sound familiar. The band toured extensively, and gave us two outstanding albums ('Shoulder Voices' and 'Horsedrawn Wishes'). After they split up, vocalist Ken Griffin moved to New York where he recorded an album under the name Kid Silver.


    'Dead City Sunbeams' was heralded as one of the albums of the year in 1999. It received huge support from US College Radio, and remained near the top of the CMJ (College Music Journal) Album Chart for months (ahead of established names like The Roots, and Van Morrison). It never received a full release in Europe, so therefore didn't the impact that it might have.  'Dead City Sunbeams' is this week's Buried Treasure.

    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Tuesday, April 1

    Foo Fighters – ‘Breakout’
    St Vincent – ‘Digital Witness’
    Little Matador – ‘Stitch Yourself Up’
    Marilyn Manson – ‘The Beautiful People’
    Funeral Suits - 'Colour Fade'
    Rodrigo Y Gabriela – ‘The Soundmaker’
    Yppah – ‘City Glow’
    U2 – ‘Until The End Of The World’
    NO CEREMONY/// - 'Hurtlove'
    Gorillaz – ‘Empire Ants’
    Rocstrong - 'Go 'Head'
    The Minutes - 'Hearbreaker’
    Soundgarden – ‘Jesus Christ Pose’
    The Doors – ‘The End’

    Hour 2:

    Depeche Mode – ‘People Are People’
    Depeche Mode – ‘John The Revelator’
    Jungle – ‘Busy Earnin’
    Bold Things – ‘Fillings’
    Santigold – ‘Unstoppable’
    Thievery Corporation (Feat: Elin Melgarejo) – ‘Para Sempre’
    Spoek Mathambo – ‘Stuck Together’

    Glen Hansard - Back & Forth:
    The Frames - 'The Dancer'
    Glen Hansard - 'Talking With The Wolves'
    The Frames - 'Angel At My Table'
    Glen  Hansard & Marketa Irglova - 'Falling Slowly'
    The Frames - 'Perfect Opening Line'
    The Frames - 'Ship Caught In The Bay'

    Slint - 'Breadcrumb Trail'
    Youth Mass - 'Evening Sun’

    Hour 3:

    Easy Star All-Stars (Feat: Horace Andy) – ‘Airbag’
    Lucius – ‘Nothing Ordinary’
    Kid Silver – ‘Dead City Sunbeams’
    The Wytches – ‘Gravedweller’
    Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot – ‘Bonnie & Clyde’
    Sisyphus – ‘My Oh My’
    S. Carey – ‘Radiant’
    Amiina (Feat: Lee Hazelwood) – ‘Hilli - At The Top Of The World’
    Swords – ‘Hips’
    Interpol – ‘Evil’
    The Minutes - 'Cherry Bomb'
    Noise Control – ‘Steel’
    Factory Floor – ‘Turn It Up’
    Frankie Knuckles – ‘Tears’
    Frankie Knuckles – ‘The Whistle Song’

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