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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Thursday 30 January 2014


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music from across Europe.


    Pixies don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than themselves these days, but they showed their hunger with this mammoth 30 song set in Geneva in November last year. A new EP appeared last year, and one is set to follow this year; there’s even talk of an album. In the meantime, feast your ears on highlights from this set with Dan on The Alternative.

    Recorded live at Salle des fetes de Thonex, Geneva, on November 2, 2013 by Eurosonic.




    This week’s prize includes tickets to see Darling at The Academy 2, on Friday, February 7th*. We’ve also thrown in albums from The Strypes, The Rapture, Placebo, Ann Scott, The Clash, Portugal. The Man, and others.

    The rather easy Question: Darling have a song called?

    1. Sail Away
    2. Sail Today
    3. January Sale

    Email your name, postal address, & correct answer to [email protected]

    *You must be over 18 to attend the gig.


    Stunning and beautiful are two of the first words that come to mind when listening to '(Moon)' the debut album from Snowbird. The duo is former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde, and Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers collaborator Stephanie Dosen. They come armed with some serious guests two; Ed O'Brien and Philip Selway from Radiohead, and members of Lanterns On The Lake and Midlake. Let's throw in another superlative; this is a wonderful album!


    Let's not get hung up on the fact that all three members of Wicklow's All The Luck In The World are under 20, but feel free to be swept away by their debut self-titled album. Recorded last Summer in Belgium, this album show a pedigree that is rarely heard on a debut album. It's tempting to use a play on words with their name, but let's just say that 2014 may be a year that will see ATLITW become a name that will very familiar to many people.


    Mutual Benefit's 'Love's Crushing Diamond' has already received the blessing of Pitchfork and The Guardian, and you can hear why when you hear what could be described as dreamy folk pop. Mutual Benefit is a one-man band made up by Brooklyn-based Jordan Lee, who clearly has a gift for penning powerful offbeat pop tunes. He makes it sound easy too, on what is a short yet extremely impressive album.





    This is a new feature on the show, that looks at albums from the past, which were overlooked, or have been swallowed up by time. The first is Dublin band Lir’s debut album ‘Magico Magico’. It was released in 1994 (with a US version of the album to follow in 1995), and saw the band gain much applause in Ireland and The US.

    Lir have always been touted as one of the best live acts that Ireland has ever produced, and this was captured on the US version of ‘Magico Magico’ in stunning fashion. Last year saw the release the documentary ‘Good Cake Bad Cake – The Story Of Lir’.




    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) - Thursday, January 30


    Beastie Boys - 'Sabotage'
    Toy - 'Endlessly'
    Santigold (Feat: Karen O) - 'Go!'
    Blink – ‘Would You Kill For Love?’
    The Stooges – ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’
    September Girls – ‘Money’
    Pearl Jam – ‘Better Man’
    Float Fall – ‘Someday’
    Atoms For Peace – ‘Judge, Jury & Executioner’
    Young Wonder – ‘To You’
    Elbow – ‘New York Morning’
    Ramones – ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’
    Django Django – ‘Wor’
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Ain’t No Easy Way’
    Shiny Darkly – ‘Dead Stars’

    Hour 2:

    A House - 'Endless Art'
    The Go! Team – ‘The Power Is On’
    Young Fathers – ‘Get Up’
    The Cure – ‘A Forest’
    Mutual Benefit - 'Golden Wake’
    The Devlins - 'Every Time You Go'
    The Statics – ‘Hit & Miss’
    The La’s – ‘Doledrum’

    Pixies live from Geneva:
    ‘Indie Cindy’
    ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’

    Monkey – ‘Whisper’
    Arctic Monkeys – ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair’
    TVVINS – ‘You Better’
    Lir – ‘In A Day’
    Foals – ‘My Number’ (Hot Chip Remix)

    Hour 3:

    The Cult – ‘She Sells Sanctuary’
    Oyama – ‘Shade’
    Kevin Shields – ‘City Girl’
    Snowbird – ‘Charming Birds From Trees’
    Led Zeppelin – ‘Black Dog’
    All The Luck In The World – ‘Haven’
    Noise Control (Feat: Sahin Badar) - 'Take It'

    Pixies live from Geneva:
    ‘Wave Of Mutilation’
    ‘Blue Eyed Hexe’

    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (Feat: Karen O) - 'Immigrant Song'
    Elaine Mai - 'EDC'
    Holy Ghost! – ‘Dumb Disco Idea’

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: You Better
      Performer(s): Tvvins
      Performer(s): Tvvins
      Duration: 3:37
    • Title: Indie Cindy
      Composer: F Black
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Album: EP1
      Duration: 4:53
    • Title: Blue Eyed Hexe
      Composer: Not Available
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Album: Indie Cindy (Deluxe), Not Available, Not Available
      Duration: 3:08
    • Title: Hey
      Composer: Black Francis
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Album: Doolittle, 4ad, GAD905CD
      Duration: 3:28
    • Title: Wave Of Mutilation
      Composer: Black Francis
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Album: Wave of Mutilation - Best of Pixies, CAD2406CD
      Duration: 2:18
    • Title: Monkey Gone To Heaven
      Composer: Black Francis
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Performer(s): Pixies
      Album: Doolittle, 4ad, GAD905CD
      Duration: 2:53
    • Title: Charming Birds From Trees
      Composer: Snowbird
      Performer(s): Snowbird
      Performer(s): Snowbird
      Album: Moon, BELLA UNION, Bellacd434
      Duration: 4:10

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