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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 25 March 2014


    Driveby with Colm Hayes

    Fast-paced interactive show bringing you the latest news on all things comedy, showbiz, entertainment, Music and Sport,.... but knowing Colm, always expect the unexpected

    Doppelganger Pets

    Meet Rocky, Colm's dog. He thinks he's the spit of Cheryl Cole. What do you reckon? Anyone else out there have a pet who looks like someone famous? Send in your pics to or @colmhayes2fm on twitter.


    We've also come across this picture of a fish who reminds us of a particular historical figure..


    Lights Out

    This short horror film has gone viral online! It's pretty terrifying! If you're afraid of the dark, or with your kids, maybe avoid this one! If not...enjoy, and sleep with the lights on tonight!



    Can you lend us a drone?

    You might remember, a few days ago Colm asked listeners if they knew anyone who could give us a lend of a drone. Well someone got in touch, his name is Keith from

    He's agreed to give us a lend of a drone, so stay tuned because we have an idea in the pipeline. Check out some of his work here in Patricia Roe's music video:




    Acronym IQ

    How good to you think your knowledge of acronyms is? Take the test here:

    60ft Waterfall in a Kayak

    Check out this guy! A 60ft Waterfall and he goes over it in his Kayak. Even better, it's all filmed using a Go Pro!



    10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth

    Well this is unsettling - 10 ways we could all be wiped out:




    Music Played on the Show

    • 17:38
      Title: Teenage Dream
      Performer(s): Katy Perry
      Performer(s): Katy Perry
      Album: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection
      Duration: 4:02
    • 17:53
      Title: Up
      Performer(s): The Saturdays
      Performer(s): The Saturdays
      Album: Up - Single
      Duration: 3:36

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