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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Thursday 12 September 2013


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    PRIMAL SCREAM LIVE AT BENICASSIM The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music from across Europe.


    Those who have forecasted Primal Scream’s demise in recent years should take a listen to the band’s latest album ‘More Light’. With this, their 10th studio album, they’ve brought us some of their best material. Catch the band in immense live form from the 2013 Benicassim festival with Dan on The Alternative.

    Recorded RTVE – Radio 3 for the EBU at the Benicassim festival.







    Making an impression with your debut album isn’t always an easy thing, but Analogue Wave have certainly managed to do that with ‘N.L.G. W.V.’ It’s an album that sits outside of any particular trend, and shows that the Dublin duo have a wide musical radar (and probably huge vinyl collection – this has yet to be confirmed!)

    Often referred to as NOW, Nightmares On Wax is the performing name for George Evelyn. ‘Feelin Good’ continues the NOW adventure in a soulful and playful way. It’s a collage of sounds that has been cleverly put together without being overly clinical. The best Nightmares On Wax album? Perhaps... Perhaps not, but a mighty return for NOW.

    It’s beautiful imagery meets guitar drone on ‘Glacial’; the debut album from US act Western Lows. While this sounds like a conflict, the two sit alongside one another perfectly. It’s hard to believe that this is the band’s debut album; ‘Glacial’ is an album that many established acts would love to call their own.




    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, September 12

    Pixies - 'Indie Cindy'
    The Avalanches - 'Frontier Psychiatrist’
    John Grant - 'Black Belt'
    Thin Lizzy - 'Don't Believe A Word'
    The Strypes – ‘Heart Of The City’
    Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bulls On Parade’
    Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor’
    Young Wonder - 'To You’
    Spearhead - 'Hole In The Bucket’
    Dreadzone – ‘I Love You Goodbye’
    Foals - 'Out Of The Woods'
    Kerbdog - 'Mexican Wave’
    Darkside - 'Golden Arrow'

    Hour 2:

    Nirvana - 'All Apoligies’
    Western Lows - 'Lazy’
    Rollerskate Skinny – ‘Cradle Burns’
    The River Cry - 'Honeymoon’
    Bantum (Feat: Eimear O’Donovan & Owensie) – ‘Roll Pt. II’
    INXS - 'Need You Tonight'
    Forrests - 'Billions’
    Lazyboy – ‘Underwear Goes Inside The Pants’
    Analogue Wave – ‘Even Still’
    Parish - 'Listen To The Music’ (Patrick Kelleher Mix)
    Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’
    Johnny Cash – ‘One Piece At A Time’
    Jon Hopkins – ‘Fading Glow’

    Hour 3:

    Soundgarden - 'The Day I Tried To Live’
    Glimmermen - 'Ex=Out’
    Serge Gainsbourg – ‘En Melody’
    Fears – ‘Parallel’
    Jape – ‘Apple In Orchard’
    Prince & The Revolution – ‘Computer Blue’
    Nightmares On Wax – ‘There 4u’

    Primal Scream live at Benicassim 2013:
    ‘It’s Alright’
    ‘Come Together’

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Golden Arrow
      Performer(s): Darkside
      Performer(s): Darkside
      Album: Psychic, Other People / Matador
      Duration: 11:20
    • Title: I Love You Goodbye
      Composer: Roberts/Williams/Graham/Daley/M Roberts/Bran
      Performer(s): Dreadzone
      Performer(s): Dreadzone
      Album: Escapades, Dubwiser Records, DUBCD005
      Duration: 0:00
    • Title: Even Still
      Composer: Sneyd/Chaney
      Performer(s): Analogue Wave
      Performer(s): Analogue Wave
      Album: N.L.G. W.V.
      Duration: 3:28
    • Title: Underwear Goes Inside The Pants
      Composer: Giraldo/Shinto/Rasted
      Performer(s): Lazyboy
      Performer(s): Lazyboy
      Album: Underwear Goes Inside the Pants - Single, Universal, B0003637-00
      Duration: 4:54
    • Title: There 4 U
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Nightmares On Wax
      Performer(s): Nightmares On Wax
      Album: Feelin Good, Warp Records
      Duration: 4:36
    • Title: It's Alright It's Ok
      Composer: Gillespie/Innes
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Album: More Light, Live at Benicassim
      Duration: 4:35
    • Title: Jailbird
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Album: Give Out But Don't Give Up
      Duration: 3:47
    • Title: Rocks
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Album: Give Out But Don't Give Up
      Duration: 3:46
    • Title: Come Together
      Composer: Gillespie/Innes/Young
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Performer(s): Primal Scream
      Duration: 4:35
    • Title: Listen To The Music (Patrick Kelleher Mix)
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Parish
      Performer(s): Parish
      Duration: 7:08

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