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    Colm Hayes Thursday 27 March 2014


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    Political Hair

    With the news that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is bringing in a rule that males in North Korea must have the same haircut as him, we were wondering, what haircut of an Irish political figure would we like to see on others? Our haircut of choice - Mr. Mick Wallace.

    Think you can add to our collection? Send us them to driveby@rte.ie or tweet them to @colmhayes2fm

    Tricks Fails

    Everyone has their party piece don't they? Well check out this video, of people making an absolute mess of them!



    Cute video of the day...

    Here you are, a little girl taking her horse called Cinnamon for a walk in the snow.....absolutely adorable...



    Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

    This has been trending online all day today, the brand new trailer for Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. We're excited about this one!




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