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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Monday 14 October 2013


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    THE LAST SOUND IN THE RTE 2FM SESSION The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music from across Europe.


    The Last Sound is the creative force of Barry Murphy, with Bryan O'Connell. Formed by Murphy more than a decade ago, The Last Sound has released some of the most inventive music that these shores has produced during the past 10 years. The album 'Rainbow Xplode' surfaced earlier this year, and is a serious contender for Irish album of the year.

    Outside of The Last Sound, Barry Murphy has performed a number of times on stage as part of ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki's never ending tour band, also appearing on his 2009 live album One More Universe. He is also one half of elusive psyche-drone merchants Whirling Hall Of Knives. They have appeared on The Wire magazine's influential Wire Tapper compilation series.





    As every monstrously large band has experienced; there are as many people that hate Pearl Jam as there are who love them. The Seattle survivors have always managed to deliver strong albums, and ‘Lightening Bolt’ is no exception. Simply put, it’s a strong album from a band that still have a hunger to make music.

    Stano is one of Ireland’s unsung musical heroes (I don’t use that word likely). An artist who’s career has spanned many decades, but is on a steady upward trajectory. ‘Unknown Distance’ is his fourth album in as many years, and one that shows Stano at his creative best.

    Proving that her debut album ‘Ring’ wasn’t some sort of fluke (not that there was ever any doubt that it was), Glasser is back with album number two ‘Interriors’. It’s a wonderful collection of offbeat pop tunes that are going to enchant just about anyone who likes their music slightly off kilter will love this.





    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Monday, October 14


    Rage Against The Machine - 'Bulls On Parade'
    We Cut Corners - 'YKK’
    Bloc Party – ‘Banquet’
    Cults – ‘High Road’
    Simian Mobile Disco - 'I Believe’
    MØ – ‘Dark Night’
    Jape - 'I Was A Man'
    Lyttet – ‘Forever Those Days’
    Mercury Rev – ‘Opus 40'
    Cap Pas Cap – ‘Hearts’
    Pearl Jam - 'Lightening Bolt’
    Pearl Jam – ‘Jeremy’ (Live)
    The Phoenix Foundation – ‘Friendly Society’

    Hour 2:

    The Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’
    The Clash - 'This Is Radio Clash'
    Public Service Broadcasting - 'Night Mail’
    UNKLE - 'In A State'
    Glasser - 'Exposure’
    M.I.A. - 'Believer’
    CON VOS – ‘Central Park’
    The Last Sound - 'Into Something’ (Session)
    NWA – ‘Straight Outta Compton’
    God Is An Astronaut – ‘Weightless’
    Motorhead – ‘Ace Of Spades’
    Lonelady – ‘Army’
    The Last Sound – ‘Motorik’ (Session)
    Ulrich Schnauss – ‘Gone Forever’

    Hour 3:

    Jagwar Ma – ‘Come Save Me’
    Moby – ‘Extreme Ways’
    PVT - 'Electric’
    Beastie Boys – ‘Sabrosa’
    The Last Sound – ‘Son Forever’ (Session)
    Way Out West - 'Blue’
    Stano – ‘Away Rain Washed’
    Veruca Salt – ‘Seether’
    The Mighty Stef – ‘Vampire, Hold Me Tight’
    The Golden Horde - '100 Boys'
    The Last Sound – ‘Nth Xploder’ (Session)
    David Bowie – ‘Love Is Lost’ (James Murphy Remix)


    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Exposure
      Composer: Glasser
      Performer(s): Glasser
      Performer(s): Glasser
      Album: Interiors, True Panthers Sounds, TRUE090-2
      Duration: 3:36
    • Title: Sabrosa
      Composer: Beastie Boys/Nishita
      Performer(s): Beastie Boys
      Performer(s): Beastie Boys
      Album: The In Sound From Way Out!, Capitol/Grand Royal, 724383359028
      Duration: 3:32
    • Title: Love Is Lost James Murphy Remix
      Performer(s): David Bowie
      Performer(s): David Bowie
      Duration: 10:25
    • Title: Forever Those Days
      Composer: Lyttet
      Performer(s): Lyttet
      Performer(s): Lyttet
      Album: Forever Those Days - Single
      Duration: 4:37

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