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    Colm Hayes Thursday 3 April 2014


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    Doggy Bucket List

    Romeo the Boxer Dog is terminally ill. His owners, drew him up a bucket list, and helped him tick them all off. The idea behind it was that all the things on the list, would be fun things for them to do together.

    The full bucket list was:

    1. Trip to the first park where he had walkies

    2. Have breakfast in bed with dad

    3. Have his first beer with dad at the pub

    4. Meet a celebrity

    5. Watch a sunset

    6. Candle lit massage from mum

    7. Have a ride a fire engine

    8. Have a ride a police car

    9. Spend lots quality time with my family

    10. Have a great birthday party

    11. Help out at an animal shelter

    12. Eat a McDonald's cheese burger

    13. Celebrate New Year in style

    14. Enjoy a doggy ice cream

    15. Have a steak dinner

    16. Enjoy a full body massage

    17. Get a pawicure

    18. Go on a blind date

    19. Eat some sushi

    20. Find myself a Valentines

    21. Have lots of doggy treats

    22. Visit the USA




    Is it a Shoat? Is it a Geep?

    Check this out. A crossbreed between a goat and a sheep has been born!



    Football Celebration

    Here's that video Colm was talking about, of the football fans throwing a load of bog roll onto the pitch, all at the same time.



    Music Played on the Show

    • 18:56
      Title: Let Go For Tonight
      Performer(s): Foxes
      Performer(s): Foxes
      Album: Holding Onto Heaven (Remixes) - EP
      Duration: 3:51

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