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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Monday 16 September 2013


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    LITTLE GREEN CARS IN REPEAT RTE 2FM SESSION The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music from across Europe


    Little Green Cars were RTE 2fm’s nominees for the Eurosonic festival 2013. They joined 250 bands from all over Europe in Groningen (The Netherlands) for Europe’s most influential music industry gathering in January.

    The band released their debut album ‘Absolute Zero’ earlier this year, which was recorded during Summer 2012 with renowned producer, Markus Dravs (Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, Coldplay). This session was originally broadcast in January, but here’s another chance to hear it.


    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Monday, September 16


    Queens Of The Stone Age - 'I Sat By The Ocean’
    Kings Of Leon Vs Lykke Li - 'Knocked Up’ (Rodeo Mash-Up)
    Big Deal – ‘In Your Car’
    NO CEREMONY/// - 'Hurtlove'
    The Breeders - 'Cannonball'
    The Sewing Room - 'Drugfree'
    Anna Calvi - 'Eliza’
    Herbie Hancock - 'Rockit'
    C2C - 'Down The Road'
    Radiohead - 'Subterranean Homesick Alien'
    Jon Hopkins (Feat: Purity Ring) - 'Breath This Air’
    Arctic Monkeys – ‘Why’d You Only Call me When You’re High?
    Mineral – ‘Atoms’

    Hour 2:

    Donovan - 'Season Of The Witch'
    The Hot Sprockets - 'Comin’ On’
    Pixies – ‘Wave Of Mutilation’
    Pixies – ‘Indie Cindy’
    Sleep Thieves - 'Osumi’
    MØ (Feat: Diplo) - 'XXX 80'
    The Casanova Wave – ‘The Casanova Wave’
    Little Green Cars - 'Harper Lee’ (Session)
    Bombino - 'Adinat’
    The Black Keys - 'Next Girl’
    The Cold 100 - 'New Stories'
    Mark Lanegan - 'You Only Live Twice’
    Mark Lanegan Band - 'Ode To Sad Disco’
    The Stone Roses – ‘Fools Gold’

    Hour 3:

    M.I.A. - 'Paper Planes'
    T.Rex – ‘20th Century Boy’
    Chequerboard – ‘Today Is Beautiful, We Have Things To Do’
    Scala & Kolachny Brothers – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
    Melissa Auf Der Maur – ‘Followed The Waves’
    Checkpoint – ‘Don’t Give In’
    Little Green Cars – ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River (To Silence Me)’ (Session)
    Neil Young – ‘Old Man’
    Hidden Highways – ‘Wild Woe’
    Melodica Deathship – ‘Black Ship Coming’
    Soundgarden – ‘Burden In My Hand’
    Soundgarden – ‘Non-State Actor’
    Little Green Cars – ‘Goodbye Blue Monday’
    Ulrich Schnauss – ‘Monday Paracetamol’


    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Todays Is Beautiful We Have Things To Do
      Composer: John Lambert
      Performer(s): Chequerboard
      Performer(s): Chequerboard
      Album: The Unfolding
      Duration: 3:59
    • Title: Don't Give Up
      Composer: Checkpoint
      Performer(s): Checkpoint
      Performer(s): Checkpoint
      Duration: 3:35
    • Title: You Only Live Twice
      Composer: Not Available
      Performer(s): Mark Lanegan
      Performer(s): Mark Lanegan
      Album: Imitations, Heavenly Recordings, Not Available
      Duration: 3:21
    • Title: Rockit
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Herbie Hancock
      Performer(s): Herbie Hancock
      Album: Future Shock, Virgin, VTDCD445
      Duration: 3:39
    • Title: Hurtlove
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): No Ceremony///
      Performer(s): No Ceremony///
      Album: Amazing Radio Presents, Vol. 1
      Duration: 2:46
    • Title: Knocked Up
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Kings Of Leon Vs Lykke Li
      Performer(s): Kings Of Leon Vs Lykke Li
      Album: Because Of The Times (recordno: Hmd52), Hand Me Down, HMD52
      Duration: 5:34

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