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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Wednesday 11 December 2013


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    SORCHA RICHARDSON'S FIVE-TRACK SHUFFLE The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music from across Europe.


    Sorcha Richardson is a Dubliner who is based in Brooklyn, New York. Call her Indie/Folk if you like, but a description like "bedroom songs sung from a big city window" is far better. Her 'Last Train' EP is a beautiful piece of work, which caught many people's attention over the last number of months. Sorcha also lends her vocals to NYC act CON VOS.

    This week's Five-Track Shuffle comes trans-atlantic from Sorcha.



    Three very different albums are highlighted on the show this week. ‘LIZZOBANGERS’ is Hip-Hop with a retro twist. That’s not to say that it hasn’t any new ideas; it has plenty. This is music that makes you want to get up and bust some moves!

    PolyDROID’s album ‘Machines Of Pure Loving Grace’ is further proof that there is still excellent music coming out during music’s ‘Silly Season’. Sometimes cinematic, sometimes brooding, it oozes class through its every pulse. There isn’t always justice when it comes to music, but if there is any for PolyDROID, it will see ‘Machines Of Pure Loving Grace’ reach far and wide.

    ‘Further/Closer’ is a stunning piece of work from Geisha (Rob Geisha). It is perhaps the perfect soundtrack to those twilight hours where the world seems to slow down momentarily. This is music that crosses generations and genres. A compliment too far? Listen and judge for yourself.





    The man we know as Jape is back with this rather good tune called 'Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon'. It's been featured on the show quite a bit, but if you haven't heard it, take a listen here. It features vocals from Conor from Villagers.

    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Wednesday, December 11

    Jape – ‘Floating’
    Led Zeppelin – ‘Immigrant Song’
    The Datsuns - 'Stuck Here For Days'
    Steve Mason – ‘Fight Them Back’
    Chvrches - 'Lies'
    Prince – ‘Batdance’
    Bantum (Feat: Benni Johnston) – ‘No More’
    Anna Calvi – ‘Suddenly’
    The Frames – ‘Lay Me Down’
    NO CEREMONY/// - ‘Hurtlove’
    NO CEREMONY/// (Feat: Joey Santiago) – ‘Heartbreaker’
    My Bloody Valentine – ‘Soon’
    Buck 65 – ‘Square Four’

    Hour 2:

    Jane’s Addiction – ‘Jane Says’
    Jane’s Addiction – ‘Just Because’
    The Legendary Tigerman (Feat: Peaches) – ‘She’s A Hellcat’
    Kill Krinkle Club – ‘Soften Reflex’
    Jamaica – ‘Cross The Fader’
    Jurassic 5 – ‘The Influence’
    Lizzo – ‘Be Still’
    Moby (Feat: Wayne Coyne) – ‘The Perfect Life’
    Ghost Maps – ‘Fade’
    Mark Lanegan Band – ‘Riot In My House’
    The Altered Hours – ‘Sweet Jelly Roll’
    Smoke Fairies – ‘Daylight’
    U2 – ‘October’
    Stealing Sheep – ‘Gold’
    Geisha – ‘Beteu’

    Hour 3:

    The Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’
    Jape (Feat: Conor O’Brien) – ‘Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon’
    Booker T & The MGs – ‘Soul Limbo’
    Young Wonder – ‘To You’
    The Kills – ‘Tape Song’
    Cat Dowling – ‘Somebody Else’
    Nirvana – ‘Polly’
    PolyDROID – ‘Ode To An Android’
    Out Cold – ‘Synchronised’
    Sorcha Richardson – ‘Last Train’

    Sorcha Richardson’s Five-Track Shuffle:
    Polica – ‘Smug’
    Foals – ‘Late Night’
    Fears – ‘Parallel’
    Half Moon Run – ‘Full Circle’
    Meltybrains – ‘Intros Are So Original’

    Godspeed You Black Emperor – ‘Mladic’

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: She's A Hell Cat
      Composer: Peaches/Furtado
      Performer(s): The Legendary Tigerman Feat Peaches
      Performer(s): The Legendary Tigerman Feat Peaches
      Album: Femina, Metropolitana, METRO035.09
      Duration: 3:19
    • Title: Synchronised
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Out Cold
      Performer(s): Out Cold
      Album: Invasion of Love, Heavenly Recording/PIAS
      Duration: 3:42

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