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    Colm Hayes Friday 4 April 2014


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    Last Man Standing

    THIS WEEK'S PRIZE: 2 night weekend stay for 2 people on Lusty Beg Island, includes breakfast on both days and one dinner:


    Lucky Escape!

    This is remarkable! This skydiver appears to be inches away from being hit by a falling meteorite as he opens his parachute. Yes, you read that correctly, a falling meteorite!



    Kickstart the Weekend

    To kickstart your weekend with a smile, here's some absolutely gas videos, involving some hilarious little pooches.

    First off, say hello to this little guy, who appears to think that he is able to fly.



    If you're as childish as us, chances are you're probably in tears laughing at this stage. So, for part two of the act, say hello to Jiff - the dog who can do a pretty flawless handstand.



    and as if all that cuteness wasn't enough, lets just turn that dial up to 11:




    Love Your Neighbour

    This was spotted in Dublin this week, a note left by one neighbour to another! Brilliant!

    Too Drunk to Get Married

    This guy is currently trying to win back the heart of his fiancée, after he showed up for his own wedding so drunk, they were unable to get married!




    Music Played on the Show

    • 17:51
      Title: Fine China
      Performer(s): Chris Brown
      Performer(s): Chris Brown
      Album: Fine China - Single
      Duration: 3:48
    • 18:52
      Title: Unbelievers
      Performer(s): Vampire Weekend
      Performer(s): Vampire Weekend
      Album: Modern Vampires of the City, XL Recordings, XLCD556
      Duration: 3:37

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