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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Tuesday 25 February 2014


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    FRANK BLACK - BACK & FORTH BURIED TREASURE FEATURING: 'CAN YOU STILL FEEL?' BY JASON FALKNER The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm


    It seems like it's been decades since the last Beck album.  Many things have changed since 2008's 'Modern Guilt'; bands have come and gone, the global economy has been gripped by recession, and Big Brother has been eclipsed by a new generation of other 'Reality' shows. However Beck remains his usual offbeat self with 'Morning Phase'.

    Allow me to use a retro term; this album is largely a mellow affair, but one which works on each one of the 13 tracks. If you're a fan of 'Mutations' and 'Sea Change', you'll love 'Morning Phase'. It's the heartfelt/melodic side of Beck; something that he excels at.

    They’re not that common, but split albums can go horribly wrong if the parties involved aren’t careful. Whatever plan that Windings and Land Lovers came up with, it’s worked wonderfully well. They’re both solid bands that know what they’re doing, and it’s very evident here. What this serves as is a strong stand-alone album, and an indication that both bands have plenty of ideas for whatever their next step will be.

    The love affair with St. Vincent is going to continue, and flourish with this self-titled album. Some have branded it off-beat pop, funky electro,  or uneasy electro pop; it’s all of these, and a lot more. If this album doesn’t give her a much larger audience, it’s hard to know what will. She’s grown as a vocalist and song writer; ‘St Vincent’ is quite an achievement.





    When you’re talking about albums that missed mainstream acclaim, ‘Can You Still Feel?’ by Jason Falkner should never be far from that conversation. Released in 1999; this album saw Falkner work with producer Nigel Godrich (who’s next stop was Beck’s ‘Mutations’ album).  Falkner is now in Beck’s band; ‘Morning Phase’ is Beck’s first album in six years appeared earlier this month.

    ‘Can You Still Fee?’ is one of those lost great guitar pop albums, which has all the elements of what makes an album classic. Falkner’s ability to write catchy hooks is illustrated perfectly on tracks like ‘Honey’, ‘Revelation’, and ‘See You Again’.


    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Tuesday, February 25


    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Heads Will Roll’
    Jagwar Ma – ‘The Throw’
    PJ Harvey – ‘Good Fortune’
    PJ Harvey – ‘Bitter Branches’
    Sisters - 'Hush Hush'
    Dick Dale & His Del-Tones – ‘Misirlou’
    Blood Red Shoes – ‘An Animal’
    C2C – ‘Down The Road’
    Bosco Delrey – ‘Baby’s Got A Blue Flame’
    Primal Scream – ‘Elimination Blues’
    St Vincent – ‘Huey Newton’
    Badly Drawn Boy – ‘It Came From The Ground’
    MGMT – ‘Siberian Breaks’

    Hour 2:

    Nirvana – ‘The Man Who Sold The World’
    Soak – ‘Blud’
    U2 – ‘Love Is Blindness’
    Land Lovers – ‘Close Embrace’
    Kavinsky (Feat: Lovefoxx) – ‘Nightcall’
    Kill Krinkle Club - 'By The Choice’
    Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - 'Television The Drug Of The Nation'
    Beck – ‘Morning’

    Frank Black – Back & Forth:
    Frank Black Francis – ‘Caribou’ (Demo)
    Pixies – ‘Blue Eyed Hexe’
    Frank Black – ‘Threshold Apprehension’
    Pixies – ‘Debaser’
    Frank Black Francis – ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ (Remix)
    Pixies – ‘Indie Cindy’

    Shiny Darkly – ‘Dead Stars’

    Hour 3:

    Pixies – ‘The Holiday Song’
    The Minutes – ‘Cherry Bomb’
    Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bullet In The Head’
    Go Swim – ‘Call Sign’
    Jason Falkner – ‘Revelation’
    Sleep Thieves – ‘City Of Hearts’
    DJ Shadow – ‘Number Song’
    Windings – ‘Neverwood’
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show – ‘The Time Warp’
    The zzips – ‘Expect The Worst’
    Wagon Christ – ‘Shadows’
    Samaris – ‘Voggudub’
    Hidden Orchestra – ‘Seven Hunters’

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