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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 2 April 2014


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    One VERY Expensive Car Crash

    This guy managed to crash his Lamborghini Aventador worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in London the other day. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the accident.



    Father Walks Daughter 11 Year Old Daughter Down the Isle

    Jim Zetz, knowing he was dying of pancreatic cancer, and knowing he won't be there for his young daugter's big day a few years down the line, decided to take his chance to walk her down the aisle.



    Australian Cast of Lion King On A Plane

    Check this out. The cast of the Australian Lion King broke into this imprompptu rendition of "The Circle of Life" as their flight was boarding. Absolutely brilliant!



    Colm on The Voice of Ireland

    Check this out! Last week Colm appeared on the voice of Ireland, where he had devised a rather disgusting culinary challenge for Team Jamelia's Martin, Aisling and Remy.



    Cyber Prank

    Check this out....might make you think before your next post online!



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