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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Monday 10 February 2014


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    MARK MULCAHY IN REPEAT ACOUSTIC SESSION BURRIED TREASURE - THE HONEYMOON 'DIALOGUE'- MONDAY, The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm


    Young Fathers released some excellent singles during late 2013, which built up expectation for ‘Dead’ their debut album. Does it live up to expectation? Absolutely, and perhaps even more. It’s hard to judge what impact this album will have over the course of 2014, but on artistic merit, it should be significant. Words like raw, honest, and visceral have been used to describe Young Fathers’ brand of Hip Hop, but let’s keep it simply, and use the word brilliant.

    ‘From The Heights Of A Dream’ is album number two from Deaf Joe. The bulk of the album was written during 2010’s ice and snow storms; it captures a sense of isolation and beauty that you don’t get to hear all that often. If you’re quick, you can get one of the 200 limited hardbound book edition.

    ‘Total Strife Forever’ is the sound of someone making music on their own terms. What does this mean? Simply put, East India Youth (aka William Doyle) has made an individual album that is set to rake in the plaudits for the foreseeable future. Laptop hero or future pop star...who cares; right now ‘Total Strife Forever’ sounds just fine!





    Every town or city has a story of a musician that should have received far greater recognition than they did; it's the classic or perhaps tragic story of music. The Honeymoon were a duo made up of Icelandic singer Thorunn Magnusdottir and UK musician Wayne Murray. 2004's 'Dialogue' is a stunning piece of work. This tranquil, dreamy beauty has been swallowed up by time; a bit for all those who never had the pleasure of hearing it.



    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) - Monday, February 10

    Sex Pistols - 'Pretty Vacant'
    Villagers - 'Occupy Your Mind’
    Buck 65 - 'Zombie Delight'
    A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Can I Kick It?’
    Sisters – ‘Hush Hush’
    AC/DC - 'War Machine'
    Lefties Soul Connection (Feat: Michelle David) – ‘Shake It Up, Burn It Loose’
    September Girls - 'Money’
    The B-52's - 'Rock Lobster'
    Gesaffelstein - 'Aleph’
    Alex Faltermayer - 'Axel F'
    MO - 'Don't Wanna Dance'
    Gorillaz (Feat: Mos Def & Bobby Womack) - 'Stylo'
    Mineral - 'Atoms’

    Hour 2:

    The Lemonheads - 'Into YourArms'
    Young Fathers - 'Am I Not Your Boy?’
    Bobby Womack - 'Across 110th Street’
    Damon Albarn - 'Everyday Robots’
    GEM_DOS - 'Embrace The Fear’
    Atoms For Peace – ‘Reverse Running’
    Radiohead - 'The National Anthem'
    Float Fall - 'Someday’
    Mark Mulcahy – ‘Badlt Madly’ (Acoustic Session)
    Beth Orton – ‘She Cries Your Name’
    Low Sea – ‘Berlin’
    Nirvana – ‘About A Girl’
    Deaf Joe – ‘For The Men Who Put Them There’
    Ulrich Schnauss – ‘A Strangely Isolated Place’

    Hour 3:

    The Frames – ‘Revelate’
    Toy – ‘Endlessly’
    The Honeymoon – ‘Passive Aggressive’
    East India Youth – ‘Midnight In Koto’
    Noise Control – ‘Our Life’
    The Prodigy - 'Invaders Must Die'
    Marc O’Reilly – ‘Reach Out’
    C2C – ‘Down The Road’
    Mark Mulcahy – ‘He’s A Magnet’ (Acoustic Session)
    Alkex Turner – ‘Stuck On The Puzzle’
    Yong Buddha – ‘Child’s Play’
    Illum Sphere (Feat: Shadowbox) – ‘The Road’
    Whipping Boy – ‘A Natural’
    Led Zeppelin – ‘No Quarter’ (Live)

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Occupy Your Mind
      Composer: Conor J O'Brien
      Performer(s): Villagers
      Performer(s): Villagers
      Album: Occupy Your Mind - Single, RUG582CDP
      Duration: 3:06
    • Title: Am I Not Your Boy?
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Young Fathers
      Performer(s): Young Fathers
      Album: Dead, Big Dada Recordings, BDCD239p
      Duration: 3:08
    • Title: Reach Out
      Composer: Marc O'Reilly
      Performer(s): Marc O'Reilly
      Performer(s): Marc O'Reilly
      Duration: 2:53
    • Title: For The Men That Put Them There
      Composer: Deaf Joe
      Performer(s): Deaf Joe
      Performer(s): Deaf Joe
      Album: From The Heights Of A Dream, Delphi
      Duration: 2:13
    • Title: The Road
      Composer: Hunn/Baxter
      Performer(s): Illum Sphere
      Performer(s): Illum Sphere
      Album: Ghosts Of Then And Now, Ninja Tune, ZENCD203
      Duration: 3:25

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